4 Mouth-Watering Dishes Unique To Rajasthani Restaurants

Rajasthan is famous for its magnificent palaces and also the mouth-watering dishes unique to Rajasthan. Also, the rich spices offer a rich taste to the various delicacies prepared here. The culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan have also played a huge role in the creation of its authentic dishes. These recipes are now famous all over the world!

Few of these Rajasthani restaurants have taken their food industry a step ahead. They have invented dishes that are unique to their restaurant. These dishes are also a result of the years of experience and knowledge they have gained in cooking. Sometimes, the dishes are an amalgamation of a few cuisines bound together by the spices of Rajasthan. Or they consist of a special twist to an otherwise well-known delicacy.

Let’s look at some of these Rajasthani restaurants and see what makes their dish different from the rest of the state.

4 Mouth-Watering Dishes Unique To Rajasthan are here:

Jodhpuri Dahi Kebab

Jodhpuri Dahi Kebab - 4 Mouth-Watering Dishes Unique To Rajasthani Restaurants

The vibrant city of Jodhpur is the beautiful location of the famous restaurant, Latitude. The restaurant creates a lasting impression on its customers with artistic displays and lives cooking of tasty food items. The restaurant follows a trendy, informal approach towards the display of its food. Its mix of artsy and colorful furnishing sets the tone for a comfortable meal. Jodhpuri Dahi Kebab is a popular delicacy here. The name of this dish says it all. Many restaurants in Rajasthan serve this dish. But, Latitude’s presentation and taste cannot be found anywhere else. Beautiful, live music offered to the swarming customers adds to its popularity.

Unlimited Thali

Unlimited Thali - 4 Mouth-Watering Dishes Unique To Rajasthani Restaurants

A highly sought-after and recommended dish is the Rajasthani thali as it consists of a variety of items in one. The Gypsy restaurant in Jodhpur has taken it a step ahead by introducing their very own unlimited thali. The restaurant is popular for its non-vegetarian delicacies. This does not entail that it has less to offer in terms of vegetarian food items in its unlimited thali.

The unlimited thali comprises of 29 different dishes, each with their unique flavor. Gypsy focuses on a very important food item in this dish, desi ghee. This delicious blend of Indian traditional food products makes the unlimited thali a hit among the people of Jodhpur. Although the restaurant is mostly crowded, you will find people waiting to enjoy this thali.

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Old Delhi Spices  

Old Delhi Spices

Then, Raas Hotel is a prestigious location near the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. From its terrace of Darikhana, the Fort is visible, which often becomes the reason for tourists to come to this hotel. Another curious fact about this hotel is that it was the first boutique hotel in Jodhpur, a breathtakingly beautiful one at that! The food created here isn’t only famous due to the hotel’s significance. The credit for the tasty, aromatic food created here goes to its ingredients.

The dishes unique to Rajasthan contains unique, hand-ground spices chosen especially from a 200-year old shop! This shop is located in the depths of Old Delhi. The hotel’s organic garden or local farmers become great sources to procure the herbs and vegetables used in the hotel. Also, food can only be delicious if its ingredients are fresh and of good quality, and Raas Hotel’s Darikhana is a testament to that.

Royal Rajasthani Thali 

Royal Rajasthani Thali

The city of Jaipur is famous for numerous reasons. But like all of Rajasthan, one thing that stands out is the Rajasthani thali. In this thali, select food items are served together on a single, large plate to bring out the best taste in each item. In the Cinnamon restaurant of the Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur, guests come in from all over to try its signature Royal Rajasthani thali.

The creation of the Royal thali was originally done to match the life of the state’s warrior kings. The dishes unique to Rajasthan have an influence on the lifestyle and region of its origin. It consists of small portions of salad, a starter, vegetables, rice, curries, Indian bread, and a variety of accompaniments. You get a sweet, delectable dessert at the end, marking the end of the meal. The meal you have here is equal to that of a king!

Over the years, Rajasthani restaurants have housed several tourists coming in from India and different parts of the world. These tourists also want to experience their culture and tradition. This showcases the brilliance of the people creating this art. The authentic flavors and spices then found in Rajasthan are aspects that cannot be found anywhere else. The chefs here spend a lot of time and hard work into creating dishes unique to Rajasthan that speak about their culture and history. Each dish then prepared in these restaurants has their own story of creation. It makes it all the more necessary for you to try each one of them out, and find out which one’s your favorite!

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