Top 12 Hot Cafes in Jodhpur 2022

hot cafes in jodhpur

The city of Jodhpur has always been associated with the history and taste of some of the best food in Rajasthan. They were all rather dejected in mid-2021 when the second wave of the worldwide pandemic froze the food sector, and local businesses for food entrepreneurs went into disarray. However, as time passed, things began to settle down, and the restaurant community began to expand. 

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Post lockdown, if you’re on a hunt for the best cafes open in jodhpur, here is a list of several new cafes in Jodhpur that are capturing the hearts of the locals. And if you want to try something new and satisfy your palate, here are the place to go! Here’s a post-pandemic updated list of the 12 best Cafes in Jodhpur:

List of Cafes in Jodhpur

1. Brown Sugar

This cafe’s welcoming atmosphere, modern vibes, and superb coffee and food have made it one of Jodhpur’s most popular cafés. It has a cute Parisian bakery ambience that’s perfect for breakfast dates and a relaxing evening with girlfriends. Therefore, their menu is endless, and their rates are fair. The paneer tikka sandwich there is fantastic. The staff is quite courteous. This bakery is one of the best spots to meet up with friends for a cup of coffee. This is a bakery/café that serves some of the best cheesecakes in Jodhpur, as well as some really nice meals. It’s a great location to hang out with your family or friends as it is one of the most instagrammable cafes in jodhpur. Take a selfie with the Instagram board when you visit here!

User reviews:  4.3 (Google)

2. Bungalow Twelve

It is well-known for its kitchen and bar. This restaurant welcomes you with warm lights, refreshing music, and good food on your table. They are known for their Wine and Puffy Pizza. If you’re searching for a cosy, intimate setting to celebrate any occasion with your loved ones, this is the place to go. Hence, you can receive wonderful meals and a homey feel all in one spot! If you come here, you should listen to live music presented by musicians.

User reviews:  4.5 (Google)

3.  SOS Cafe and Bistro

If you’re someone who digs the classic cafe vibe, SOS cafe is the one for you. This cafe has all the elements you’re looking for to share a memorable evening with friends and family. A newly opened Cafe and Bistro, run by ‘Sharma Ji ke ladke.’ The cafe’s name expands to “Share it over Sharma’s”, it has a quirky and cosy vibe.  Also, the restaurant’s trademark coffee and Red Sauce Pasta are two specialities not to be missed. If you come here, take a photo in front of a wall that says, ‘We were on a break.’

User reviews:  4.5 (Google)

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4. Cafe Laalten

The ‘First Art Cafe’ in Jodhpur is Cafe Laalten. It supports artists and provides a dynamic atmosphere. Artists, authors, musicians, and comedians will love it. In fact, they provide repeat customers royalty cards. It’s also one of the few cafes where ordering food isn’t required. They’re known for Adrak vali Chai and Pizza, in addition to the artsy ambience. With lights all around and multi-coloured walls, this cafe comes alive at night. Therefore. this is one of Jodhpur’s must-see cafes.

User reviews:  4.8 (Google)

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5. Renu’s Kitchen

Looking for a cafe with great food but big enough to accommodate a large group of people? Look no further, Renu’s kitchen is a multi-cuisine restaurant with a wide space suitable for parties or business meetings. Popular for its flavorful South Indian food and sizzlers, this restaurant has more to offer than its finger-licking food. They also have a variety of mocktails to please everyone who visits. A trip to this restaurant necessitates a trip to the dance floor where you can grove and dance your heart out! 

User reviews:  4.0 (Zomato)

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6. TCF Jodhpur

If you’re looking for a place to rediscover old classic food and try them in a unique way, TCF Jodhpur is the place for you. TCF has many new concepts of foods like mini pav bhaji, kulhad pizza and so on. Another one of their specialities is ‘Happy Hours,’ which includes bouncy breakfasts and exotic evening snacks at pocket-friendly prices.  Moreover, the ambience is inviting filled with delicious aroma at all times! Kulhad pizza and Pie tart are two of the local favourites here. 

User reviews:  4.7 (Google)

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7. The Almond Grove

This is one of the most famous cafes in jodhpur and on our list! A small and serene cafe built around an almond tree is tucked away in the residential district of Ratanada in Jodhpur. The Almond Grove creates a relaxing atmosphere. The atmosphere is relaxing, and the decor is muted, with cream, black, and white tones. Nevertheless, the entire restaurant is surrounded by trees and plants. This cafe has a welcoming atmosphere, as well as a tranquil atmosphere and drool-worthy treats. A Hummus platter, Cheese Cigar rolls, and Cold Coffee are among Almond Grove’s specialities. Don’t forget to check out their tiny vintage collection while you’re here. 

User reviews:  4.1 (Google)

8. The Filos Cafe & Restaurant

Visit this exciting eatery if you’re in the area of Rajput Palace. The Filos-Café & Continental Restaurant’s Greek cuisine is the most popular among visitors. This restaurant’s distinguishing feature is that it serves delectable pork chops, spaghetti, and pizza. Good banana pancakes and wonderfully cooked blueberry cheesecakes are available here. Your dinner will be even more delectable with a great cold coffee, cappuccino, or tea, and you will undoubtedly keep coming back. Hence, this restaurant is noted for its excellent service and pleasant personnel who are always willing to assist. Prices are appealing from the perspective of the guests. The quiet environment and wonderful decor will undoubtedly draw you in.

User reviews:  4.2 (Google)

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9. Cafe 651

Following a dinner at Cafe 651, you should visit St Andrews Hall Church. Come here if you enjoy Italian and vegetarian cuisine. White sauce pasta, onion pizza, and Aglio olio may be just what you’re looking for. This coffee shop serves delicious pancakes, waffles, and cheesecakes. You may order a wonderful tonic, dark coffee, or cold coffee here. Cafe 651’s knowledgeable staff displays a great level of hospitality. Moreover, the service is said to be excellent here. This restaurant delivers delicious dishes at reasonable pricing. Guests can unwind here thanks to the welcoming decor and pleasant ambience making it the best rooftop cafe in jodhpur. 

User reviews:  4.4 (Google)

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10. Namaste Cafe

At this restaurant, you may sample outstanding Indian and Israeli dishes. Namaste Cafe serves excellent paneer, salads, and biryani, among other delicacies. According to most of the guests, the pancakes and fruit salads are the best here. Begin your dinner with a refreshing beer. This restaurant serves excellent coffee, juice, and masala chai. Even during rush hour, this establishment’s superb location makes it easy to get there. Its main advantages are the professional service and pleasant employees. Eat at this eatery for a reasonable price. Clients can unwind here thanks to the exotic decor and attractive ambience.

User reviews:  4.3 (Google)

11. Blue Bird / Blue Stay

Many guests stop by this eatery after walking around The Step Well or the infamous ‘Toorji Ka Jhalara’. At Blue Bird, you’ll find Indian delicacies on the menu. Most visitors discover that delicious paneer, chicken tikka, and naan can be found here. This establishment is worth a visit if you want a great parfait and some good ice cream. In the evenings, there is live music. The hospitality is pleasant and everyone maintains a pleasant attitude which makes this facility worth visiting. These restaurateurs are all about providing excellent service making it the best cafe and restaurant in Jodhpur.

User reviews:  4.3 (Google) 

12. Dylan Cafe Restaurant

Try the delicious cheese naans, soup, and pizza at this location. Nothing compares to the pleasure of eating delicious pancakes. This spot’s delicious beer may entice you to return. Many guests order delicious masala chai, black coffee, or ginger tea. This restaurant’s convenient location makes it accessible by any mode of transportation. Many tourists have remarked on how kind the personnel at Dylan Cafe Restaurant is. Clients enjoy the excellent service provided here. This is also one of the cafes in jodhpur for couples as it serves to be a place to hang out and create memories. You will be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable costs at this establishment. It is one of the cafes in Jodhpur city where guests will feel at ease because of the pleasant atmosphere and magnificent decor.

User reviews:  4.8 (Google)

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Jodhpur, also known as the land of the Mewaris, is Rajasthan’s second-largest city. Blue City and Sun City are two other names for the city. If you visit this Blue City, make sure to stop by these Jodhpur cafes since they are not to be missed for their exquisite food and inviting atmosphere!

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