Argyle Patterns For This Frosty Season For A Brand New Fashion Look

When you talk about Argyle patterns, the first thing that pops up in your mind is socks or sweaters of those patterns. But, argyle is a famously chosen and worn pattern, made of diamonds or lozenges. Generally, the design of Argyle (patterns) refers to a pattern consisting of numerous amounts of diamonds. Along with intercrossing diagonal lines on these diamonds, it also adds more geometric sight to the pattern. Argyle fine art embraces overlapping designs, giving a three-dimensional look with aesthetic texture.

January 8th is National Argyle Day which is observed and celebrated every year. Keely McAleer founded the National Argyle day to honor this dimensional textile day in 2008. The motif did not just bring brightness to the socks but to anything preferred by wearing an argyle print.

You must be wondering how argyle became desirable in the first place for many. How it became a go-to motif for the golf course? Who wore it for the first time? And many more questions will stack up in your head. Let’s take a look back at the history to dig and get answers to these unending and countless questions regarding Argyle.

History of Argyle (Patterns)

History of Argyle (Patterns) - Argyle Patterns For This Frosty Season For A Brand New Fashion Look

In the 17th century, the pattern was derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in Western Scotland. Since the 17th century, Scottish Highlanders donned argyle patterns in kilts, plaids, and socks. They were also known as “tartan hose”. In the 1920s, a brand named Pringle from Scotland came up with knitted garments comprised of this intricate pattern.

Later, after World War I Argyle never left the fashion world and became a charm to home decor and other styled clothes of the diamond-shaped design. The British fashion house also evolved their own signature argyle and was soon adopted by the Duke of Windsor. They wore the pattern while playing golf. The Dukes used the argyle pattern for golf clothing, both for jerseys and long socks for the plus-fours trouser fashion of the day.

In the 1960s, it expanded its way to the fashion world with women’s mini skirts and preppy men’s trouser socks. Throughout the 1960s argyle added fanciness to many wardrobes in classic style. Professional golfer Payne Stewart brought it to the limelight by wearing argyle socks, as a regular part of his uniform. Immediately the inquisitive pattern gained the attention of fellow players and fans. Later these fans and fellow players paid a tribute to the late golf star by wearing the same.

Making of Argyle Pattern

Making of Argyle Pattern

To knit the argyle pattern, the Scheller NCI machines were intricately designed which later became advanced in technology. The machine allows 4 to 8 panels to knit and complete a rotation. Though, very few gauge machines are available in the world. These machines work incredibly without losing the personal touch and keep up with the fashion and requirements. The product sometimes is tended by the human hand.

Today’s Fashion

Today's Fashion - Argyle Patterns For This Frosty Season For A Brand New Fashion Look

Today the pattern has made the numbers from accessories, clothes, jackets to nail paints. As the pattern is universal, it works as the main accent of the look with other clothes of the same print or different. Many experiments have been taken place with different combinations of hues by designers. Brighter and contrasting colors are the best combination to go on with any outfit. Things like sweaters, jumpers, vests, trousers, skirts, purses, wallets, and many more accessories and items of clothing can be seen with argyle patterns on them.

You may witness these patterns in popular and renowned labels like Gucci, Victoria Beckham, Molly Goddard, Chloe, Polo Ralph Lauren, Marks and Spencer, and many other international brands. Indian brands like Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Peter England, Allen Solly, Montecarlo, and many more brands have an exclusive collection in argyle patterns.

Celebrate this National Argyle Day by wearing clothes with an Argyle pattern. As it ranges from sweaters to nail paint colors, you have got a lot of choices to ace the outfit with this pattern. Sweaters can be the best and most preferred option to make yourself look smart in these chilly winter months. Even you can knit an outfit with your argyle designs, patterns, and threads with different colors.

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