Waiting to visit Daunting Sites of Rajasthan?

5 Daunting places in Rajasthan
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Find out daunting sites of Rajasthan!

 Adults of all background find Rajasthan studded with a plethora of tourist attractions. Therefore, making it an ideal place for vacation. Rajasthan offers numerous prominent tourist sites, including Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer to mention a few. When it comes to travelling, it is for someone who is open to exploring new things and is always looking for ways to broaden his experiences. There is a completely different realm beyond all those popular destinations, and they have compelling stories to share, whether they are about culture, heroism, or faith. If one is willing to search outside these tourist highlights, one will discover that there are numerous unusual attractions that may provide you with a taste of everything more than what Rajasthan is famous for. Here are 5 daunting sites in Rajasthan that will excite you to book a trip right away!

5 Daunting sites of Rajasthan to visit:

1. Alsisar


Firstly, let’s explore the grandeur of Alsisar. Alsisar is well-known among the hippie set for hosting the annual Music Festival in December. Additionally , it is also well-known for its calm ambience and absorption into a different version of Rajasthan. If you stay at Alsisar Mahal, the staff will arrange tours of the nearby havelis and monuments. Raja Abhimanyu Alsisar, the King of Khetri owns a palace and this property which has around 50 rooms, a pool house, and a stunning restaurant.



The enormous heritage property Neemrana Fort lies positioned atop a hill and spans over numerous floors to provide a spectacular view of the township and geographical location. The ancient town of Neemrana is identified with its 16th century fort. Rajasthan’s earliest palace hotels and is located on the Delhi-Jaipur route, midway from both cities. If you merely want to waste hours on the premises, there are three pools, gardens, and other amenities scattered throughout 13 layers of the hill. It is close to Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, Bharatpur-Keoladeo National Park, Jaisamand Lake, and other attractions.

3. Kuchaman


The famous Fort situated in Kuchaman which still sits on a cliff happens to be overlooking the entire modern-old city. As result, named after the historic Rathore fort and remains to be a primary attraction. Back in time, the backward tribes inhabited The land around and nearby the fort was a cluster of tiny settlements . The fort is said to have been erected around 1150 years ago during the Rathore dynasty in the 9th century AD and which stands atop a 900-foot-high cliff. The city developed is largely spread at the base of the hill. Likewise, The Jal Mahal, Sabha Prakash and Meera Mahal are just a few of the spectacular havelis that must be seen.

4. Churu


“Gateway to the Thar Desert,” is the popular identification for Churu. It is located in the ancient Shekhawati located in northeastern Rajasthan.  A little settlement which is located on the outskirts of the Thar Desert and surrounded by changing golden sand dunes, is dazzling with Havelis and fresco paintings. After that, the settlement also became a notable tourist destination which includes the majestic palaces of Surana and its dynamically old fort and Kanhaiya Lal Bangla. The city is an ideal weekend retreat and very approachable to Delhi. 

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5. Banswara


Lastly, is the “bamboo country” of Rajasthan. Banswara in Rajasthan, which literally means “bamboo country,” is a wonderful city with stunning surroundings and ancient temples. Maharawal Jagmal Singh formed it and eventually became a royal kingdom under Rajput control under the British period. Numerous tiny islands nestled on the banks of River Mahi. River Mahi runs through the vicinity. Subsequently, ‘City of a Hundred Islands’ a perfect name was given to Banswara.

The Mahi Dam and Dialab Lake are a must-visit spots as soon as you arrive in Banswara. The Arthuna region, near Banswara has various Hindu and Jain temples spanning back to medieval times, as well as the Madareshwar Temple, a cave temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Also, there are Islamic dargahs in and near the scenic place that include the Abdullah Pir.

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To sum up:

Rajasthan trip is a full package for adventure lovers and travel groups. It has always been the most lavish and exciting alternatives for tourists since older era. One cannot broaden the horizons in travel or enlarge one’s viewpoint by returning to the same old touristy places again and these 5 daunting locations in Rajasthan help you do the same! So, coming to these places and spending time with your family and friends will always have an impact on your vacation memories surrounded by this state’s rich biodiversity, origins, legacy, and customs!

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