Throwback To Ganesh Chaturthi Fair At Ranthambore

While the city of Ranthambore is famous largely for it’s national parks, it also houses Trinetra Ganesh Temple – the oldest temple in the city. Five aartis take place at this temple, and they span over the entire day. Considered one of the most glorious festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi is the celebration of Lord Ganesh’s birth. Mostly, the Lord’s devotees believe he is a child – Purushakriti. It is this belief that contributes to the devotees going all out for his birthday. His worshipers believe that worshipping him will rid them of any obstacles and bring them good luck. It is a temple for Lord Ganesh. While there are several other temples, this is one of a kind because it worships not just him, but also his entire family. 

trinetra temple
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Ganesh Chaturthi Fair in Ranthambore

In the year 1299, a long war raged on between King Hamir and Alauddin Khilji. One battle that seemed never ending was in present day Ranthambore. This battle resulted in huge losses of soldiers, food and other necessities. King Hamir was a huge devotee of Lord Ganesh. One night during this troubling war, he had a dream of his Lord. In his dream he reportedly saw Lord Ganesh who assured him about the elimination of war and his troubles. He woke up and saw a symbol of Lord Ganesh, with three eyes, painted on the frontier wall of the Ranthambore Fort.

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Every month thousands of pilgrims migrate to Ranthambore for the 3 day Ganesh Chaturthi fair. Devotees perform duties of worship at home and later visit the temples. Long processions on the road with a huge deity of Lord Ganesh are a trademark feature of the Ganesh Chaturthi Fair in Ranthambore, and everywhere else. This temple is also popular for receiving wedding cards of devotees of the Lord from all over the world. This way, they seek blessings for the longevity and happiness of their marriage union. As in King Hamir’s dream, the Ganesh deity in the Ranthambore Ganesh temple is the three eyed (‘tri’ meaning three and ‘netra’ meaning eye). 

trinetra temple
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The Ganesh Chaturthi fair in Ranthambore is one of the most marvellous celebrations of the Lord. Despite the uphill climb for two kilometers, the temple attracts a steady flow of devotees and tourists throughout the year. Additionally, the temple is not the only sight to behold. The surrounding area is also home to a variety of birds, monkeys and leopards. Located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, the temple is easily accessible. 

An Overlook

Located in a serene surrounding peacefulness radiates through the entire area and this deeply satisfies one’s quench for spirituality. As mentioned earlier in the article, this temple houses Ganesh’s family too – his wife Riddhi Siddhi, his two sons – Shub and Labh and his vehicle, a mouse. Models of the deity are built with clay months before the start of this festival. These deities are various sizes and in different vivid posts. At the fair, Ganesh deities are installed in temporary shelters called pandals so everyone gets to lay their eyes on their wonderful Lord. 

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