Vegan Art: Depicting Veganism In An Artistic Way

Vegan Art: Depicting Veganism In An Artistic Way

Veganism is not just restricted to following a certain kind of diet. It is more than that; it is a lifestyle. Similarly, vegan art promotes you to adopt veganism as a way of life. Millions of animals are slaughtered and tortured to satisfy our cravings and desires. It is easy to say that you love animals, but practising something good for them is where the actual struggle starts.

Veganism means eliminating meat, dairy products and any kind of animal by-product from your diet. But it does not revolve only around food. Animals are also used to create several products. Vegans don’t use, eat or wear anything that involves killing or torturing animals.

Vegan art is now trending and, even if it is for the sake of the trend, people are trying to reduce or eliminate animal products. But to actually be a vegan, you need to understand that, it is not just a trend. It is a responsibility.

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Portraying veganism through art

Every child deserves a peaceful future

A child should never be separated from his/her parents. Every child deserves equal love and affection. Is your appetite more important than their childhood?

Role reversal

This art depicts a parallel world where animals are enjoying themselves and, humans are slaughtered. Just imagine the pain and the trauma that these beautiful creatures go through just to fill you up for a few hours. It is difficult to see yourself butchered; isn’t it? In that case, veganism would have felt like a better option.

Wearing the dead

When you wear leather, wool, fur, you are literally “wearing the dead”. Now, animals are not killed for certain products, but they are tortured. If you are new to the vegan art/veganism, start by excluding animal products. It is easier and might save someone’s life.

Breaking myths about veganism

The most rumoured perception about veganism is that you do not get enough nutrition through a plant-based diet. Contrary to the belief, a vegan diet is very healthy and nutritious. Vegan food is not boring, it is vibrant and flavourful.

The brain of a vegan

Just an illustration to show you how a vegan brain functions. It showcases the difficulties of being a vegan. It might be a little more work to follow veganism, but it is worth it!

Change your perception

Somethings just defy logic. How does loving a puppy and killing a pig make you an animal lover? It is not fair that dogs are in your home and, pigs are on your plate. Life will be much easier for the animals if we stop differentiating. Every animal should be loved and taken care of.

Stop using animals to satisfy your personal needs

Just look at the numbers. It is not even worth it. There are a lot of vegan meat options now available in the market. A little bit of research and effort can change the world for animals and us. Veganism can change the world.

Live and let live

Calling yourself peaceful while tearing down meat, isn’t it a little ironic? We should all co-exist. Animals contribute to the ecosystem and are important to this planet as much as we are.

Do your bit for the planet

Following a vegan lifestyle not only saves animals but also helps the environment. If you are finding it difficult to change your lifestyle immediately, start slowly. Even a day of veganism will make a difference.

We are what we eat, so it is time that we start eating well. There are a lot of alternatives for animal-based products. Use those instead of covering yourself with animal skin. Your one step towards veganism can change the entire life of an animal. This might seem small now, but when everybody starts contributing, it will make a huge difference.

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