15 Unexplored Places of Rajasthan

Unique Cities & Cultural Heritage of Rajasthani Cities that are Unexplored

The ‘Land of the Kings’; Rajasthan. A place where you will witness virgin sand dunes along with cool rivers, you will adore the humongous palaces standing with royalty along with the local culture & tradition. Amidst the popularity of conventional destinations, there are some exotic, lesser-known cities in Rajasthan. These tropical and remote places are the best getaway from the hustles of the city. Below are the top 15 unexplored places of Rajasthan.

1. Rajsamand

A beautiful and charming place that rests in solitude between the mighty Aravalli Ranges and a huge, soothing lake. Rajsamand hosts the mighty Kumbhalgarh Fort – the birthplace of Maharana Pratap.

Prime Attractions Kumbhalgarh Fort, Charbhuja Vishnu Temple, Dwarkadheesh Temple, Rajsamand Lake.

How to Reach – Nearest railway station & airport is Udaipur. One can easily get a cab or bus to Rajasmand.

Best Time to Visit – October to March.

Rajsamand hosts the mighty Kumbhalgarh Fort - birthplace of Maharana Pratap
Image Credit: http://www.udaipurlakecity.com/rajsamand-lake/

2. Khuri

Walking along the soft sand, experience the warmth of the setting sun and enjoying ethnic Rajasthani folk art under the moonlight! Khuri is one such offbeat destination of Rajasthan where you can enjoy all of these. Located in the middle of Thar desert, this place rhymes with serenity.

Prime Attractions – Desert camping, desert safari, traditional folklore, royal camel rides.

How to Reach – Nearest railway station is Jaisalmer; 4okm away from Khuri. Nearest airport being Jodhpur; 300km from Khuri.

Best Time to Visit – October to March.

Image Credit: http://tourismjaisalmer.com/location/khuri/

3. Ranakpur

It is one intriguing unexplored destination. Ranakpur is surrounded by waterfalls and valleys and is known for its magnificent Jain temple constructed in the 15th century.

Prime Attractions – Jain temple of Tirthankara Adinath, Jaba Wolf Point, and the Ranakpur Dam.

How to Reach – Nearest airport and railway station is Udaipur which is around 68km away.

Best Time to Visit – October to March.

Image Credit: https://www.astroved.com/astropedia/en/temples/west-india/ranakpur-jain-temple

4. Kuldhara

Kuldhara is one such hidden and unexplored place in Rajasthan which to date gives a spine chilling experience to its tourists. The city that was abandoned in the 18th century came into existence in the 13th century.

Prime Attractions – Abandoned villages, old styled temples, beautifully renovated houses.

How to Reach – Nearest railway station is Jaisalmer; 21km away. The city is well connected through the road route from Udaipur or Jodhpur.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

Image Credit: https://www.thebetterindia.com/48562/abandoned-cursed-200-year-old-village-kuldhara-rajasthan/

5. Karauli

Karauli is another Rajasthani secret gem that has yet to be found. Legends say that this city was constructed by the 88th descendent of Lord Krishna – Raja Bijai Pan Jadon in 995 AD. This is what makes Karauli an intriguing and spiritual place of Rajasthan.

Prime Attractions – Red Stone architecture, City Palace, Timangarh fort, Kaila Devi temple, Mahavir Jain temple.

How to Reach – Hinduan Junction is the nearest railway station to Karauli and Jaipur is the nearest airport; just 129km away.

Best Time to Visit – June to March 

Image Credit: https://www.tourradar.com/t/198195

6. Viratnagar

With a rich mythological background, Viratnagar proves to be a hidden place of Rajasthan. Viratnagar traces its history back to the Mahabharata. In the last year of the exile when Pandavas were looking for a place to hide then they choose this city as their home. 

Prime Attractions – Ashoka Shilalekh, Bijak ki Pahari, Bhim ki Dungri, Mughal Gate, Ganesh Giri Temple.

How to Reach – Alwar is the nearest railway station, just 61km away and Jaipur being nearest airport is around 63km away.

Best Time to Visit – March to October.

With a rich mythological background, Viratnagar proves to be a hidden place of Rajasthan.
Image Credit: https://www.nativeplanet.com/virat-nagar/

7. Kheechan

An unexplored town of Rajasthan – Kheechan is hidden beneath the wings of Demoiselle Cranes – a species of migratory birds. The cranes migrate from different parts of Europe and Siberia to Rajasthan.

Prime Attractions – Feeding the Demoiselle Cranes, bird-watching.

How to Reach – Jodhpur and Phalodi are nearest railway stations and Jodhpur is the nearest civil airport.

Best Time to Visit – November to March

Image Credit: https://twitter.com/hashtag/kheechan

8. Jawai

Jawai is small yet an enticing place in Rajasthan. Surrounded by lush green trees, this bewildering place is rich in flora and fauna. Undisturbed by the outer world, Jawai rests proudly as one of the lesser-known destinations of Rajasthan.

Prime Attraction – Jawai dam, Dev Giri temple, leopard safari, crocodiles, migratory birds, flamingo, barrhead geese.

How to Reach – Nearest railway station is Mori Bera; 4km away. Nearest airport is Udaipur; 149km away.

Best Time to Visit – September to February.

Image Credit: https://www.rajras.in/jawai-bandh-conservation-reserve/

9. Pali

Enter the industrial city of Rajasthan. Beneath the flourishing industries, lies a prospering culture! Yes, Pali is home to various temples like the Somnath temple, Adishwar temple and the famous Bullet Baba temple. With its rich history and culture, the city surely makes it to the list of offbeat destination of Rajasthan.

Prime Attractions – Bangur Museum, Nimbo ka Nath, Rawla Bagh, Surya Narayan Temple, Parshuram Mahadev temple.

How to Reach – Pali Marwar has a railway station and most of the major trains cross the city which makes it easily accessible. The nearest airport is Jodhpur, 66km

Best Time to Visit – June to March.

10. Sri Ganganagar

Sri Ganaganagar is said to be the food-basket of Rajasthan. This place is beautifully planned keeping in mind the town arrangement of Paris. You can roam around the Gol Bazaar shopping to your fullest.

Prime Attractions – Balaji Dham, Fort Rajwada, Gol Bazaar, Laila Majnu ki Mazar, Gauri Shankar temple.

How to Reach – From Jodhpur airport it is roughly 500km. Sri Ganganagar has its own railway station.

Best Time to Visit – October to March is best time to explore this hidden tourist places in Rajasthan

11. Jojowar

Jojowar is an exotic location with luxurious vegetation, abundant flora and fauna. A train ride specially arranged for tourists to get a panoramic view of Aravalli ranges. The place is a rarely explored hidden gem of Rajasthan.

Prime Attractions – Rawla Jojowar, Kesar Bagh, bird watching, rich wildlife.

How to Reach – Nearest airport is Jodhpur; 122km. The nearest railway station Marwar; 29km away.

Best Time to Visit – October to March.

Image Credit: https://www.noblehousetours.com/jojawar-rajasthan/

12. Sawai Madhopur

After Jojowar, another offbeat destination Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan is rich in flora & fauna. The enriching natural climate, lush green forests and a prolific sanctuary. 

Prime Attractions Ranthambore National Park, Ranthambore fort, Surwal lake, Chamatkar temple, Khandar fort.

How to Reach – Sawai Madhopur and Jaipur are well connected through railways. The nearest airport Jaipur is 180km away. Best Time to Visit – October to April.

13. Neemrana

Neemrana can be described as the city of royalty! The spectacular Neemrana fort, its lavish interiors and sturdy structures gives a spellbinding impression. Neemrana fort was the fortress of the Rajput king – Prithvi Raj Chauhan III.

Prime Attractions – Neemrana fort palace, Zip-line, Sariska National Park, Bala Quila, Baori, local markets.

How to Reach – Nearest railway station is Alwar is just a short drive away from Neemrana. Jaipur International Airport is just 155km away.

Best Time to Visit – October to March.

14. Shekhawati 

It is one such less traveled place of Rajasthan which preserves the ancient wall paintings, murals and artistic skills of the state. Shekhawati is historically and culturally important which makes it a ‘must-visit’ place.

Prime Attraction – Lakshmangarh fort, Le Prince Haveli, Mandawa fort, horseback riding, Dundlod

How to Reach – Jaipur airport is 150km away. The place is easily accessible via train.

Best Time to Visit – October to March

15. Rusirani

Experience the beauty and charm of culture at the fort! Rusirani is a remote, unexplored place of Rajasthan. There is no electricity, no internet in Rusirani; what you experience is complete solitude.

Prime Attractions – Rural Rajasthan, village life, typical Rajasthani hospitality, Neelkanth temple and the Rusirani fort.

How to Reach – It is 90km away from Jaipur. Through Jaipur railway or airport you can hire a cab.

Best Time to Visit – September to March

The true essence of tourism lies in these unexplored places of Rajasthan. As a tourist, we are just exposed to big cities because these are easily accessible. But once you surpass the barrier of accessibility and vow to explore more, you’ll experience the true beauty of any place.

Happy touring!

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