Dragon Art Evolution: A Fascinating World Of Power And Strength

Dragon Art Evolution: A Fascinating World Of Power And Strength

Every soul is a dragon that needs fire and motivation to conquer the world.

A Magical World of Dragon Art

Thrilling, powerful, friendly, and ferocious, the list to describe this mythical animal Dragon is endless. The extraordinarily skin scaled skin (serpentine features) animal with enormous bat wings and sharp claws have created a big fandom among all generations. From Petes Dragon to Games of Thrones, this giant mythical beast can give you immense laughter with its cute portrayal or can freeze you with its violent nature and wickedness.

However, creating illustrations of the strong monsters can be a tough row of hoe. Therefore, this article on dragon art evolution encompasses a dragon art directory and other valuable techniques that will inspire dragon lovers and illustrators to create a terrific dragon and conquer the world with power and compassion.

Dragon Art Evolution

Dragons illustrations and paintings symbolize power and strength. The charisma of this fictional creature always captivates artists, writers, and storytellers. In the world of comics and movies, dragons are savior as well as a son of Satan. With time this art evolved with different shapes, styles, colors, designs, and features. Thus, artists can create by taking inspiration from real-life animals like reptiles, birds, snakes, and extinct group dinosaurs.

Mythology and Dragon Myths – Dracopedia

The stories of legendary dragons hold great significance in European as well as Chinese culture. It has originated from drakon, a greek word that suggests water snake or enormous reptile. Dragons moreover believed to be the remains of dinosaur species that were existed 65 million years ago.

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Top 3 Prominent Categories of Dragon Art

Top 3 Prominent Categories of Dragon Art

There is an amusing fact about dragons that they come in diverse sizes and types with different power. 

Wyvern: Highly aggressive and intimidating, Wyvern is a mythical beast with a giant head like a dragon (V-shaped head like a crocodile), Batwings, and a long tail like a reptile. 

Hydra: With an ability to destroy at a massive level, these water snakes possess multiple heads, and that makes them scary and unbeatable.

Lindworm: Last but not least Lindworm can swallow the man whole with its horse-like structure. 

How to create Dragon art? Gain in-depth information to design unique Tarragon

Before you commence the dragon art from scratch, remember everything comes with practice. The more you practice, the clear and beautiful your illustration will get. 

The first step is to assemble the basic kit such as sharpen pencil, softest eraser, and working ink pen. Begin your drawings with basic geometrical shapes to give the exact structure of the body and wings. For the realistic appearance (3D) of the dragon art, focus on the dark and light sources of illustrations. Moreover, to enhance the perspective pattern overlapping is a great tool that will add the in-depth bone structure of dragons. After completing the rough structured drawing, it is time to decide the coloration. Hues, Values Chroma are basic terms that you might run into while selecting neutral colors, complementary colors, gradation, and patterns to create your unique dragon.

Artists and their techniques to practice Dragon Art

Alex Stone

Alex Stone is a Brooklyn-based dragon illustrator, well-known for her work in Dungeons & Dragons and Smashup. She shares that before getting lost in the layers of patterns, artists must consider the broader view. Hence, it will help the artists in giving an appealing look to the illustrations. To take a glimpse of her art-work check-out the Instagram handle and website.

Christopher Paolini

For the Dragon lovers, another legendary dragon illustrator in this list is Christopher Paolini – an American author of Inheritance of cycle. It got a massive worldwide response with about 25 million copies across the world. Moreover, it later adapted to the silver screen. If you are feeling blue and looking for inspiration, then check his Instagram posts.

Justine Beguin

Last but not least is a French-based self-taught dragon illustrator Justine Beguin. She expresses the art and connects with the universe through abstract paintings. 

Books Published for Dragon Fandom

There are plenty of books for Dragon lovers that can take them on the voyage of Dragon art evolution. Hence these books are :

Dragon Evolution How to Draw Everything Dragon By J. “Neon Dragon” Peffer · 2010

Eragon The Inheritance Cycle By Christopher Paolini (2003)

Art of the Dragon: The Definitive Collection of Contemporary Dragon Painting By Patrick Wilshire, J. David Spurlock

Moreover, these books are a gateway to the fantasy world and share exciting techniques to enhance the illustration skills.

Connection to Chakras

Did you know dragons are also related to Chakras? It is a buzz word of Yoga that is considered a pathway to lead a healthy lifestyle. Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel of energy point which governs the life system of human beings. There are about 114 chakras. However, there are 7 essential chakras. And Among all, there are Muladhara chakras known as awakening of Shakti. It is present in the spine area of the body.

According to Joseph Campbell’s book Transformation of Myth through Time, Muladhara Chakra is like a dragon who is guarding valuable such as jewelry. Through the directory, one can begin from scratch and can create as per their imagination and creativity. Dragon Art Evolution explains that the description of dragons is not limited. Thus it can learn by bringing it into practice.

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