16 Picnic Spots near Jaipur to plan for your summer vacation

Why Make a Pitstop on Your Way to Jaipur?

With so many tourists flocking straight to the pink city of Jaipur. The picnic spots near the city are often neglected. Depending on where you are going in Jaipur, or Rajasthan. It can be quite a journey to make, which makes these spots the perfect spots to take a break to catch your breath. With numerous gardens, lakes and sanctuaries, these spots by the city are sure to add value to your entire vacation!

Pink City Jaipur

16 Picnic Spots near Jaipur

This thoroughly curated listicle will tempt you to not only stop here going towards the city or going back home. But also take a short drive to them while you are vacationing in the city!

Vidyadhar Garden

Built in the memory of the head architect of Jaipur, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, is this marvellous garden. Just like the city he designed, this garden is a sight to behold with the landscape, backdrop and flawlessly maintained gardens. It is popularly known to be a perfectly luxurious picnic spot. If you wish to relax amidst nature, this spot has terraced gardens with a number of galleries, pavilions adorned with spectacular murals. That depict the Hindu God Krishna, a tranquil lake, numerous fountains and, of course, awe-inspiring flower beds.

Located at Ghat ki Guni, Vidyadhar Garden is only 11 kilometres from the pink city.

Vidyadhar Garden

Pink Pearl Water Park

For those travelling with kids or those who wish to awaken the kids inside them, you cannot miss this water park! Even if you are already vacationing in Jaipur. It is the perfect spot to chill out from the reigning Rajasthani heat blanket. As the only amusement park in the city, Pink Pearl provides an all encompassing experience. It is loaded with fun and fantasy (water, obviously) riges, adventure rides, lazy river, several wave pools, a rain dance area, water slides and a rain dance zone. This is not all, it also offers rides and experiences that are not limited to water. These are: go-karting, laser tag games, a skating rink, Treasure Island and an artificial beach!

This wonderful water park is located on NH-8, Ajmer Jaipur Expressway near Mahapura.

Sisodia Rani ka Bagh

This spot is a royal garden on the premises of the Sisodia Palace in Jaipur. It was built all the way back in 1728 in honour of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II’s Queen. It was a place she was often known to skip town for especially during the summers. Although not as expansive as our previous spots. This garden has a well landscaped step garden with a fountain that channels all through the garden. The mughal design definitely makes it worth your visit too!

It is also located in Ghat ki Guni, Agra Road.

Sisodia Palace Jaipur

Kanak Vrindavan Park

As a lesser known gem, this spot is guaranteed to provide you extra solace. To engage the kids at this spot, they play a recording of animal sounds. To keep the kids on their toes and inquisitive about their surroundings. Kanak Vrindavan gardens are enroe to the forts in the area. So they are the perfect spot to pause and rejuvenate on the way to or back from the forts and Jal Mahal. Because of its beauty, it has been used as a set for many Bollywood movies too! With no entry fee and free parking, the Kanak palace and the Park are the perfect picnic spot near Jaipur.

The Kanak Vrindavan Park is located on the property of Kanak Palace, on Ghati Road, Jaipur.

Nahargarh Fort

On the edge of the Aravali Hills, this fort overlooks the city of Jaipur. Its name, Nahargarh literally means ‘abode of tigers’. The fort closes at 5:30pm to not let the nearby wildlife be distrubed during the night time. And hence, visitors are also advised to not stay here any later because of the dense forest that surrounds it. The forest area is a art of the Nahargarh Biological Park and is home to many wild animals other than tigers too.

This historical and thrilling spot is located in Krishna Nagar, Brahampuri, Jaipur.

Nahargarh Fort – On the top of Aravalli hills

Amar Jawan Jyoti

This is a memorial that is dedicated to the martyrs of wars India has been a part of. The flame characteristically remains lit continuously. Well maintained and an architectural grandeur, it also has a light and sound show in the evening giving elements of not just history, but also entertainment.

It is located in Janpath, Lalkothi, Jaipur.

Kanak Ghati Garden

Kanak Ghati Gardens are beautiful and lucious, sprinkled with trees and artificial lakes. This stunning garden is located at the lowest of the Nahargarh Fort slopes. So you can also make two stops in one day! It was constructed 280 years ago and continues to offer much needed respite to the travellers and tourists alike. Especially, it was designed to resemble Lord Krishna’s abode in Vrindavan.

The garden is located on Amer Road, near Jal Mahal.

Kanak Ghati Garden

Jhalana Leopard Safari Park

A unique feature of this Safari Pari is that it has 23 km reserved only for more than thirty leopards. Over 500 kinds of other animals are also housed here. Leopards, jackals, nilgais, hyenas, jungle cats, peacocks, you name it. And you will be able to spot them here on the course of the safari. With over 400 acres of space for some of the rarest, endangered and simply magnificent species on earth to roam. Jhalana Leopard Safari is truly an experience beyond a zoo!

It is located on Apex Circle, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

Art Residences

Explore the art residences and experience meeting award-winning master artisans of Jaipur. You not only get to visit their residences, but also spend quality time exclusively with Shri Bhawani Shankar Sharma Ji. He is a master award winning Fresco artist. Along with this, we make you indulge in exotic art and the authentic Jaipuri cuisine. Hear about the rich and traditionally alluring lifestyle of the city. And if you’re lucky, you might also get to watch him create a Fresco Masterpiece!

For two nights and three days, you can take a professional tour with us. And Shri Bhawani Shankar Sharma Ji, at Rajasthan Studios. Look here for more details.

Dravyavati Bird Park

The bird park is at a historic site that used to be a source of water for Jaipur for a number of years. The monsoon season is the best time to visit the park. So you can enjoy all the green trees in all their glory. Also it is the season that attracts the most birds. This park gives you a chance to kick back for a few hours and enjoy bird-spotting, a picnic,sunbathing, or just meditating!

It is located in the Jhotwara Military Containment of Jaipur.

Dravyavati Bird Park

Nehru Bal Udyan

This garden, centrally located in Jaipur, is the perfect picnic spot. It is a vast garden wherein you can not only enjoy the greenery, but also exotic flowers and a huge central water fountain. Therefore, it is also the perfect place to come with your family, especially kids, as it also has swings, a train that takes youngsters for rides around the park and boating!

Located on Tonk Road, in Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur.

Kanak Vrindavan Mahal

Much like the Gardens that we spoke highly of earlier in the listicle, the Mahal is built in a valley surrounded by the beautiful Aravali Range. Apart from the popular park here, you can find a number of elaborate fountains, a temple and intricate marble decorations that will make you stop in your tracks. The archways of this Mahal are the perfect spot to click pictures and remember your Jaipur trip!

It is located in Jal Mahal!

Kanak Vrindavan Mahal

Jai Niwas Garden

Classic wood furnishings, an extensive library and almost home-made tasting Jaipuri food, is all that this boutique Hotel offers. The property is a small and quaint one. Though situated in the heart of the city, once you enter the compound, you are far from the bustling crowds of the city. Set in a charming old bungalow, it exudes an old time charm. The lotus pond, landscaped tall trees and lush gardens also make it home to diverse and exotic species of birds. The rooms are all situated around a magnificent courtyard and are equipped with all the facilities you might need.

Location: 3 Jalpura Scheme, off MI Road, Jaipur.

Step Well

A must visit spot, especially if you are in Sariska, is the amazing Chand Baori or Step Well. Constructed in the 9th Century, it is truly an architectural and engineering marvel. The step well is a whopping thirteen stories deep with 3500 steps going all the way to the bottom. A well preserved tourist attraction, it is the deepest step well in India. Apart from this, there are carved statues lined up in the courtyard of the well.

It is located on Jaipur-Agra road, Abhaneri.

Step well

Chour Ghati

Close to Galtaji sanctuary, it is a spot that has historically been a holy spot. With a number of panther sightings in the area, adventure seekers often turn to this spot near Jaipur for a trek. The trek is easy and direct, and is right after the end of the Aravali Hills which makes it a nice picnic spot surrounded by greenery, exquisite birds and tranquillity you will experience after a relax=ing time after your trek.

It is located in Galta Ghati, Jaipur.

Nahargarh Sanctuary

One of the most vast wildlife sanctuaries of Jaipur, this one spans over 20 hectares, enclosing the previously noted Nahargarh Fort in its perimeter. It is home to 285 species of birds, lions, Bengal tigers, bears, hyenas, panthers, deers, crocodiles, and many others which a morning safari will for sure make you experience. This is not all. The premise of the Fort also has a Wax Museum, a 10ft long Royal Enfield, Maota Lake – that has an island – and elephant rides.

It is located 12kms from Jaipur in Nahargarh.

Nahargarh Sanctuary


Jaipur is popular for a lot of attractions it offers- Hawa Mahal, Nahargar, City Palace or shopping at Bapur Bazaar. But unlike tourists that flood straight to the city, stand out by visiting spots around the city too. Allow yourself to immerse in the experiences they offer and it will for sure leave you with more memories and a bank of unique memories from in and around the lovely pink city of Jaipur!

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