6 Irresistible Shopping Places In Jodhpur

6 Irresistible Shopping Places In Jodhpur

A traditional shopper’s paradise is Jodhpur (or the ‘blue city’). In times of flourishing foreign brands, only a few cities remain. Amongst these markets are full of cultural and conventional objects still present. And Jodhpur is, however, one of the very best. Shopping places of Jodhpur are traditional attractions and colorful Rajasthani fabrics like bandhej, tye and dye, leheriya. Also, some lovely antique silver jewelry, classical craftsmanship of leather and footwear art like mojaris and juttis.

While enjoying the elegance of the city on your holiday in Jodhpur, you would certainly delve into the variety of traditional fabrics, souvenirs of art and savor some delicious trademark dishes of Jodhpur. It’s always worthwhile to have classic pieces and cherish them for the fun you had in shopping places of Jodhpur.

1. Umaid Bhavan Palace Bazaar

Umaid Bhavan Palace - Bazaar6 Irresistible Shopping Places In Jodhpur

Firstly, Umaid Bhawan Palace Market is an amazing shopping place in Jodhpur and the royal enterprise that hosts some magnificent galleries. Here’s a specific good spot of this market naming Umaid Bhawan & Ajit Bhawan and this market comprises of quality metal and copper products, silver jewels, hand-crafted antiques, tassels and glasses, charming furniture, porcelain pieces, stoneware and fabrics, ingenious designs, which all in all certainly makes you feel that you can buy the future and make it brighter, just like these shiny and glittery artworks.

2. Sarafa Bazaar

Secondly, a range of classical jewelry, objects, souvenirs, and even household decors have been popular for this market. Whether you like silver gems or classic décor pieces, this marketplace has some of the finest and unique designs available. If there’s anything on your wild shopping imaginations and you want to take all that home with you then this market will provide a perfect solution to almost any item on your bucket list. Even if you are short on time, this place is worth a visit. Also, you can easily visit Sarafa Bazaar by booking a cabin service in Jodhpur.

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3. Clock Tower Bazaar

Clock Tower Bazaar

A huge monument to Jodhpur, the Clock Tower area or Ghanta Ghar area is a thrilling shopping market for its tourists. The most dominant feature of the Clock Tower market is the Maharaja Sardar Singh Clock Tower. A very vibrant market, selling various items including food ingredients, clothing, and glass brackets, handmade garments, kitchen utensils, etc. As pleasurable as it seems, this place is pocket-friendly and will never make you feel like you are spending extra for any specific piece. You should not forget to indulge in some lip-smacking Makhania Lassi (Buttermilk) and fill your heart with Shahi Samosa and Omelets for a real Rajasthan experience.

4. Nai Sarak Bazaar

Rajasthan’s decorative artefacts vary dramatically from others. It has a rich heritage and history, which is well shown in Jodhpur markets. One of the busiest markets is Nai Sarak which is incredibly busy with visitors at any time of the day. It has a rich heritage and history, which is well shown in Jodhpur markets. This street is called Nai Sarak as it was built by the British after the war of 1857 and when compared to the other roads, it is much newer. It’s quite a task to cross the busy streets of Jodhpur, where suppliers keep competing endlessly to sell their goods to the dealers at the highest price. Nai Sarak is highly renowned for the traditional style of her Bandhej set. This industry is also renowned for its tie-and-dye textiles and is certainly a great place to buy traditional souvenirs and offer them to your loved ones.

5. Mochi Bazaar

Mochi Bazaar - 6 Irresistible Shopping Places In Jodhpur

Mochi Bazaar, that is ‘cobblers market,’ is one of Jodhpur’s top destinations for shopping, popularly called Mojaris or Jodhpuri juttis. These leather delights are available in countless colors, designs and variety and are a hook to any royalty improvement attire, and a perfect option for those who are curious on what to buy from Jodhpur. This place is undoubtedly famous in India as well as abroad, as the footwear is highly hunted for all occasions. This is one of the finest shopping places in Jodhpur that will beautify you from toe to head. It also has renowned spots for metalwork, furniture pieces, reusable jewelry and lac accessories in addition to shopping for boots.

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6. Tripolia Bazaar

Another amazing place known widely for its wooden handicrafts and marble artifacts is Tripolia Market. It is also known for its crafts and textiles from ancient Rajasthani times. There are plenty of choices available for you and all specially designed in an artistic manner. Wooden handicrafts shops, colorful clothing, silver jewelry, silver furniture, marble sculptures are all presented in old architectural spaces and in ways that define a market with its true nature. It’s also one of the finest textile markets in India. Everything here is at an unbelievable amount that’s very fair and gives more value.

The Ageless Traditional Art

Shopping Places in Jodhpur

For travelers and shoppers who have a knack for the classic trend, Jodhpur is truly heaven. The entire essence of Rajasthan and its wonderful art oozes out in all these shopping places of Jodhpur. One day here could pass so fast that you should rather spend two days for the shopping purpose and so much else to do there. You can purchase such colorful and wonderful things, revamp your wardrobe with a wonderful range of textile pieces and propose your home with pretty deals of purchase that will shine with exquisite designs, prominent antiques and remarkable wall arts.

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