Fashion Shows That Hail From Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land with diverse music, food, folk dance, royalty, architecture, textiles, etc. there is nothing that Rajasthan lacks. It is a land for exploration, the resources are available in plenty.  Skilled craftsmen and local artisans are a boon to Rajasthan. These artisans help promote and continue the legacy of the traditional handicrafts and textile crafts through the years. The fashion industry coincides with these artists to regulate the use of the crafts to keep the tradition living. Fashion shows facilitate these attempts of the artist and the designers and bring recognition through the masses. Here are 5 fashion shows of Rajasthan promoting craft and sustainability.

Rajasthani Divas- Rajasthali collaborates with Biba Russel

Rajasthani Divas- Rajasthali collaborates with Biba Russel
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Rajasthali –  the emporium of Rajasthan focuses on the handicrafts of the Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Ltd (RSIC). The organization promotes the varied handicrafts of the state of Rajasthan. It showcases the traditional authentic Rajasthani heritage promoting recognition to artists and craft practitioners. 

Rajasthali worked on a collaborative project with Biba Russel to promote the range of handcrafted textiles involving natural dyes, embroideries, block prints etc. The rich heritage and cultural reference of the state were always inspiring to Biba. ‘Rajasthali ‘by Bibi Russell, presented on the 29th March 2016, during the Rajasthan Diwas in Jaipur. It is affordable ready to wear focusing on quality and comfort. Specifically, the collection comprises using all the handcrafted fabric promoting value to its craftsmanship through the wearable designs. In addition to sustainable textiles, fabrics were recycled to create innovative jewellery. Rajasthani puppets were transformed into making some eye-catchy accessories. The main highlight of the collection was using Truck Art as inspiration for the juttis making some really quirky footwear.

Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Shows

Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Shows - Fashion Shows That Hail From Rajasthan
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The Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Shows (IFJAS 2018) organized a fashion show on 16th July 2018, to promote the craft of Barmer.  Applique fashion from Barmer was the main concept for the show that focused on promoting craft sustainability. The collection blends art, woven into crafts, creating a unique platform for promoting the handicraft of Barmer.  The initiative was not only to promote the artisanal craft but also increase the employment for the local artisans. The fashion show attracted many viewers encouraging the practice. In preparation for the garment and accessory production, there were 10 days of design training for the artists in Jodhpur. During the 10 days program, specialized designers covered the techniques and roles in product development. Also read: Handmade Jewellery Workshop With Parul Pandey.

Fashion Colloquia: Khadi Fashion Show

Fashion Colloquia: Khadi Fashion Show

ARCH College of Design & Business unveiled the 3rd series of Fashion Colloquia2020 –  an International Research Colloquium from the  26th to 30th January 2020. Accordingly, the opening fashion show showcased handloom Khadi textiles at the historic location of Ganesh Pol at Amer Fort to celebrate the history and artistry of the textile. The Fashion Colloquia focused on recognizing the importance of a ‘Responsible’ future and celebrated the 150th Year of “Father of the Nation” Mahatma Gandhi and his contribution to the growth of Khadi. To illustrate the fashion show explored an amalgamation of various students’ work as their final projects. Well-structured garments crafted with utmost details. The silhouettes were all very fresh and unique. Simultaneously traditional crafts using mirror work, applique, tie-dye techniques were explored through the garments. To sum up the look, the accessories were made in sync to the garments adding all the minute details. 

Rajasthan Fashion Week

Rajasthan Fashion Week - Fashion Shows That Hail From Rajasthan
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Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW), is a four-day rich extravagant event that is an explosion of colours, cutting-edge designs with the cultural heritage of the region. In addition to that, renowned established designers like Ritu Kumar, Kavita Bhartia, Vikram Phadnis, Mandira Wirk, Neeta Lulla, Payal Jain, Krishna Dembla, Charu Parashar and a few more showcase their collections during the RFW. Furthermore, the fashion week connects aesthetics with craftsmanship. It connects like-minded designers and masses who are adaptive to changing fashion trends. Individuals who are constantly developing the need for the development of crafts. On the whole, RFW focuses on bringing fashion to all, to make it more available and pocket friendly for the masses. 

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