Jaipur – Expectations vs Reality

we are here to bring a fresher perspective where we'll share, what the tourists expect before visiting Jaipur v/s what they experience while exploring or visiting the city.

What To Expect While Travelling To Jaipur


Jaipur aka the Pink City, we all know this charming city is famous for its culture and hospitality, from its beautiful Mojharis (Rajasthani leather shoes) to its magnanimous heritage sites. Travel fact – Jaipur houses not, only one but two world heritage sites recognised by UNESCO (Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort). Not only this, The city is even ranked as 7th best city to travel to in Asia, by non-other than Conde Nast Traveller Magazine. But today, we are here to bring a fresher perspective where we’ll share, what the tourists’ expectation vs reality before visiting Jaipur while they are exploring or visiting the city. 

JaipurExpectations v/s Realities:

Expectations vs Reality #1

Expectation: Being an Indian city, people mostly assume Jaipur will also have cluttered streets and disorganised city roads.

people mostly assume Jaipur will also have cluttered streets and disorganized city roads.
Image Credit: https://www.tripsavvy.com/most-crowded-places-in-india-4126744

Reality: In fact, Jaipur is the first planned cities of not only Rajasthan but, of India and was, established in 1727. Talking about disorganised city roads, one of the best examples for countering this notion is Jawahar Circle (Asia’s largest circular park), situated not in a secluded spot, but on a highway traffic circle. The circle is famous for many things, esp. for its musical fountain show.

Image Credit: https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/circle- architecture.html

Expectations vs Reality #2

Expectation: Jaipur is only about heritage, forts and palaces and nothing else.

Image Credit: https://www.treebo.com/blog/forts-near-jaipur/

Reality: Not exactly, as Jaipur has many modern architectural marvels as well. Buildings like WTP World Trade Park, Motisons Jewellers building, Shree cement Office, and many more will surely make you reframe that statement. 

Image Credit: https://www.indianretailer.com/article/whats-hot/property/Best-shopping-malls-2015-World-Trade-Park-Jaipur.a3408/

Expectations vs Reality #3

Expectation: It is, presumed that Jaipur art and craftsmanship is, only confined to jewellery. 

Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/418482990372422554/?autologin=true

Reality: Jaipur is home to handicrafts and their different variants. Blue pottery being one of them. Here is a video that will give all the insights about this art. 

Image Credit: https://www.arraish.com/

Expectations vs Reality #4 

Expectation: Jaipur is, only known for its kite festival. 

Reality: But, Jaipur organises the worlds only free literary festival called JFL or Jaipur Literature Festival, where celebrated writers, filmmakers, poets and artisans gather and celebrate art. Here is one glimpse for you. So if you are visiting the city in January, then it’s time to make some amends in your itinerary.

Expectations vs Reality #5

Expectation: Being, a Rajasthani city, Jaipur cuisine will be only, restricted to Thali and Dal Baati. Hence spicy food and nothing else. 

Image Credit: https://www.archanaskitchen.com/rajasthani-dal-baati-churma-recipe

Reality: There is an endless number of delicacies for which Rajasthani cuisine is known, be it a simple Bajara Roti also known as Soghra, or countless sweet dishes like Ghewar or Maave ki kachori.

Image Credit: https://www.thepalaceonwheels.org/blog/top-mouthwatering-rajasthani-desserts-you-should-try/

Expectations vs Reality #6

Expectation: You will have no other choice, but to walk and, wait on those busy roads plus inhale all the polluted air to admire the city and its scenic views.

Reality: Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sky Waltz Balloon Safari will make sure you get the all picturesque views of Jaipur while floating with clouds and taking in all the fresh air.

Expectations vs Reality #7

Expectation: You’ll go and visit all these crowded markets and cultural sites. Hence nothing for adventure and nature lovers.

Reality: Sariska Tiger Reserve is also in Jaipur, where if you are lucky enough you’ll get to see this magnificent creature including many others like Nilgai, Leopard and Striped Hyena even in this dry deciduous forest area.

Expectations vs Reality #8

Expectation: Rajasthani cuisine is all about vegetarian food.

Reality: Not at all, being the land of Rajputs, the cuisine has several mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes like Lal Maas which every non-vegetarian loves to eat while visiting the city.

Expectations vs Reality #9

Expectation: Authentic Jewellery Shopping will be expensive.

Reality: Jaipur has a plethora of bazaars/markets, and all these markets prove one thing that you can buy jewellery at reasonable rates for you and your loved ones. 

Expectations vs Reality #10

Expectation: Kids will get bored after all those sightseeing. 

Reality: Places like Choki Dhani, Pink Pearl waterpark, JDA Jaldhara and the recent addition to the list is Rajasthan’s first trampoline park Puno is in Jaipur too. 


Hope, I helped you in reframing your preception about Jaipur, in this expectation v/s reality feature while travelling Jaipur. 

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