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Meet the team!Get to know the Wizards behind the magic that you witness.

Kartik Gaggar – The Visionary
A consummate traveller, foodie and a perfectionist, Kartik is a CA by training, and the main driving force & founder behind Rajasthan Studio. He is presently obsessed with the thought of reviving people’s interest in all things from Rajasthan’s glorious past – food, art and culture – albeit with a contemporary touch.
Constantly exploring, pushing the envelope and prototyping new ideas, he’ll jump at any opportunity to be involved in any aspect of a creative project. As a Marwari, he will of course, charm you off your feet.
On routine days, when he is not mooning about Brand Rajasthan Studio, you may catch him in an animated discussion with an artist; or savouring Pani Puris at a most famous joint in the town.
Sarfaraz Khan
The Techie
Passionate about cutting-edge web technologies and theirendless possibilities in solving real-life consumer problems, Safaris is responsible for the delivery of the end web product that would likely take experiential travel to an altogether new level. Quick and smart IT solutions are his main domains. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his family.
Nimisha Sinha
The Operations Manager
Nimisha has a keen problem-solving mind that also combines an artist’s soul. Quality and creativeness are the two main hallmarks of her character. She takes care of quality management and proudly so. Privately, she is technically proficient in Social Media Marketing and Photoshop.
Priyadarsini GP
The Brand Strategist
Priyadarsini is our Brand Strategist enthusiast, with a rich background across industries. Skilled in Brand Strategy, Product Strategy, Positioning and Communication Strategy, when she commits her interest to a project, she dives deep into it – hook, line and sinker, till the project is fully executed and all nitty-gritties are looked into.
Swati Gaggar
The Backend Strategist
With so many strategic ideas flying around, Swati is the person who makes sure that all the loose ends eventually get tied up in a neat bundle to serve a creative, business purpose. As a co-founder of Rajasthan Studio, she works with all the passion that she can muster on all the activities that need to be looked into during a strategy development cycle.
Amita Irani
The Researcher
Shouldering several unsung responsibilities, Amita is indispensable as a back-end enabler. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Amita is responsible for all that happens behind the scenes at RS, be it data entry, vendor co-ordination, putting in extra hours or research or routine administration work. And when the day’s chores are done, she enjoys pottering around in her kitchen; dabbling in sketching, painting and drawing. Amita has also been the part of Indian Navy as Sea Cadet Corp for eight-plus years.
Rajesh Singh
The Video Visualiser
If you are left guessing who in the team is crazy about videography – it’s Rajesh. He uses the language of visual communication on a daily basis by combining illustrations with a fine splash of colour! When he’s not performing his graphic voodoo, you will surely find him tuned into his favourite numbers.
Umesh Joshi
The Auditor
With an excellent track record of handling and executing Internal Audit, Management Audit with KPMG India; Malpani & Associates; Umesh is always ready to give anyone in the RJ team a helping hand for the mere asking.
Mokshi Sanghvi
BD Executive – Ahmedabad
A young energetic Bachelor’s in Financial Markets from Mumbai, Mokshi chisels and fine-tunes RS’s business development activities in Ahmedabad. She works closely with our team to ensure that business development activities make an impact on our target audiences / site visitors and we remain salient and compelling on all marketing fronts in the city.