Bikaner Camel Festival 2021 Is Round The Corner – We’re Thrilled!

Are you also having major FOMO while watching Instagram stories of all your friends traveling and indulging in adventurous activities? Well, don’t you worry, because the Bikaner Camel Festival 2021 is just around the corner!

Who said you can only have fun in the mountains and snow? Rajasthan is a full-proof package for much-needed adventure, aesthetic Insta stories, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous places to visit! And so is the very famous Camel Fair of Bikaner – an annual festival to pay a tribute to the ‘ship of the desert’, the camels. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, what’s even more exciting is that it’s going to happen in January itself! So, read on to know all about it!

The Importance of the Festival

Bikaner Camel Festival is celebrated annually to pay tribute to the tough animals for successfully surviving the scorching heat of the summer of the deserts. The festival is extravagantly celebrated with a lot of preparations and is very important for the locals. Back when there used to be no automobiles to travel from one place to the other. So, it was them, the tough beasts that acted as their means of transport as well as the livelihoods.

Thus, from time immemorial, there is a special relationship between the camels and Bikaner. In addition, Bikaner is considered to be the only state that bred camels back in earlier times. Apart from that, these gentle beats have not only proven to be loyal to the Indian army back during the Indo-Pak war but continue to prove their loyalty to date. 

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Things to look forward to at Bikaner Camel Fair 2021

Bikaner Camel Festival is one of the most popular and colorful festivals in the country. It not only infuses energy and enthusiasm but also helps you immerse yourself in the traditions and beauty of Rajasthan.

1. Camel Parade and other competitions

Parade and other competitions - Bikaner Camel Festival 2021 Is Round The Corner - We're Thrilled!

Against the mighty walls of the Junagarh fort walk the tall and gorgeous beasts, stunningly decorated and adorned in colours. Well, the fun begins here. This oh-so-stunning camel parade is followed by camel milking, camel races, fur cutting design, camel acrobats, the best breed competition and camel beauty pageants. Besides, you can capture the beauty of the camels dressed in extravagant anklets, vibrant bridles and exotic necklaces adding an extra pop to the golden dunes.

2. Fire Dance and Camel Race

Fire Dance

Have you been wanting to spend some quality time with bae? Well, what could be a better place than beside the fireplace with some wine? In addition, you can also enjoy some fire dance, skirt swirling dancers, dazzling fireworks, traditional folk music. You can literally do everything here!

3. Puppet Shows

Puppet Shows - Bikaner Camel Festival 2021 Is Round The Corner - We're Thrilled!

All those who have a knack for stories and tales, well, the festival has an extraordinary surprise for y’all! The Camel Fair comes stuffed with some amazing puppet shows where the colourfully dressed up puppet dolls narrate the local folklores to fascinate y’all!

4. Sweets made from camel milk

Sweets made from camel milk

We meant it when we said that this Camel Fair has something for everyone. If you’re a food-junkie and a dessert lover, then here’s a little something for you! As you get to taste some of the locally made mouth-watering and offbeat sweets exquisitely made from camel milk. Now, doesn’t that give you a foodgasm, already?

5. All things artsy and shopping

All things artsy and shopping - Bikaner Camel Festival 2021 Is Round The Corner - We're Thrilled!

Aside from the hundreds and thousands of travellers, the traders and craftsmen from all over the country also come to the festival to enjoy the celebrations, hog on delicious food, do some souvenir-shopping and click pictures. The fair literally has something for everyone! For the ones who enjoy art and shopping, well, be on the lookout for the handicrafts, exquisite jewellery, pottery amidst other things at the stalls!

Festival – Bikaner Camel Festival/Fair 2021

Date – 12th – 13th January

Venue – Bikaner

Ditch the mountains, fellas! Pack your bags and head over to this oh-so-gorgeous city, Bikaner, to do some camel-watching with your homies! *winks* Make’em jealous by flooding the Instagram feeds with some out-of-the-box stories, anecdotes, photoshoots and what not! Well, don’t forget to tell us all about it!

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