Rappers Of Rajasthan – Adding Rhythm To The Social Issues Of The State

Rajasthan, the land of gharanas, today, witnesses a fusion of western art through a native voice. Rapping or rap is the art of speaking poetry in a rhythmic fast beat. It is also known as the voice of the gullys. And rappers of Rajasthan are adding rhythm to the social issues of the state.

Rooted in Africa, this form of music has made through the gullys of Dharavi in Mumbai to the sandy lanes of the desert towns to speak about the issues faced in the interior of the state. It’s turned into a voice for the Gully Boys of the state to bring a change in their society. It is also an opportunity to speak about socials issues such as women empowerment, widow remarriage, etc.

Research says that music has a unique way of affecting our moods and also alters our view of the world. One may ignore just words but when a catchy tune is added to it, it automatically pulls your attention. Gloomy tunes make you gloomy and happy tunes make you happy. But rap fills you with a sense of liberation and responsibility at the same time. Rap makes you groove and as it is more lyric centric the message is conveyed more efficiently.

On Pop Music Chart Day, we present all the popular rappers of Rajasthan that are popularizing the rap culture. Watch out

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Rappers of Rajasthan that you cannot miss: 

Rapper NRS:

Naresh Kumar Verma aka NRS started his journey back in school. His love for rap music was found in school only. Inspired by the work of artists like Eminem, he slowly transformed his career. He started performing their songs and was much appreciated. He creates rap about social causes as well as emotions that connect with the youth. Also, he sings in the native dialect to make the youth more proud of their language. He also promotes them to rap and sing in their mother tongue. 

Baawale Chore:


Two twin brothers Sankalp and Sambhav Sharma have taken the responsibility to make ‘marwari‘ a global language. They take local stories and add their own twist to make it a hit that has over 6.1 million views. They have showcased their work in TV shows like Ace of Space, India’s Got Talent, and India’s best Judwaa. 

J19 Squad:

Pankaj Vaishnav and Harsh Vyas are the two pillars of the J19 Squad, they speak about social issues through their songs Kesariyo and Laado Rani which is a tale which supports widow remarriage and promotes women empowerment. 

Rapperiya Baalam:

Ashok Bishnoi aka Rapperiya Baalam is one of the most popular rappers of Rajasthan. He came up with a special song called Mharo Rajasthan with a rap in the bagri language to celebrate Rajasthan day. It crossed more than 4.5 million views and has paved a path for a collaboration of his two favorite things, hip hop, and his mother tongue.  

Jagirdar RV:

Like every rapper, Raghuveer Singh Rajpurohit aka Jagirdar RV had his share of struggles. He started rapping in Marwari (inspired by honey Singh) back in college while working in a call center. He performed in India’s Got Talent and after the show, things have shifted for him, he has various shows around Rajasthan and inspires him to take his music to the next level.

Somey Kale:

Somey started to rap to promote hip hop in Rajasthan. When he was first introduced to rapping, he found that rapping is all about showcasing reality. That’s the reason whatever he wrote was relatable to the people around him.

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