G20 Summit Awestruck by the Longest Turban

The delegates and Sherpas from all countries experienced the grandeur and vibrancy of Indian culture emulated through an array of traditional art forms and presentations. One such cultural highlight of authentic Rajasthan was to witness the expertise of the world record holder. Needless to say this year’s G20 Summit left the attendees awestruck by the longest turban.

Pawan Vyas, holds a record of tying the longest turban measuring 478.5 meter, weighing 20 Kgs within 30 minutes. Not only this, the talented artist can tie 108 types of different turbans. During the summit, he definitely charmed the foreign delegates by tying turbans for them. 

Safa” is considered a symbol of man’s honor and sense of respect in the Rajasthani culture. Styled in different patterns with vivid colours is what makes it unique and a significance of the rich culture of India. 

Pawan Vyas amused the foreign delegates by tying the longest turban at the G20 Summit. It was a wonderful sight to see the attendees enthusiastically sporting turbans and donning the Rajasthani hand embroidered jackets.

These traditional Rajasthani experiences were a significant part of the arrangements made for the foreign delegates, diplomats and officials.

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