The secrets behind the Rajasthan ‘s colorful cities!

A Brief History of Rajasthan ‘s Colorful Cities

Rajasthan is perhaps the richest state there is. In terms of culture, art, tradition, diversity in food,
landscape – and color. Rajasthan’s colorful cities leave us awestruck and no one can stop gazing at its beauty. They realize how much every corner of the state is full of color as one visits the city. The earliest documentation of the use of color for the beautification process is of 1876. The painted the mock sandstone to enhance its beauty because the Maharaja of Jaipur to impress the Prince of Wales during . The city officials regularly undertake the maintenance .With time, this only increased. Well-kept boulevards painted in pink keep the uniqueness of Jaipur alive. As a result, culture soon also spread to other cities as well.

Rajasthan’s colorful cities to Visit:

1. Jaipur

  • The capital of the Rajasthan, Jaipur, is known as the ‘Pink City’ tops the list for Rajasthan ‘s colorful cities. The shade of the dusty-pink makes the buildings and boulevards look giving Jaipur a pink pristine look. The rulers painted it originally red in the eighteenth century, but when repainted in 1876, they turned the dusty pink shade we see today. In the old quarter of the city, where the famous Hawa Mahal or the palace of winds is located, the pink stones are dominant feature of the city give pinkish hue to walls and city. Women of royal family used to sit in privacy and observe the life on the streets inside a five storeyed structure with 356 intricately carved Jharokhas or windows.
city of Jaipur


  • This city is popularly known as the ‘Blue City’. Historically, the priests and learned men
    (Brahmans) of the society would paint their houses blue to distinguish themselves within
    their village. With time, wealthy merchant men started painting their houses blue too.
    Today, overlooking Jodhpur, you only see blue. This city blooming in blue. This blue color keeps the mosquitoes away and gives cooling effect to the city. The town developers had painted each house in the oldest part of the city (Brahmpuri) in blue color.

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Rajasthan's colorful cities
city of Jodhpur


  • Bikaner is the ‘Red city’ of the state. It is an old city . Red sandstones adorn the town therefore even today the city is red in shade. There are numerous Havelis and old houses in this city one can take a tour of to explore this red-ness. Bikaner’s rich merchants have made many havelis using sandstones in the 18th century . People have forgotten these traditional havelis. Tourists are gradually discovering the beauty of this dusty yet charming city with the newly restored palace, fort and Havelis.

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city of Bikaner


  • Otherwise known as the City of Lakes, this city is filled with monuments built with white marble. This white city has gorgeous palaces, built all from white marble, overlooking lakes. The most picturesque part of this exceptionally beautiful white city is the marble-colored City Palace which seems to be floating in the center of the glistening blue waters of Lake Pichola. The lit up city in the evening is sight to behold. Soothing lakes, fairy-tale-like palaces, romantic spots and whitewashed Havelis are what every tourist gets to experience when in Udaipur.
city of Udaipur


  • The last city in the list for Rajasthan’s colorful cities is Jaisalmer. This ‘Golden City’ is a fully preserved city. Unlike other Rajasthani cities on this list, the entire Jaisalmer is not only golden but also every building looks like it is a part of the fort (but they aren’t). Jaisalmer is the smallest color coded of Rajasthan but due to the rich smell of dessert and golden hues. The honeycombed sandstone architecture has inspired many poets and artists to it ‘Golden City’. This is visible in giant castle. As the western-most city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is in close proximity to the great Thar desert; thus at the time of sunsets and sunrises, when sun rays bounce off the golden sands or seep through them, an unfathomably bright spectacle daubs the skies. The amber-yellow hues that then spread in a space of changing lights, radiate over the city. Narrow lanes with temples, houses, guesthouses and restaurants are major part of the city. Jaisalmer Fort is called Sonar Qila, which means golden fort and is a UNESCO World heritage site. There is a little walled city inside the Jaisalmer fort itself!
city of Jaisalmer

Summing up about Rajasthan and its colorful cities

  • Not only a myriad of colors are omnipresent in the culture and traditions of Rajasthan, but also the shades of blue, pink and gold have come to define some of its cities, distinguishing them from the rest of the state. People call it as ‘Rangilo Rajasthani due to ample of reasons. Rajasthan is a regal Indian state. It still continues to preserve its heritage, besides its royal grandeur. The colorful cities like of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer defy the brown and the brunt of the sand and the sun.

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