Jodhpur – Expectations vs Reality

Jodhpur – Expectations vs Reality is a special blog series started by Rajasthan Studio. Jodhpur, we all know the city is known for its enriching culture and royalties of Rajasthan. Former capital state of the Kingdom of Marwar, Blue city of India, also featured in the 52 Best Places of 2020 by The New York Times, and the list is endless.

Recalling its history, Rao Jodha (leader of the Rajput clan) laid the foundation of this majestic city in 1459. Jodhpur is a cumulative essence of heritage and simplicity, from its Rajasthani street food like Pyaaz Ki Kachori to indigenous Rajputi Paushaks. It is the home of the famous Lalji Handicraft Warehouse, which many of us don’t know, manufactured furniture for Game Of Thrones (GOT), and GOT needs no introduction. But what needs introduction/acknowledgement are these simple yet, enlightening realities about Jodhpur. 

10 Expectations v/s Realities About Jodhpur:

Expectations vs Reality #1


Mehrangarh Fort Expectation - Jodhpur – Expectations vs Reality

The famous Mehrangarh Fort is only about history, museum and those picturesque views of the city. 


Mehrangarh Fort Reality

Firstly, Mehrangarh fort houses one of the diversified folk concerts called Jodhpur RIFF (Rajasthan International Folk Festival). The festival takes places in October. A music festival yet entirely organised around the fortress. HH Gaj Singh itself is the chief patron of this soulful experience. Here is a video that will surely allure you.

Expectations vs Reality #2


Jodhpur Expectation#2

Jodhpur is only about forts, temples, palaces and nothing else. 


Jodhpur Reality#2

Not exactly, as it also homes many prominent educational institutions like AIIMS, IIT, NLU and many more. Here is then the complete list. 

Expectations vs Reality #3


Jodhpur Expectation#3

Jodhpur vegetation market won’t be prominent, being a dry and semi-arid region. 


Jodhpur Reality#3

Thirdly, for those people, Mathania red chilly demand criteria will come as a shock. As the whole lot is pre-booked even before the chillies sprout and are ready for sale. 

Expectations vs Reality #4


Jodhpur Expectation#4

Market places are only for shops, shopaholics and full of chaos. 


Jodhpur Reality#4

Fourthly, the stepwell known as Toorji ka Jhalra is situated right in the middle of the market place. The place has gained popularity in the past few years. Here is a blog on the Stepwells of Jodhpur. 

Expectations vs Reality #5


Jodhpur Expectation#5

All the Rajasthani cities cuisine is only about Dal Batti and the traditional Thali. 


Jodhpur Reality#5

Fifthly, Mirchi Vada, a local snack sold on every corner of the city, will surely make you its fan if you love spicy food. And all those who can’t gulp in chilly, eat it at your own risk.

Expectations vs Reality #6


Jodhpur Expectation#6

People assume Jodhpur’s oldest markets are only about Mojaris (leather shoes), handicrafts, and home decor antiques.


Jodhpur Reality#6

But in reality, Jodhpur’s oldest markets are based on Tie and Diy fabrics, Indigo bedcovers and cushions, and Bandhani fabrics. Here is then a video where a worker is using the Tie and Diy fabric technique.  

Expectations vs Reality #7


The market places are the only source to buy the famous Jodhpuri rugs and carpets. 


Not really, as Pukhraj Darry Udhyog, situated in Salawas village, burst this assumption. The artisans use the method of inter-lock weaving, which is recognised worldwide. The skills are being passed on from one generation to another for the past 700 years. The collection includes -handwoven rugs, jute and silk rugs, camel wool rugs, and doormats. 

Expectations vs Reality #8


Jodhpur offers nothing to adventure junkies.


Ziplining is the answer to that. And coincidentally, it also falls within the boundaries of Mehrangarh Fort. Apart from ziplining, desert and leopard safari can also quench the thirst of all the adventure enthusiast. Here is a blog that will help you more. 

Expectations vs Reality #9


The city only offers views from rooftop cafes and street food.


Jodhpur holds a key position in both the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Border Security Force (BSF). Moreover, Jodhpur has one of Asia’s largest air-base known as South Western Air Command, and the air show hosted by them every year is a treat to one’s eyes. 

Expectations vs Reality #10 


Jodhpur is only known for spies and spicy food, as mentioned above.


Completely wrong, Jodhpur is the paradise of sweets. Renowned shops like Janta Sweet home, Mishrilal Lassi Wala, Jodhpur Sweets and Chaturbhuj’s Gulab Jamun are to name a few. 

I Hope the blog about expectations v/s reality of Jodhpur helped you to burst some wrong pre-conceived notions about Jodhpur and its diversity. Plan a trip, be it solo or with your loved ones, and experience Jodhpur and its hospitality. 

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