Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

Without a doubt, comedy is among the top five genres explored this year. In this digital life, humorous memes are not only exchanged but also appreciated. With passing time comic creativity saw many forms in every single category. The only thing people wouldn’t stop laughing at is the funny and trendy memes of 2020 (in Rajasthani style). From daily affairs to daily chores all possible topic was up on comment for fun. Trendy memes of 2020 spared nothing and literally nobody. Funny memes have become a part of our life, coming up with trending dank and Coronavirus memes every day. But surely it has become an integral part of our dull and monotonous life.

It was palpably a wild year of 2020 on the internet as it had a full whiplash of cultural funny dank memes, trends, moments, remix videos, mimics, and viral videos leaving your head spinning. Trolls did ace it right from Prime Minister’s speech during lockdown making it a legit coronavirus meme to dank Shehnaaz Gill’s famous dialogue ‘Tuada Kutta Tommy Sada Kutta Kutta’. Rajasthan Studio gives a throwback with innovative recreation of the most trendy and dank memes of 2020 in Rajasthani style. These recreations will surely make you laugh until your belly hurts. Let’s bid adieu to 2020 with a look at dank and witty 2020 memes that spread like wildfire on the internet.

Princely Responsibilities

Princely Responsibilities

In most of the gangs, there is always one spoilsport who’ll turn down the plan. This meme became a trend as people started meeting their friends and their close ones after the completion of lockdown due to COVID-19. Most of the memes indicated that people started meeting on an exciting note but it went downhill within days as responsibility took over after the lockdown. This trend was also famous before but later it hit the internet.



After returning from the long war there is the possibility that this may happen. If you go through social media, you’ll think people are living their best life. But when you detox social media or are not active on the internet you may feel the fear of missing out. You update yourself with all the past affairs and events that you missed out on.

Arre kya kar rahe ho!

This meme is based on a video that got viral on social media. When a little boy visited a saloon and reprimanded the barber for cutting his hair. The dialogues by the little surely shook the internet. When the daughter of the king is not allowed to eat the Rajasthani delicacies and requests them to let her eat she says, “Arre kya kar rahe ho! Mat karo!

Sanskari Photo

Sanskari Photo - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

There are new sets of memes about uploading sanskari photos on matrimony sites. Everyone out there chooses to dress up as per the occasion. But it wrecks your mind when your parents choose to upload photos of yours in typical Indian outfits for matrimony sites. This meme has made it to many celebrities as well. So don’t get cranky and enjoy the meme until it lasts.

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Rasode Mein Kon Tha?

Rasode Mein Kon Tha? - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

This dubstep remix of ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ by Yashraj Mukhate took over social media. These lines are from the TV show, ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ which had now the famous lines. After this tizzy remix, it became one of the most trending memes of 2020. But, one has to answer this tricky question, ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha?’ Even King wants to know.

Can’t get over Pizzas

Can't get over Pizzas - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

Can there be any age limit to enjoy pizza? Of course no! Just think how did people back in time survived without pizzas. But it must have been easy as it wasn’t invented back then. The only first thing that pops in King’s mind is pizza when asked for dinner by the Queen. As its a tough place to be without pizza.

No-Shave November

No-Shave November

This is you when it’s the end of November month. No-Shave November is a month-long campaign to spread awareness for cancer prevention, research, and education. But, for kings of Rajasthan, every month is No-Shave November. As you’ll notice the majority of the kings tend to grow their beards long or have lengthy facial hairs.

Viral Memes

Viral Memes - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

This meme was being shared virally among the netizens. The exact look, when you have got party plans for weekends and also got to meet your partner’s parents the very next day. It is obvious that you’ll get drunk and wasted at a Sunday party, but you anyhow try to bring down intoxication. As you have to dress up well and look good to impress your boy’s mama. But the transition from a western look to a traditional look is legit.

Fight during lockdown

Fight during lockdown - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

2020 brought so many changes from regular life to corporate life. Well, work from home became the new normal. But, for some, it’s another pain as you are bound to stay at home with your family. It just gets difficult, when you get into a conflict or fight with your partner but also has no place to go elsewhere.

Kya karu main itni sundar hu toh!

Kya karu main itni sundar hu toh! - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

The famous and most heard remix by Yashraj Mukhate made everyone go bonkers about this meme. Yashraj Mukhate, now an internet sensation truly won hearts by creating outstanding remixes. ‘Kya karu main itni sundar hu tohaap hi batao, kya karu, kya karu?‘, a random dialogue became a viral meme. Even celebrities didn’t miss a chance in making videos and reels out of it.

Tawdi Paghdi Turban, Saadi Paghdi Paghdi?

Tawdi Paghdi Turban, Saadi Paghdi Paghdi?

Shehnaaz Gill’s outrageous dialogue ‘Tawda Kutta Tommy, Sadda Kutta Kutta’ became one of the best memes of 2020. Overwhelmed Shehnaaz Gill from Big Boss 13 broke into words that later became a sensation. When in Rajasthan everyone’s Paghdi is Paghdi and Kings Paghdi is Turban.

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Family photo goes all awkward

Family photo goes all awkward - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

Admit it- you definitely have that one family picture where everyone poses in an awkward manner. Whether taken in your teenage years or during your adulthood, there always will be one bizarre and hilariously awkward family photo. Just like ours, even royal family photos can go wrong but surely funny and dank.

One last Kachori

One last Kachori - Throwback To The Most Trendy Memes Of 2020 In Rajasthani Style

You can’t call yourself a true foodie unless you can relate to this meme. After eating loads of food you’ll eventually stop eating. But, when your favorite dish is placed in front of you, a second thought will definitely pop up in your mind. It’s like your mind says no, but your heart says yes situation.

Kaun hain yeh Binod?

Kaun hain yeh Binod?

It all started when YouTuber’s, Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to explore the comment section in one of their videos. Soon its sarcastic take on such a comment became a viral meme. The #Binod meme was the latest trend on Twitter and Instagram. Who is Binod? But, the question still remains unanswered. Even King commands his soldiers to present Binod out of curiosity.

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