When Rajasthan Studio turned Instagram Live into a Housie Party, But with a Defining Twist!

एक प्रयास है राजस्थान स्टूडियो

Stuck in our homes, trying all the ways to pass our quarantine time, there couldn’t be a more apt game for us to play than HOUSIE!

Playing with just a bunch of our home mates wouldn’t do justice to the feel of this game, right?

Why can’t we play it with the world?

Wait, we can!

However, it wasn’t all about entertaining ourselves and connecting with other people.

We wanted to do something more with our Lockdown Housie plan. 

The Housie Ticket Twist! 

With our Lockdown Housie, we pledged to extend our support to the government who is fighting a war against the invisible enemy, aka, coronavirus. 

The rules for participating in the Lockdown Housie required donating the ticket amount to PM cares fund.

The participation was strictly on a first come first serve basis. The interesting ones were required to donate INR 100 to the PM Cares Fund through BHIM app and needed to add “Rajasthan Studio” in the remarks section of the BHIM app before paying. To ensure authenticity we mandated that they share screenshots of the donation on their Instagram stories and tag us with the specified caption.

As we took this initiative live on Instagram, we got such an overwhelming response! In less than two hours we got so many requests for participation that we had to announce it to our followers to confirm the ticket availability before depositing the ticket amount to the fund.

Let’s get the numbers rolling!

We reached our maximum participation capacity of 50 people, thus, facilitating a total contribution of Rs. 5100 to the PM Cares Fund. It filled our heart with gratitude to show people supporting us, our cause, the nation’s cause. We truly believe that there’s no scale to measure help. When done at the time of need, it is worth a treasure. Every ounce count, every drop matter!

Getting back to the game, along with new people who participated, we also had a lot of our beloved artists from our circles as participants.

The rules of the game were kept simple and the prizes for the following titles were announced:

The numbers were rolled out live on Instagram with the appropriate time given after every called number so that all the participants got sufficient time to check and make claims.

Niru Chabra, an artist associated with our marketplace, claimed the first prize of early 7, Deepak Sankit won the middle row, and then came Garima Jain claiming the first row. The shining stars, however, were Radhika Upadhyay and Divya Soni. While Radhika won the claim for the last row, Divya Soni claimed the corners. And towards the end, they both tied for the full house spot!

A full house, indeed!

The game had a befitting conclusion, after all. A ‘win-win’ for all! Could it have a more poetic closure?

We think not. 

In order to wrap our wonderful experience of an Instagram-live Lockdown Housie, we would like to thank all our participants for being such sports and for their invaluable contribution to the country. We would also like to appreciate each other, the team of Rajasthan Studio, who are working tirelessly to make each quarantine day count in their own little ways. 

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Until next time.

Stay home, stay safe, stay creative!

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