Udaipur’s folk art finds a stage at G20

The 300-year-old art form of Udaipur Jal Sanjhi became the prime attraction for the delegates at the first Sherpa Meeting in the City Palace. In the inaugural meeting held at the Durbar hall, an amazing session of Jal Sanjhi art was put on display by Rajesh Vaishnava, a veteran artist.

Sherpas from all the countries, accompanied by their officials set foot in Udaipur to kickstart the G20 Summit 2022-23. The city’s prime attraction – City Palace hosted delegates from all 20 countries. The day was but a dazzling display of the city’s authentic and traditional art. Right from the colourful turbans to the melodious tunes of Ravanhatta, the inaugural day was set on the right track.

Jal Sanjhi

A mesmerizing form of folk art that requires no canvas, no paper or any flat surface but just a tray of water! Jal Sanjhi became a highlight of the event as Rajesh Vaishnav, the artist captured the attention and appreciation of the guests. Legends say that this art was conceptualised when Radha saw Lord Krishna’s image in water and outlines it with flowers. Since then Jal Sanjhi is created to worship Lord Krishna.

Desert Music Symphony

Shri Gazi Khan Barna, a renowned Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee along with other acclaimed singers added zeal to the event with their tunes. Hailing from the traditional folk musician communities of Langa and Manganiyar, their performance won much applause from the guests. 

Other Attractions of Udaipur

Apart from those mentioned above, Udaipur is also well-known for its traditional Pichwai paintings. Dedicated to Lord Srinath Ji (an incarnation of Lord Krishna) of Nathdwara, these paintings are home to spiritual and cultural beliefs. For tourists looking at cultural experiences, indulging in this co-creative activity can be a perfect escape into the artistic heritage of Udaipur. Besides, one can also look at other prime attractions like Sea Foam Carving and Phad Painting.

The First Sherpa Meeting of the G20 Summit ended with the guests enjoying local Rajasthani millets packed in snack boxes and flaunting their bandhani bags. This 4-day event at Udaipur will be a cultural spree for all the foreign delegates. This cultural ambience has indeed set a benchmark for the upcoming meetings and presentations.

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