About Us

Wonders Of Paper Mache With Rakesh Vyas

The best way to FIND yourself is to LOSE yourself in art!

Art Experiences for every need. With substantial research of 2 years, we have considerable grip over the dynamics of the industry. We work in a niche sector and thus it is crucial to ascend the ladder of exponential growth. With our prime focus on experiential needs, we centralize our services on 3 points – Learning, Leisure and Networking.

There are companies that duplicate itineraries, get a commission and go ahead, there are companies who are no different than ‘jack of all trades’. When we strategized our approach towards this sector we found two flaws –

  1. Lack of exclusivity
  2. Lack of expertise

With a team of not more than 10 passionate folks, we began our operations in Jaipur. Managing and executing programs, meeting artists, getting them onboard, and marketing our services extensively, we built this brand. And we are still building it extensively, tapping new markets, curating fresh experiences all over.

One man set-off to explore the world. He travelled to more than 150 countries consuming world-class experiences. His itinerary became our startup idea and his vision turned into what you know today as Rajasthan Studio.

Rajasthan Studio is a niche travel solutions company focused on providing offbeat experiences to new-age travelers through a cultural and artistic lens. With a range of expertly-curated, personalized workshops, Rajasthan Studio is committed to bridging the gap between expert local artisans and niche travel and art lovers.

At Rajasthan Studio, an experience is a specially-curated art event that carefully weaves myths into mystique; ancient legends into modern lies and takes you on a journey of time and timelessness; past, present and future rolled into one. During an intense two to six hour session with an art maestro, you learn the story of life and death, told and retold over centuries; yet it feels new when told by an accomplished art expert.