Jaipur In a Day: Let’s Explore the Pink City

Jaipur is a town of historical forts and royal palaces, an area wherein traffic will discover sweeping perspectives of lush inexperienced hills and a number of the greatest inns withinside the world.

Nicknamed the Pink City, Jaipur forms a factor at the Golden Triangle, the tourism path that connects the Indian capital New Delhi with Jaipur and Agra, domestic of the enduring Taj Mahal. However, it is the gateway to Rajasthan. Also the aptly named land of kings and a town steeped in records and early architectural innovation.

For a visitor from outside the country, that is no much less than a distinguished holiday on its own.

What to See & Do in Jaipur for One Day

Let’s get into the great 24 hour itinerary to see the maximum of Jaipur.

9:30 am : City Palace of Jaipur

After having an early breakfast you need to begin your day at the City Palace. The City Palace constructed through Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1797 is a big complex located withinside the center of the Old City. The palace includes gardens, temples, courtyards and homes befitting a king’s domestication.

The structure is a placing combination of Rajput and Mughal influences. The palace opens at 9:30 am and the price for overseas traffic is Rs.500 according to visitors.

The palace has a few first-rate picture graph possibilities and I endorse going early to conquer the crowds vying for the equal spots.

The front to the palace is thru the Mubarak Mahal which was changed into certain for greeting dignitaries from different states. Now a part of the garb museum, it includes royal costumes and shawls.

Next comes the Maharani’s Palace or the queen’s palace which houses the armory.

Fighting changed into an excellent supply of honor in Rajput society and the guns are intricately carved and gilded with valuable stones. It is tough to assume those delicately carved hilts have been ever utilized in war however a few fierce battles had been fought for victory over Jaipur.

Beyond those regions lies the Chandra Mahal wherein the modern-day royal own circle of relatives of Jaipur is living and you could take a non-public excursion in case you want so for a further charge.

1:00 pm : Lunch at Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar

After spending some hours on the City Palace on foot taking walks you’re sure to be worn-out and in want of a few meals. Not to fear due to the fact Jaipur has a number of the great meals withinside the world. Head over to Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar a trifling 2 miles away for lunch.

Having visited LMB for decades I endorse now no longer going for one in all the larger plates however attempting out the smaller chaats instead. Order one plate each of Raj Kachori, Pyaaz Kachori, Chola Bhatura, Aloo Papri Chaat and the Burger (now no longer a real burger, they alternate the stuffing to a Rajasthani one that is first-rate).

The pricing may be very reasonable. Each dish prices someplace between Rs.one hundred to Rs. three hundred and by no means extra.

For dessert, you need to get the bloodless Rasmalai and the recent Malpua in order to each be dripping with sugar. The excess is really well worth it even though.

2:30 pm : Johari Bazar buying

Next we can project out into Johari Bazar. It is one of the most well-known streets in Jaipur and a buying paradise.

The bazaar is split into sections through specific merchandise so that you can discover all of the jewelers in a single region, spices and meals at some other and garb or jootis at a 0.33. It’s cleaner to keep round and get a sense for the charges earlier than shopping for something.

You may also even spot a procession of elephants making their manner via the marketplace or an early Indian wedding ceremony institution taking place the avenue.

5:00 pm : Hawa Mahal sunset

Next comes one in all my favorite perspectives in all of Jaipur. The well-known Hawa Mahal or Palace of Winds. Architectured from pink and red sandstone which offers the town its name. This changed into the window to the sector of the girls of the courtroom docket.

Here you could experience the birds eye view of all of Johari Bazaar and Hawa Mahal proper in the front. At nightfall the golden sky and the mahal shining gentle pink earlier than being lighted up through one thousand mild bulbs. It is clearly a completely unique sight.

7:00 pm : Bar Palladio for dinner

To cease the day head over to Bar Palladio 10 mins away. Bar Palladio is an eating place and front room located inside Narain Niwas Palace Hotel. It has the air of Mughal luxurious at the same time as being stimulated through the Italian historical past of its proprietor Barbara Miolini.

Some of the foundation for his or her creations come from minestrone, penne all’arrabbiata and spaghetti carbonara. The liquids menu is magnificent and you could upload a Rajasthani twist to it in case you desire.

Stay right here for so long as you want and experience the quiet sometimes damaged through a peacock’s call. Marvel which you are sitting in an historical town withinside the center of the barren region in India.

9:00 pm : Night time force to Amer Fort and Jal Mahal

Once you’re prepared to go away to this oriental wonderland in the back of. And head over to the remaining forestall of the day. Not technically a forestall..a vehicle journey via the prettiest webweb sites withinside the town lit up at night time. The town has such a lot of first-rate nightly websites that a further hour with the wind whipping via your hair on a nice night time feels exquisite.

For the primary forestall, head over to Jal Mahal, a palace constructed withinside the center of Man Sagar Lake. Only 20 mins from Bar Palladio, the palace changed into an inn for Maharaja Madho Singh at the same time as he went duck hunting.

In the gap in case you appear intently sufficient you could see the direction. Hence, that leads up from this citadel press to the Jaigarh citadel press going for walks via the hills and among the bushes. It ends at Jaigarh citadel press which appears to be floating withinside the clouds.

10:30 pm : Jawahar Circle Park for ice cream

Returning from Amber we can cease the night time at Jawahar Circle Park. This is a night time spot with colorful fountains and ice cream carriers.

You can discover nearby households playing a force with their youngsters which can be going for walks round with balloons. It is likewise well-known for the Patrika Gate.

The Patrika Gate is a newly made structure with Indian-fashion artwork reading it. This is likewise a well-known Instagram spot in case you weren’t aware.

Enjoy a quiet ice cream cone sitting in the front of the park earlier than heading returned in for the day.


Enter the world of Fresco Artwork

Unpack your stuff at Bhawani Shankar Ji’s house. Throw yourself on the couch and relax for a while. The day starts at 10 AM in the morning with a steaming cup of tea and freshly cooked Rajasthani breakfast.

Learn the history and culture of Fresco painting in India. Sit shoulder to shoulder with master artist Bhawani Shankar Sharma Ji. Hear the history of how Vidyapeeth Women’s University in Banesalli was formed during the 1950s. Therefore, they make the most out of this overnight stay at the artist’s residence.

Breathing Life Into Clay – Sculpting With Hansraj Kumawat

Hansraj Kumawat is an accomplished craftsman and he has been practicing the art form for years now. He has been a scholar of Fine Arts and has been participating in dozens of shows, training programs and also live experiences. He has also taught as a guest faculty at several art schools and colleges. 

Bone-Afide Art – Horn And Bone Work With Jakir Hussain

Horn & Bone Work is a unique art of creating figures and characters by carving into animal bones. These bones are acquired by legal means once the animal is dead. It can result in the ornamentation of a bone, or the creation of an aesthetically pleasing figure as well as utility items. The artist, Jakir Hussain believes in drawing inspiration from his surroundings. 

The Marvels Of Glaze & Fire – Jaipur Blue Pottery Masterclass With Gopal Saini

The Art of Blue Pottery came to Jaipur in the 14th century from Persia and Afghanistan via Mughal Courts. When it came to India with the Mughals, they started using it in various architectures. Hence, it was then introduced in Delhi and transferred to Jaipur artisans in the 17th century. From the bylanes of the Pink city, we bring the award winning artist – Mr. Gopal Saini for a hands-on experience on Jaipur Blue Pottery.


These are some of the best activities performed by the famous and excellent studios named ‘Rajasthan Studios’. In which they are also doing some fun things along with talented artists. In the end, if you want to visit the popular tourist places then you can book a Jaipur tour package, you will get a chance to visit the majestic monuments, and ancient architecture rich in culture and heritage. To get more details you can go through our website.


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