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How Can We Help You?Everything you need to know so that you can connect with Rajasthan Studio

How Can We Help You?Everything you need to know so that you can connect with Rajasthan Studio

About Rajasthan Studio

What is Rajasthan Studio?

Rajasthan Studio is an online marketplace platform for hands-on art experiences with master artisans of Rajasthan. Our platform connects award-winning artisans of Rajasthan with travellers, art-lovers, professionals, students for personalized art workshops. Apart from immersing in the artist’s unique world, one takes an art piece home, which is co-created together with the artist.

Art Experiences

What are art experiences?

Today we live in an era where the pride of ‘experiencing’ the new is much greater than the pride of ownership. Millennials who are leading consumption today are more interested in exploring and discovering the world through all their senses. What better way to do that by exploring Rajasthan’s rich culture & heritage through ‘Art Experiences’.

Any art experience involves a two to five-hour-long personalized session with an artist of repute, who will explain & demonstrate to the participants the intricate details, history, cultural legacy and love and passion for the art. Any guest receives unique insights while parallely indulging in the art to design and co-create something of his/her own as a take-away.

What kind of art experiences can I find at Rajasthan Studio?

Currently, there are 27 art experiences available on the platform out of which 15 art experiences are based in Jaipur, 5 experiences in Udaipur and 7 experiences in Jodhpur.

  • Jaipur Blue Pottery
  • Sandalwood Carving
  • Gemstone Carving
  • Meenakari / Enamelling
  • Tarkashi (Brass Inlay on Wood)
  • Wooden Hand Block
  • Miniature Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Rice Writing
  • Paper Mache
  • Minimalist Photography
  • Kathputli / Puppetry
  • Lac Work
  • Fresco Painting (Arayash)
  • Pichwai Painting
  • Phad Painting
  • Samudari Jhaagh (Sea Foam) Carving
  • Leather Jutti
  • Gold Emboss Painting
  • Dhaal & Talwar Engraving
  • Metal Engraving
  • Horn & Bone Work
  • Tie & Dye
  • Multi-Style Painting
What can I expect if I am going for an art experience?
  • A visit to the authentic art space/workshop of the artist.
  • One-of-a-kind art workshop designed and curated by the team at Rajasthan Studio.
  • An authentic and immersive experience which tells the story of the art form, city, neighbourhood or just the people, sometimes going back decades & centuries with the legacy of their art & craft.
  • An insider look at the Artist’s award-winning Masterpieces.
  • A co-created art piece as a take-away.
  • A certificate by Rajasthan Studio signed by the Artist.
Where are these art experiences held / What is the venue for any of the art experiences?

All the art experiences listed on our website for a specific art experience with an artist takes place at the artist’s workplace/studio or any specific assembly point where the artists generally work. To have an authentic experience of an artist’s unique perspective and passion the location or the venue becomes an important aspect.

Which cities in Rajasthan do Rajasthan Studio have its experience currently?

Currently, Rajasthan Studio Art Experiences are present in Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur. Rajasthan Studio plans to have its art experiences in at least 5 cities of Rajasthan by Mid 2020.

Who hosts the experiences?

Artists who want to provide an art workshop through a personalised art experience of their art forms for the art enthusiasts, students, tourists, and art explorers.

Do we always get to have a tangible/physical object as a take - away after the experience?

Yes, you would always get the tangible/ physical object (which is made together) as a take away after the experience.

Do we get to keep the products/things we make in the experience?

Yes, one can keep the products/things that he/she makes during the experience.

Is there any age group limit to these experiences?

Not in general. Artists specify whether or not the experience is suitable for children and how old children must be to attend. All children or guests below 18 years old must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

What are the safety measures and health precautions taken during an experience?

We want everybody to be safe, hence we always follow the precautions, do’s and don’ts specified by the artist. Artists must have first aid kits.

If you are an Artist/‘Experience’ Giver

How can Artists put their experience for booking at Rajasthan Studio?

All experiences must match quality and eligibility standards before we offer them to guests. Every artist must give a demo of the art form he/she pursues.

If you’re interested in becoming an experience giver/artist, apply now.

How do you choose which Art experience to put in your bouquet of experiences?

Art forms led by passionate Artists,  which are unique or on the verge of extinction or not easily accessible, are given priority on our platform.
In case you feel your art experience matches the criteria, follow the link –  Become a Host.

Are Artists paid for providing experiences/workshops? If so, how does that work?

Yes, all artists are paid for providing experiences/workshops. The pricing is originally set-up by artists themselves, by considering the materials, session duration, and end-product. Rajasthan Studio charges a service/commission fee of 20% on the experience price.

Do you have a verification process for Artists to list with Rajasthan Studio?

Yes, we would require you to share the photo of your ID cards, namely, aadhaar card and pan card to be uploaded to smoothen the verification process.

Bookings, cancellations & services

How can I book an experience of my interest?

All art experiences which are listed on the platform can be viewed by clicking the ‘view all experiences’ tab on the homepage or by clicking the ‘Book Now’ section on the header.

Details concerning the specific experience, what to expect, the art form and the artist hosting the experience can be viewed by clicking on the respective experience listing.

What are the steps to book an experience?

Steps to book an experience:

  • Select and Click on the Art Experience you would like to book
  • Go through specific details and information like ‘What you’ll do’, ‘About the Artist’, ‘Artist’s Awards’, Artist’s Studio
  • Check for the available slots as per the dates suitable for you
  • If any slots are available you will be able to see the Time slots
  • Enter the number of guests who will be attending the experience.
How can I cancel my booking?

Any booking can be canceled by dropping an email to or alternatively by contacting at +91-9820560980.

The email should have all relevant details concerning Booking and Contact shared while making the booking.

Is the booking refundable?

For a full refund, any booking needs to be canceled at least 7 days in advance before the experience is scheduled to start or within 1 hour of purchase.

Refund in other cases
  • Cancellations due to weather

Any experience canceled due to the weather creating a safety concern, the host or Rajasthan Studio may cancel the experience. In such cases, the booking would be fully refunded.

  • Cancellations due to an emergency:

Any experience canceled due to an emergency, the host or the guest may cancel the experience. In such cases, the booking would be fully refunded subject to the documentation provided. Emergencies include death, unexpected serious illness/injury, government-mandated obligations,

Can I reschedule the booking?

You can reschedule the date or time of your experience (or add or remove guests) within 1 hour of your booking (when it’s made), and up to 72 hours before the experience is scheduled to start. The bookings that are rescheduled can not be canceled.

Where can I find the location to arrive for the experience?

If you have booked an experience, details concerning the experience location are shared on e-mail confirming the booking.

Is food/snacks/meal cost included in the experience?

Yes, the cost is included in the experience. The Artists specify any extras (food, refreshments) included in the session.

If I am a backpacker can I drop my luggage at Rajasthan Studio Office?

Permission of the same needs to be taken from Rajasthan Studio via email. Only after the confirmation can you go ahead and drop the luggage at the office.

Do you also have a dedicated app?

No, there is no dedicated app for Rajasthan Studio, all the information is available on wesbite.

Are you listed on other travel platforms? Example - Airbnb,, etc. wherein I can book an experience?

No, we are not listed on any other travel platforms. We are an exclusive and direct platform.

Will Rajasthan Studio charge a fee if we want to buy other products from Artists?

No, Rajasthan Studio does not charge any fee or commision on products you buy directly from the artists.

Can we choose our suitable time-slots?

No, but you can send us your preferred time slot and we can try to confirm the same with the artists, depending on their availability.

Do you operate on weekends?

Yes, we operate on weekends too. The dates on which artists are available are mentioned in the calendar.

How do we do a large group or bulk bookings?

When you find an experience that you would like to book for a large group, you can send us details on to confirm if artists can host your group exclusively.

Can we have an elaborate or week-long session with the Artist?

You can send us an email on to confirm if artists can host an elaborate or customized experience for you.

Can we contact the Artist before the experience to know any requirements?

If you want to find out more about an experience or artist you can drop an email to us on Please ensure that the message clarifies everything that you want to know or understand about experience/artist.

If we don't speak/understand the language, are translators available?

Yes, we can arrange the same for you. Kindly specify the requirements while booking the experience. Generally, it takes 48 hours to arrange for a translator.

Can we bring the artist to our city/location for the experience?

We recommend visualizing and experiencing the beauty of these art forms at artists’ workshops/studios. If you are looking to book an experience in your specific location you can drop us an email at and let’s see how we can help you about the same.

Can I gift or surprise a person by taking him/her to experience?

Yes, you can gift an experience to your loved ones and surprise them with immersive hands-on art sessions.

Do you also provide City tours /Heritage walks?

No, we don’t provide city tours/ heritage walks presently but we have plans in the coming future.

Do you provide Multi-City Art experience as packages?

Yes, we have experiences in Jaipur/Udaipur/Jodhpur so you can plan the experiences according to the dates that you are traveling to these cities.

The Circle, by Rajasthan Studio

What is Rajasthan Studio Circle?

An invite-only, free-of-charge platform for artists whose only purpose is to regularly organize art sessions, where artists of all hues can get into animated discussions, swap ideas and keep art consciousness alive amongst the artist community.

Who can be a part of the Circle?

Someone passionate about a particular art form, and wants to spread awareness among other art lovers in their city.

Are there any charges to attend the event organized under this community?

It is a free-of-charge platform for artists who want to present their art forms with like-minded artists, learners, and enthusiasts.

Do the artists who present their art through these sessions get paid?

No, we don’t pay artists as it is a small step towards building a community of artists where art can flow freely.

How can one join this community?

We believe in growing organically; so, either 300+ artists who are part of this community can refer to another artist or you can get in touch with us through our social media handles/e-mail as we would love to have you as a part of the community.

How does one get information about these sessions?

We send out invites based on the interests and passions of the community members and ask if they would want to be a part of the session.

What is the duration of these sessions?

These are time-bound sessions of 1 hour 15 minutes. We start each session punctually, by the clock.

Where are these sessions conducted?

These circle experiences are conducted at Rajasthan Studio office premises only.

Can I offer my space for circle experiences?

Sure, since all circle experiences are free, space has to be provided free of charge.

How can I cancel my confirmation to attend these sessions?

In case of an emergency, one can cancel the confirmation 24 hours before the session.

Is there a no show policy?

Yes we have a no show policy. If you do not attend two sessions after confirmation then you are no longer a member of the circle. To become a member again you have to get written recommendations from 5 circle artists.

Our Company

Where is the Rajasthan Studio team operationally based out of?

Rajasthan Studio has two offices.

Its head office is based out of Jaipur whereas its corporate office is in Mumbai.

Who is the founder of Rajasthan Studio?

A young, passionate and energetic Chartered Accountant, Mr. Kartik Gaggar is the main driving force & founder behind Rajasthan Studio. He is presently obsessed with the thought of reviving people’s interest in all things from Rajasthan’s glorious past – art and culture, music & food, – albeit with a contemporary touch.

After research of 3 years, we discovered that Rajasthan is one of the culturally rich states which still hasn’t been explored to the fullest as far as art and culture are concerned. The state has so many amazing art forms that need a correct platform to reach the world. So we have started operations from Jaipur and aim to cover more than 20 cities in the state.

Our Brand

What distinguishes your brand from the rest?

We are the world’s first and only brand, an online marketplace for art experiences.


How do we apply for internships at Rajasthan Studio?

You can view all the active internships open at Rajasthan Studio at You can apply directly to the respective openings.

If you are looking for an internship in a process that is not mentioned then you can share your CV by dropping an email to

How do we apply & know about vacancies at Rajasthan Studio?

You can share your CV by dropping an email to

The email should have all relevant experiences and skill set details.

Collaborations (Social Media & B2B)

I’m a social influencer, how can I collaborate with Rajasthan Studio?

You can share your profile along with the social media pages with us by dropping an email to

I’m a tour operator, how can I collaborate with Rajasthan Studio?

You can share your company details with us by dropping an email to