Jaisalmer – The Golden City Of Rajasthan

The people near the Thar desert said that there was a beautiful place named Jaisalmer. The Golden city is a hundred kilometers away from the border of Pakistan.

The city that glimpses with so many beautiful places was built in the ancient times which make people very happy and very historical. When the people visit Jaisalmer, they do some things on the trip. For example, they visit forts and temples, do camel safari to visit the desert, and so on.

Jaisalmer is on the boundary with India and Pakistan. The fortress castle in Jaisalmer is known as the Golden Fort. It is huge, a city around there. You need to take a guide when you head inside. There are markets, Hindu sanctuaries, and an antiquated Jain sanctuary also. Numerous sightseers take a brave into the sand ridges where they hear conventional music.

Why do people call Jaisalmer the golden city of Rajasthan? Let us find out:

1. The city stands on the hilltop which is called sandstone

Jaisalmer - The Golden City Of Rajasthan

Firstly, the main attraction of the city is the Jaisalmer Fort which is the primary reason for calling it the golden city. Everything from the bottom of the fort walls to the hill ranging it looks like golden sand color. 

It stands on the elevation of golden yellowish sandstone. Below the hill range the city is surrounded by temples, houses, shops, and markets. The Golden shade stone spreads the atmosphere. The best part of Golden city is viewing the golden hue from Sunset point.

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2. The city sprawl in the heart of the Indian Desert

Jaisalmer sprawls in the heart of the Indian Desert

It has resided in the Heart of the Indian Thar Desert and also the city is in the main center of the Thar Desert. Gleaming city then is rich in its culture and traditions which can inspire the people after visiting the Jaisalmer.

When coming to facts, in Rajasthan, the Jaisalmer is the largest district and, in India Jaisalmer is the third-largest territorial region, the city is stretched with vast sandstone monuments, and the sight of Glittering sunlight is to behold

The city exhibits exceptional beauty with the contrasting colors of gold against the vivid shades of blue and green which make the district is an unforgettable picture of the town to cherish.

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3. Architecture of Sandstone

Jaisalmer - The Golden City Of Rajasthan

It is the greatest monument of Jaisalmer, these sandstones used a variety of architecture since the olden days. The complete city is built on the base of Sandstone.

From the exterior, the city sight is very breathtaking which has a unique structure with a golden yellow color. The city is ranged from houses to tombs, temples, beautifully sculptured, etc using the same color as the earth has. 

From the two villages the yellow sandstone was born to construct the monuments, the villages are Moolsagar and Lodrawa. Interestingly the sandstone has a quality that is easy to cut and design in architectural shape, and when it is exposed to the sun the stone will get hard. Due to scarcity of rainfall, the majority of the house is constructed with flat roofs. All these have been possible because of the yellow Golden sandstone.

4. Golden Fort has a pride 

Golden Fort has a pride

The Golden fort another name is Jaisalmer Fort and it is the focal of the city. During the sunrise and sunset the spreads of the golden hue when we look from a  distance.

The city has very pride which can have a unique culture as the fort is situated in the hilltop range. The fort was the unique royal palace of Rajput rulers. In our National language, the fort is called “Sonar Kila”.  The UNSECO declared as World Heritage of Rajasthan. In Anno Domini times it was constructed during the year 1156 by Rana Jaiswal who was the founder of the Jaisalmer.

5. The festival of Desert

The festival of Desert

In Jaisalmer city, the dessert fiesta has shows the enriched culture, art and dance form this festival makes the city as golden but in the period of festival the cultural richness of the city has been appeared that makes as Golden city.

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