Art of Rajasthan: Through the eyes of designers


Rajasthan is an unparalleled destination when it comes to art. From mystical forts and havelis to royal jewellery, turbans to ghoonghats, delicious cuisine to colourful bazaars, deserts to wildlife, folk music and dance to the myriad stories that the land has to tell; you’ll see art everywhere. The art of Rajasthan reveals the blend of various dynasties that ruled the ancient land.

There are shreds of evidence that confirm the glorious existence of art in Rajasthan since the pre-historic era. The Rajasthani art has adapted to modern forms and techniques to blend in with the changing times. Even today, paintings, jewellery, handicrafts, sculptures and, textile is popular all over the world.

Have you ever wondered what the creative minds think of this spectacular journey of art? Let us see what the designers think of the art of Rajasthan.

1. Jai Ranjit

Artist, Educator and Director of Student Experience at ISDI

Art form: Miniature painting

Miniature painting requires a very strong sense of storytelling, colour, composition and form, as well as, a deep knowledge of pigment, brush techniques and linework.

The deep interest comes from the cultural crossover, and how the styles evolved over time, telling incredible stories beyond those of just the emperors or courtesans.

2. Himani More

Textile designer, Craft consultant

Art form: Jaipur blue pottery

Jaipur blue pottery is a very good example of a craft that has evolved its style and product with changing lifestyle and has still managed to sustain beautifully without losing its core essence and technique.

Looking at the final product and its craftsmanship, you end up doubting it in a good way, whether its really handpainted or machine work.

Jaipur blue pottery to me is a timeless craft that lends itself to both modern and traditional tastes.

3. Akash Choudhary

Automotive futurist, Concept artist, Industrial Designer, Professor

Art form: Tarkashi

I love art forms such as Tarkashi because their intricacy and highly expressive visual is unmatched. These art forms are such that their craftmanship cannot be mimicked by anyone.

Unfortunately, people do not value these art forms as much as they should. I love all intricate art forms- Pinjrakari and Katambandh from Jammu, Jewellery crafts from Maharashtra and Textile intricacy of the east to name a few. These art forms have a deep connection to their cultural roots and, that fascinates me.

4. Sneha Jain

Jewellery designer at Rockrush

Art form: Meenakari

Art of Rajasthan
Image source: Craftytalks

Meenakari, as said, is one of the most beautiful and ancient crafts that has very soon conquered a lot of categories such as jewellery, utensils, showpieces, etc.

It requires a strong connect with colours to decorate gold with colourful motifs so that it adds vibrancy to the jewellery. I personally like Meenakari because it adds to the beauty of gemstones. The enamel bordering in Kundan jewellery gives it a beautiful look. With changing trends, we can now see pastel touch thriving in the process of enamelling.

It is a perfect blend of modern and ancient traditions which is why it is liked by all the generations.

5. Siddhant Shah

Founder of Access for All, Architect, Indian Aesthetics (PGD), MA heritage management

Art form: Puppetry

For me, I am really inspired and excited by puppetry because it has been there for really long. It has been there for years and also holds a lot of importance, historically. This art form can adapt to everything. It is so amazing that if you see Rajasthani Katputli dance even today, it becomes very relevant in terms of the message that it is giving out and also in terms of entertainment.

It is amazing how they can have Michael Jackson, Rekha from Pakeezah and, all sorts of elements and creatures can be bought into it. I think this is what keeps this artwork really exciting and alive.

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