Hobby Month January: New Hobby Ideas For You At Rajasthan Studio

2020 a year of disaster or a year of realization? Let’s say the realization. What was that one thing which kept your nerves intact during those long work hours in May? Was it Dalgona coffee, searching for new music, watching old films, scribbling with paint, or redoing your room? Even if your savior wasn’t clad in the above verbs, 2020 did tell you what it feels to have a hobby, It feels wholesome.

History of the Hobby Month January:

History of the Hobby Month

Hobby, a word used so bluntly with an emotion that captures the personality of a person. It only adds up with each moment you spend enhancing it has a story. Back in the 16th century the word “hobby horse” was used for a toy horse made of wood and straws for kids to pretend to ride a horse which gave them a feeling of being a part of the act. It then transitioned into a word defining recreation and leisure.

The importance of a hobby was first understood in the 18th century. This was when the industrial work started and people wanted to learn more than what was fed to them. Which later gave birth to the idea of “Hobby Month January.

Why are new hobbies important for your overall growth especially in the new normal?

  • Helps you understand yourself: As you learn a new skill you get time to observe yourself and understand your anxious and happy patterns.
  • Hobbies are the biggest ‘me time’: Learning a new art or taking an online class is the best way to give yourself space from your responsibilities.
  • No pressure to fail: This year you may have seen a lot of plans fail but a place where trying counts is a new hobby class.
  • Connect with new people: You won’t believe the number of people who walk on this planet with a similar liking for knife painting like you.

List of Hobbies to celebrate hobby month January in a Desi Style:

Alcohol Painting

Alcohol Painting  - Hobby Month January: New Hobby Ideas For You At Rajasthan Studio

Who said only gin and tonic is a good concoction, ever tried ink and alcohol? Drown your sorrows in this cocktail and spill your pain on a canvas. Create some happy memories in an afternoon filled with alcohol and paint while you still get to go home sober and content.

Blue pottery

Blue pottery

Using a single color the Jaipuriya blue to speak a tale of legends is a form of meditation for the artists. It teaches how to color your life with such intricate details that even a single color on a virgin ceramic can turn into one of the most eye-catching pieces.

Royal juttis

Royal juttis - Hobby Month January: New Hobby Ideas For You At Rajasthan Studio

A good handcrafted pair of juttis or mojaris are sold in lakhs in the international market. Filled with colors, juttis are a fashion statement. Creators of this colorful footwear add that pinch to the vast desert of Rajasthan. And have been making them for about 300 years. Feel the art running in their veins as you sit next to them. Learn this integrated art of being a part of their tribe even if just for a few hours.

Chai class

Chai class

A cup of masala chai is no joke and it especially is counted as a hobby if it’s keeping your chakras aligned throughout the day. Let yourself go a notch higher, take a Chai class, and turn your love for chai into a true hobby.

Wooden Block Making

Wooden Block Making - Hobby Month January: New Hobby Ideas For You At Rajasthan Studio

Do you dream of those perfectly carved wooden pieces in your dream home? Yes! Well, we can’t give you that perfect piece but surely help you quench your thirst. Learn to carve wood by a maestro and learn the ancient language of storytelling which stays intact in the force of time.

Tie & Dye

Tie & Dye

2020 has taught us about slow and sustainable fashion, using eco-friendly products and reusing old outfits is more of a necessity than a choice. So take out your favorite old whites and turn them into beautiful patterns using eco-friendly colors. Let the color choose their own course and create one in a kind piece.


Macrame - Hobby Month January: New Hobby Ideas For You At Rajasthan Studio

Each time you twist yarn to create a knot slowly giving it a form you teach yourself patience and endurance. There’s no better way to learn about life than the movement you create with a thread, a hobby that is a life lesson in disguise.

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