Avant-Garde Fashion Designers From Rajasthan

Avant-Garde Fashion Designers From Rajasthan

Avant-Garde Fashion Designers From Rajasthan: Rajasthan has a very diverse range of people rooting from different regions with a storehouse of traditions, culture, style, and numerous stories. The royal land of Rajasthan is one of the earliest human civilizations. The region is a treasury filled with precious elements that are one of a kind. The cultural heritage is passed down through generations keeping the rich hereditament intact for over centuries together.

Rajasthan is also rich in terms of fabrics, textiles, surfaces, and prints. The entire region follows a varied colored aesthetic- full of colors throughout Rajasthan. Working constantly hard to keep up the cultural heritage, here are avant-garde fashion designers from Rajasthan that work towards sustaining the traditions through fashion.

Ruma Devi

Ruma Devi - Avant-Garde Fashion Designers From Rajasthan
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Ruma Devi is an artisan from Barmer who stitched her dreams into a handmade apparel collection. She is an expert craftsman who has trained 22,000 artisans from 75 villages, working in the Thar region of Rajasthan. She promotes handcrafted products made by tribal women. Ruma Devi received the ”Designer of the Year” title at Textiles Fair India 2019. She also received the Nari Shakti National Award 2018 from President Ramnath Kovind for transforming the lives of thousands of women.

Ruma Devi has faced a lot of challenges and hardships through her life, but her love for the craft kept her going. Ruma Devi is famous for her conventional Barmer patchwork and embroidery designs. From the Indian market, she has made it to the International market as well with her constant efforts to keep the craftsmanship alive. Ruma Devi is working towards promoting artisans, both men and women, training them and making them small scale entrepreneurs in their own right. Self Help Groups to provide the artisans with financial security, better health and education facilities and a better standard of living. 

Chirag Nainani

Chirag Nainani

Chirag Nainani focuses on developing a marketplace for the Indian craftsmanship. To uphold the age-old traditional textiles, adding a contemporary fashion twist. Moreover, Chirag has been constantly working from the ground level to build an environment to preserve the craft and the craftsmanship. Subsequently, he focuses on engaging to build a sustainable and environmentally safe space to promote fashion.

Chirag Nainani truly focuses on pieces of cotton and silks. In addition, he creates a variety of silhouette styles that are modern yet have a traditional approach. Chirag loves the diversity that the traditional Indian crafts offer. Also, he is keen to explore the weaving, dyeing, and printing techniques through his collections promoting work to the local artisans.  Accordingly, for most of the collections, nature is the source of inspiration. He creates some of the most comfortable pieces that are unique to the eye. 

Paridhi Jaipuria

Paridhi Jaipuria - Avant-Garde Fashion Designers From Rajasthan

Paridhi is drawn towards the traditional techniques of creating artisanal clothing. She is fascinated with India’s rich and cultural heritage. Paridhi wanted to create a market to keep the artisanal craft practices going. To build a bridge between the markets and the artisans to keep the economic cycle running.

She explored a few styles and built an aesthetic to contemporize the traditional crafts to very unique unusual garment styles. Following on the styles of the unusual garments, the silhouettes are very chic, with clean finishes and very diminutive details. The brand constantly works with a vision to create effortless and timeless clothing. To sum up, the brand focuses on the modern, ever-growing, and empowered women of today. 

Rohit Kamra

Rohit Kamra

From the times of the royal kings and queens dwelling within the beautiful palaces and architectural artifacts, Rohit Kamra creates an aura of the era through his modern men’s wardrobe. He draws inspiration from the rich Indian cultural heritage. Furthermore Rohit’s aesthetic is a blend of the Indian and Victorian styles. On the whole, he aims at bridging the gap between traditions and the modernization of apparel.

Rohit works on contemporary silhouettes adding artisanal value to the pieces. He has successfully reinvented the look of classic silhouettes and given a new approach to the traditional Jodhpuri Jackets and Breeches. Additionally, these extraordinary pieces, Rohit designs a wide range of menswear garments including jackets, bandhgalas, breeches, shirts, and kurtas.

Pallavi Jaipur

Pallavi Jaipur

Pallavi Jaipur specifically draws inspiration from the royal history, the art, and craft that the Indian culture offers. She also mainly focuses on creating unique pieces through the amalgam of traditions and modern sensibilities through her designs.  Pallavi illustrates her design knowledge and puts it into practice using it accordingly through the rich craft and textiles of India.  The fabrics focus on using techniques of hand embroideries, block, and screen printing. Besides each individualistic garment is carefully studied, styled, and constructed with a detailed design brief. The brand ideology focuses on creating a modern look for the woman of today making each garment a signature piece.

These are the 5 avant-garde fashion designers from Rajasthan doing their bit to sustain fashion sustainably.

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