Why was G20 Summit inaugurated in Udaipur?

The land of many wonders, luxuries and opulence; the city of Udaipur bathes in the flawlessness of exotic palaces and crystal-clear lakes. Carrying the royal legacy of many kings, Udaipur, over the years has become an epicentre of the cultural experiences in India. The state of Rajasthan has been blessed with regional diversity. Undoubtedly, the calm and soothing atmosphere of Udaipur fits just perfectly for any kind of occasion. 

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A vivid display of backdrop at Udaipur International Airport

India’s Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi lifted the G20 Hammer in Indonesia and set a direction for the country towards its new goal of leading the world through its vision. For the first time, India will be at the forefront of ideating policies and introducing reforms for sustainable advancement in the world. 

Out of 55 chosen locations for the G20 Summit 2022-23, Udaipur city became the inaugural city. With its exotic locations and natural beauty, the city was a proven destination to welcome the Sherpas and other foreign delegates participating in the Summit.

Founded in the 16th century, Udaipur is studded with lakes and architectural grandeur. The air of this city carries a scent of peace and tranquillity which is guarded by the lush green Aravalli mountains surrounding the city. The deep-rooted traditions of the city reflect the values of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Even the G20 Sherpa of India, Shri Amitabh Kant in his informal meeting today talked about the unique and culturally enriching experience that Udaipur has to offer. 

The G20 Sherpa of India Shri Amitabh Kant during his informal conversation

This four-day meeting of the G20 Sherpas scheduled till 7th December will set the stage for upcoming events. ‘Udai’ is to awaken, to rise towards positivity. Inaugurating G20 in the city of Udaipur is but a clear message that India will be rising towards its new goals, driving the world to a new future.

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