Why Do People Seek Therapy And In What Forms?

Why Do People Seek Therapy And In What Forms?

The world of today is much different from the world of say, even 10 years ago. The growth in social media and a fast-paced environment has left many confused about their life choices. Therapy as a solution to help clear our messy thoughts has become increasingly popular.

There are many reasons why people seek therapy. It can be about feeling alone. Being incapable of sharing one’s thoughts. A negative loop of thoughts can also drive one towards therapy. More serious concerns like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc, are also the reason to go for it. The stigma about therapy needs removal. Therapy provides us the tools through which we can effectively lead a better life.

The general notion is that in therapy one has to sit on a couch and talk about their concerns with a therapist. But there are actually a lot of different methods. They either focus on broad or some specific needs. Here’s why do people seek therapy and in what forms:

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy - Why Do People Seek Therapy And In What Forms?
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It is action-oriented in nature. According to this method, we learn certain behaviors and patterns from our childhood or our past. These behaviors were fine before because they protected us from trauma. But now they are affecting us negatively. In behavioral therapy, these responses are unlearned.  This kind of therapy is useful for treating phobias, OCD, etc. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) comes under this category.

Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy
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This kind of therapy aims to engage a person’s mind through various art activities. This therapy allows people to express themselves through artistic mediums like art, poetry, dance, music, etc. The benefits are great. It improves our cognitive skills. Art therapy gives us a way to express ourselves. It builds our social skills and self-esteem. People who have a hard time expressing themselves should surely try this one. To help ease your woes, Rajasthan Studio offers art therapy and mandala therapy sessions like these.

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Humanistic Therapy

Humanistic Therapy
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It is an approach that takes into account a person’s worldview and how that impacts her/his choices. Especially choices which cause distress. This kind of therapy believes that you are the best person to understand your needs. The therapist tries to enable you to reach your true self. Although this is done by increasing one’s self-acceptance and providing unconditional support. Therefore, you are the one directing your therapy session.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy - Why Do People Seek Therapy And In What Forms?
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In this, a person spends time with a trained therapy animal. Spending time with animals improves a person’s overall mental well-being significantly. Hence, this new kind of therapy has gained much popularity. Nursing homes, cafes have started using this to provide people a sense of warmth. People with PTSD, anxiety, heart disease can benefit immensely by spending time with their furry friends.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy
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This approach is closest to what Sigmund Freud advocated. In this method, the person’s unconscious thoughts and feelings are explored. The therapist also analyses your dreams. Therefore, the belief is that these subconscious patterns can help in reaching the root cause of a person’s behavior. In this kind of therapy, the therapist asks some questions and the person talks freely.

Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy - Why Do People Seek Therapy And In What Forms?
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In today’s online world, many people have forgotten how to maintain face-to-face relationships. Interpersonal therapy aims to help people work on their relationships. In this method, the therapist studies a person’s social interactions. She/he then offers help in pointing out the negative patterns. A person’s sociability is thus improved. People with social anxiety should opt for this method.

As you can see therefore, there are a variety of therapy options available. It is important that we recognize our concerns and choose what suits us the best.

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