The Ultimate Guide To Rajasthani Shoes For Men

When we talk about Rajasthani footwear for women, you will certainly picture the amazing collection of juttis made from different types of leather. While some of these juttis have delicate embroidery on them, the others are of soft velvet. But what about Rajasthani shoes for men? There is hardly any type that one can remember. Although the information about men’s fashion is limited, it is just as important as women’s fashion.

While you may think that Rajasthani men’s fashion is just about the diverse angarkha and vibrant pagris, there’s more to it, especially in terms of footwear. So let’s get started with this simple guide that will provide you an insight into the various types of Rajasthani shoes for men.

Mojari Rajasthan 

Mojari Rajasthan - The Ultimate Guide To Rajasthani Shoes For Men

Rajasthani Mojari is the traditional footwear of Rajasthan that is made up of leather. This footwear mainly originated from the Mughal Empire under king Saleem Shah. Earlier mojari was only worn by the Royals in Rajasthan and was studded with precious gems and consisted of embroidery using golden threads.  

Today, mojari is the most common ethnic shoes for men in Rajasthan. Skilled artisans create it using leather from animals like goats, buffaloes, and camels. They usually have an M-shaped front also known as the ‘Panna’ and come in different patterns. 

You can get yourself the best mojari Rajasthan from Mojari House located at Jorawar Singh Gate, Opp. UIT Park, Amer Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan. You can also order the mojaris online here.

Nagra Men Ethnic Footwear

Nagra Men Ethnic Footwear

The Nagra juttis are famous among men Juttis & mojaris in Rajasthan. They are a little different from the basic mojaris in their shape and come in various types. Nagra juttis have a rounded front and come in elaborate designs. These designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Rajasthan and also from Mughal architecture. Nagra’s are created with precision by local women and artisans and can be customized according to the pattern and embroidery you want. 

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Jaipuri Jutti

Jaipuri Jutti

Jaipuri juttis are handcrafted out of leather and are usually paired with traditional Rajasthani outfits. They are popular for their delicate designs and elusive colors. The men’s jutti in Jaipur is created so neatly and with such refinement that it could be easily rolled up. The pattern and styles of juttis vary from region to region, but the ones produced in Jaipur are the best of them all. 

You can shop for the finest Jaipuri jutti from local stores in Jaipur like Jaipuri Juti Kendra and V.K Udyog. Here’s a link to Jaipuri jutti from Rajasthan eShop.

Peshawari Stylish Rajasthani Jutti For Men

Peshawari Stylish Rajasthani Jutti For Men - The Ultimate Guide To Rajasthani Shoes For Men

Peshawari is a common yet unique type of jutti for men in Rajasthan. It is normally embroidered heavily with Zari work and comes in a variety of colors like copper, gold, and silver. These juttis are usually sported by people in ceremonies and functions. Various Peshawari juttis also come with elastics attached to them for support to the foot. They are the perfect ethnic and stylish Rajasthani shoes for men that you can find at local vendors in Rajasthan. 

You can grab your pair of Peshawari jutti from V.K Udyog or shop online here.

Jodhpuri Ethnic Jutti

Jodhpuri Ethnic Jutti

Jodhpuri juttis are well-known for their elaborate design and elegant patterns. The embroidery on this jutti is extremely intricate and is known as Kashida. This embroidery is done on bolder shades of velvet or leather. In earlier times, the Jodhpuri juttis were only sported by aristocrats in ceremonials. Today you can find ample options for this stylish Rajasthani royal jutti. You can get this jutti customized by local craftsmen by choosing a pattern and color that you want. 

Panahi is a well-known brand that offers a collection of Rajasthani shoes. You can purchase Panahi Rajasthani shoes from various e-commerce websites. 

Buy Panahi royal Jodhpuri jutti here. You can also purchase Jodhpuri mojaris here.

Rajasthani men’s footwear is just as diverse as women’s. Traditional Indian attire today is incomplete without a mojari or jutti. Rajasthani shoes for men are sophisticated yet stylish and you will definitely make a statement once you put them on and walk out in style. 

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