Top 5 Destinations To Buy Exclusive Jaipuri Razai In Rajasthan

The land of kings, Rajasthan is bombarded with the colorful paradise of atheistic art, breath-taking destinations, and desi food. But do you know what a special gift this beautiful state has given to the world? It is the finest Jaipuri Razai! Therefore, let’s find out more about Jaipuri Razai of India. Moreover, here are the Top 5 places from where you can buy Jaipuri Razai to beat the chilly winters!

Jaipuri Razai – An Etymology

Jaipuri Razai - An Etymology

Jaipuri Razai, which is popularly known as Jaipuri Razai 100gms is a quilt or bed comforter. It is hand-crafted by the local designers of Jaipur through techniques like screen printing and block printing. Moreover, Sanganer and Bagru are the pivot cities in Rajasthan where the printing on the Jaipuri Razai is conducted. The exclusive designs on quilts include motifs like Mughal boots, Traditional flowers, Elephants, stories of the Mughal era, and Traditional ancient Rajasthan.

According to the ancient history of Rajasthan, its believed that the era of Razai had entered India by the 16th century when Rajasthani people used to lead a nomadic lifestyle. Therefore, to sustain the harsh climate, they needed something to keep their body warm to endure the long frosting nights. Hence, the quilts makers developed Razai from cotton which today has evolved into a famous brand that is Jaipuri Razai. Today these duvets or Jaipuri Razai of Rajasthan are light and pretty smooth which can be easily packed for road trips and tracking.


Roopantaran Exports

Roopantaran Exports - Top 5 Destinations To Buy Exclusive Jaipuri Razai In Rajasthan

Established in 2014, Roopantaran Exports is one of the famous manufacturers as well as trader of Jaipur. It is a community of artists, endeavoring to create a broad range of wonderful block prints on pillows, bed sheets, and Jaipuri Razai. Moreover, its objective is to provide utmost satisfaction to the clients, by offering a diverse range of Handcrafted bedding,  Kantha embroidery quilts, handbags, rugs, scarfs, and fashion apparel. While the development and design of Jaipuri quilts is carry-out in Sanganer and Bagru, which are famous for its printing techniques and handwork. This store can offer you an abundance of choices to adorn your homes delicately, which can also give a fresh outlook to your homes in the cozy winters.

 Address: Sec 3/230, गाँधी पथ, Chitrakoot Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Lushfab (Lashkari Textiles)

Lushfab (Lashkari Textiles)

“It is simple, we don’t just sell Quilts. We change the way people sleep and improve the quality of life”

As the quote suggests, Lushfab offers more than a product. From starting its first shop at Chaura Rasta ( in 1979) to opening factories, this company has done exponential growth. Moreover, these aesthetically handcrafted, and 100% cotton made, persuade its clients to buy endless varieties of Jaipuri Razai . Comfort and the finest quality is a USP of this brand which allures people to buy Jaipuri Razai from Rajasthan. Its main objective is to promote in-house textile art and prints of Rajasthan through the magnificent Jaipuri razai. Sanganeri prints, Mughal prints, Gold prints,  and Machine stitched quilts are some of the bestselling designs of Lushfab. All these designs are developed through Screen printing and Block printing.

Address: 70, 71, Chaura Rasta Rd, Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002


Kadar Bux with the legacy of Jaipuri Razai

Kadar Bux  - Top 5 Destinations To Buy Exclusive Jaipuri Razai In Rajasthan

It is a  most visited destination to buy Jaipuri Razai in Rajasthan, as there is the famous historic conventional story behind its commencement. It started about 280 years ago when the tribe of Mansuris aka quilt artisans migrated from Amer to the capital city of Jaipur. Kadar Bux was one of the quiltmakers who presented a gift, a jewel of razai (weighted only 250 grams) to Maharaja Madho Singh Ji. Stunned and overwhelmed by his efforts, the emperor gave him the title of Patel and rewarded him two stores opposite to the Sawai Man Singh Hall, adjacent to Hawa Mahal in Rajasthan. Today, the legacy of Kadar Bux art is being taken forward by his descendant.

Address: No-10 Hawa Mahal Bazar, Opp. Old Assembly Hall, Jaipur-02


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Arts Unlimited India

Arts Unlimited India

It is a treasure for all the Razai lovers, who are art enthusiasts and want Razai to be their best friend at the same time. Art Limited is also one of the flourishing company of Lake city Udaipur. It was established in 2003 with an objective to manufacture mesmerizing handspun Jaipuri Razai that can make your room snuggly, warm and graceful. Moreover, the company owns multiple shops that deal in the manufacturing business of marble, handicrafts, wooden craft, and clothing. Since the cultural and traditional items are always in demand, Art unlimited is becoming a one-stop destination for the tourist.

Address:49, A Panchwati Opposite R K Mall, Udaipur, Rajasthan



Jaipur Wholesalers

Jaipur Wholesalers  - Top 5 Destinations To Buy Exclusive Jaipuri Razai In Rajasthan

If you are in Ajmer and looking to buy Jaipuri Razai of India, to beat frosting and windy winters, then your search will definitely end here. It is a top multi-channelize enterprise of  manufacturing and trading Jaipuri Razai of India . Since 2006, Jaipuri Wholesalers are challenging the other retailers with premium quality Jaipuri Razai. Moreover, it is also exclusively spreads warmth and timeless happiness in your home. Additionally the lightness and comfiness in the cold nights are durable and can be efficiently managed. It offers the most stylish 100% cotton, Sanganeri print, Barmeri print, Jaipur print single, and double bed sheets which you will ever get. In addition to it, all these quilts are skin-friendly and are easy to wash. Moreover, it offers 100 grams lightest quilt, which is like the cherry on the top.

Address: 81-A, Bhrigu Nagar, DCM Ajmer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Hence, it can conclude that in the comfy and cozy weather, Jaipuri Razai is at par. This artistic, hand-spun Razai is available in the beautiful cities of Rajasthan. Furthermore, you can buy Jaipuri Razai of Rajasthan from magical stores which can make you fall in the beautiful cloud of design to cherish the mornings and evenings in the comforter.

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