10 Best Travel Outfit ideas for Girls who visits Rajasthan

Are you a Girl Travelling to Jaipur?

Needless to say, every girl worries about what to pack for a trip – whether it is for fashion reasons or for modesty/safety reasons. We hope this article brings some clarity to you.

Rajasthan, as a state, is very colourful. Every street bursts with colour and charm. The architecture beckons you to come and take a picture in front of it! While, yes, the state deserves fashion that matches its architectural grandeur, one must not forget the state has always been a royal state. It has housed the most respectable royal families, and some cities still do. Therefore, it is important to find something modest too. Long bottom wear will also save your legs from getting tanned/burning under the scorching Rajasthani sun. In this blog we can see about the 10 travel outfit ideas for girls who visits Rajasthan.

Girls, Here is What You Should Pack for Your Trip

Building upon what we said earlier, we encourage you to wear Indian or Indo-western outfits. How often are you going to visit Rajasthan, anyway? Might as well go all out with dabbling in traditional Indian wear. Blending in with the rest of the city will also not only make you more comfortable, but it will also earn you the respect of the Rajasthani locals. There is nothing they like more than seeing foreigners appreciating their ethnic wear! This respect from them will not only make them impressed by you, but it will also make them want to make you feel extra welcomed to their city. They will be kinder to you, communicate with you more patiently and – the best of all – the shopkeepers might not even slap extra tourist prices on things you wish to buy!

Without much ado, here are some travel outfit ideas we wish to see you in:

List of 10 Travel Outfit Ideas for Girls:


The half saree definitely takes the top spot! Yes, the saree is the most magnanimous Indian attire, but for those wearing it for the first time, it can be quite a handful to not only put it on, but also handle it throughout the day. It takes dozens of pins, and frankly trying to adorn it might just leave you utterly irritated as so many things can go wrong with the way it looks at the end.

Lucky for us, people have simplified the attire. They have started draping a dupatta around their pants and throwing it over their shoulder like a saree pallu. You can either wear a traditional blouse or a crop top of your choice. This is the marvel that is the half saree. It is an absolute hack – because you also get pockets –  and a lot earlier to carry, but will look just as nice as a saree in all your pictures!

Long skirts

Dress like a true Rajasthani woman in a skirt that flows all the way down to your ankles! Called ghagras in the native language, these skirts can be paired with a blouse or a t-shirt. A dupatta is also draped on top, though if you feel it is going to make your neck sweaty during the day, you can do without it as well. A short colourful scarf also works. These long skirts/ghagras not only make you feel like a local, but they have always been in style. You can also spice up your long skirt with a waist chain!

Anarkali Kurtas

It is as if these long flowy kurtas are made to be worn in Rajasthan. Because they length below your knees, they can be found in the most beautiful elaborate prints. This one is easy as they can also be slipped on over your favourite  leggings. You can find the sleeve length from sleeveless to full, and these often come with pockets. These will boldly stand out against the beautiful architecture of Jaipur!

Long Maxi Dresses

A western substitute for the anarkali kurta, these are bound to be just as breathable. In addition to this, they are versatile and comfortable, perfect for a country like India. The lighter fabric of these dresses will allow you to run around the city. And the length will let you not make you feel conscious of any stares.


Also full length, this outfit is on the same level as a long maxi dress. They can be paired with a jacket or scarf on top if you wish to add pizzazz to your outfit. You can even layer then with an unbuttoned shirt since Rajasthan being a desert state gets comparatively chilly at night. If you look for your jumpsuit in the right place, you will find gorgeous block printed ones too, perfect for Jaipur!


Palazzos are long, wide pants. They are often worn under kurtas, but to switch it up. You can wear them under t-shirts, blouses, crop tops, shirts, whatever you want! Since they are wide at the bottom they are super breathable. And won’t let your legs get sweaty while you are exploring the city during the day. And since they are pants, they will give you the confidence to run around uninhibited. Also keep your legs from getting tanned under the brutal Jaipur sun.


If you do not wish to rush straight into Indian wear, jeans are always an option. You can pair them with a tunic, a short kurta or a t-shirt – whatever you will be most comfortable with. We recommend blue denim jeans, a white kurta and a colourful and playful dupatta to match the vibe of the city.

Suit sets

An outfit you will find in each Indian state you go to, suit sets are favourite for a reason. Each set consists of a knee length kurta, a salwar and a chunni. A kurta is knee length, below knee or above knee shirt. And a salwar is an airy flared bottom that crimps at your ankle. They can either be solid colours or printed. The chunni can either be draped over the shoulders from the front or the back. We recommend sticking to lighter colours as they won’t absorb as much sunlight.


Kurtas are most versatile and can be thrown over any bottoms of your choice. White or beige cotton kurtas are comfortable in the hot weather. And will upscale your outfit while still keeping it casual. Since they are usually made of cotton, they are also easy to wash and dry quickly.

Sleeveless Rajasthani Jackets

These are short, colourful sleeveless jackets. Don’t get thrown off because they are called jackets, though. They are made out of cotton and are worn by Rajasthanis all year round. These are usually worn as a formal wear during some celebration. But you can throw one on over just jeans and a white t-shirt to look like you belong in Jaipur! If you are staying at a hotel, where there is live Rajasthani music in the evening. You will notice the male musicians/dancers adorning them.


We have given you an extensive travel outfit ideas list to pick from for your next visit to Rajasthan, the choice is now yours! All these outfits can be jazzed up by adding jewellery! It may even be advisable to keep a hat handy to protect yourself from the sun.

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