Itinerary for Your One Day Trip From Jaipur to Pushkar

Why Plan a Jaipur to Pushkar Road Trip

Jaipur is already established to be one of the greatest cities in India to plan a one day trip to. It has the Hawa Mahal, the City Palace, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, among so many other spots! The regal cuisine, awe inspiring architecture, captivating cultural sights and infinite places to shop, it is truly the place to be. The Pink City of Jaipur is truly an enchanting place to be, with its both natural and man-made wonders.

The city of Pushkar, on the other hand, is much less talked about. The entire township is built around Pushkar Lake. The city is one of the five sacred pilgrimage sites of Hindus. Its name means ‘lotus flower’ and is a reference to Lord Brahma who is worshipped as the creator of this world.  With more than four hundred temples on its soil, you only get vegetarian and vegan food served here. While you will see modernity and hustle-bustle in Jaipur, Pushkar is more humble. It is simple, peaceful and spiritual. In addition to the temples, it also has hills for you to plan your treks on. Desert safaris you can book and of course, the camel air it annually hosts.

The Jaipur to Pushkar Journey

The fastest way to make it to Pushkar from the Pink City is by rail. The train runs from Jaipur to Ajmer, a city that is only fifteen kilometres from Pushkar. The journey is three hours and tickets cost as little as 140 INR. Buses also run between the two cities, for the same price and at the same time. Needless to say, a cab can always be hired or a car rented in case you wish to make a road trip out of the journey.

Stops You Have to Make on your Jaipur – Pushkar Road Trip!

The journey is 142 kilometres from Jaipur. It will take approximately three and a half to four hours to reach the city of Pushkar. Time to destination further depends on what place you first desire to visit in Pushkar. Though the roads and sights from Jaipur to Pushkar will not let you feel the longevity of the journey, it is bound to get tiring. To add some adventure to this trip, we suggest making a stop at these fantastic locations to keep yourself rejuvenated and refreshed. This listicle includes places you can explore in Jaipur, Pushkar, or between the two places!


A sanctuary for elephants you can only visit by appointment. You can experience feeding, walking and washing the elephants here. Embrace their great hospitality, the sanctuary’s geography, kaleidoscopic culture, deep-rooted spirituality, photogenic chaos and love for animals!

Anokhi Museum:

This museum showcases the history, art and heritage of wooden block printing. It also runs educational programs and workshops to make you aware of this ancient Rajasthani craft.

Panna Meena ka Kund:

This is a stepwell and rainwater catchment built in the 16th century. It is popular for its perfectly symmetrical stairways. We’ll let the picture convince you to visit:

Sheesh Mahal:

Literally translating to a fort of mirrors. This palace built for imperial families is known for its captivating mirror work.

Birla Mandir:

This Hindu temple is built of white marble. Birla Mandir is with stained glass and intricate carvings equivalent to that of a museum.

Gyan Museum:

This is the most comprehensive art in Rajasthan for you to visit. As a visitor, you will come across innumerable works of art. Hence that have been influenced by the architecture of the forts and temples of Jaipur, and other places in the State. Paintings – both modern and traditional, statues, jewellery, textiles, coins, furniture and antiques adorn each nook and cranny of this exquisite museum.

Jawahar Circle Garden:

This garden is specless and professionally maintained. The perimeter of the garden is surrounded with street foods, which you can feast on. There is a myriad of pastel colours among hand paintings done around the garden- which gives a peek into life in Jaipur. The garden also has a water and sound show that starts at 8PM. The show is riveting and you get to see how water is being used as a screen for them to project scenes on. The show continues on into the night as you get to see different dances of water.

Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Dargah:

This holy site was erected in the 13th century. It revers the Muslim mystic and saint, Ajmer Sharif. It was constructed as his home and tomb, later also converted to a mosque.

Rent a Tour!

If you wish to rent a car or tour of both cities, you may check out these trustable organisers:

  1. Rajputana Tour and Travel: To get picked up from Jaipur for exploring the temples and ghats of Pushkar. And returning back in twelve hours or less. You will get to explore the Brahma Temple, and the Pushkar Lake and Ghats. The Brahma temple is a colourful temple built in the 14th century. It is decorated with silver coins and a swan motif – truly a sight to behold! The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by 52 bathing Ghats. Come take a dip here in the sacred waters!
  1. Thrillophilia: Depending on the number of people in the same tour or the size of the car you choose. A number of tour plans and customisations are available. Thrillophilia also makes a stop in the city of Ajmer between the journey to show you the Sufi Saint Khawja Moinuddin Chisthi Dargah. Moinuddin Chishti was a Persian preacher. His Indian legacy rests on being one of the most outstanding figures of Islamic mysticism. His Dargah (resting place) was constructed following his death in 123. Hence it continues to attract thousands of visitors from all across the Indian subcontinent. 

Tip: If you visit during the months of October and November. Although you will also get to witness the Pushkar Fair by Pushkar Lake!

Rajasthan Studio Masterclasses

In case you wish to refrain from a tour to another city. Hence we at Rajasthan Studio organise masterclasses in Jaipur that are guaranteed to keep you planted in the city. You may check them out here:

  1. Tarkashi– This Tarkashi masterclass is led by Mohan Lal Sharma, who has been practising this art since he was 14. Although Tarkashi is the technique of inlaying a fine gold or silver wire in wood to beautify the minimal wood finish.
  1. Miniature Paintings– This style of paintings includes rich bright natural colours that bring out an elaborate scene from a time in history onto a small canvas. Despite the small size of the canvas, this style is known for being incredibly intricate. Come get an experience under national award winner Shri Syed Shakir Ali who has been practising since he was 15 and has brought a contemporary blend of features to this ancient art!
  1. Minimalist Photography– This post-modern style of photography captures the smallest objects that may be otherwise ignored. Hence, this masterclass is curated by Prakash Ghai – who is a global curator and promoter of Minimalist Photography. In this masterclass, you will also get a tour of Jawahar Kala Kendra – a multi arts centre in Jaipur, built to preserve Rajasthani arts and crafts.

We will leave you with a note: It is not an either/or situation. You do not have to choose between a tour and these brilliant masterclasses. Explore and absorb Rajasthan to your heart’s content and do a Jaipur-Pushkar same day drip and all or any of these masterclasses!

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