Computer-Generated Art – The Modern Era Of Digital Imagery

Computer-Generated Art - The Modern Era Of Digital Imagery

Computer-generated art forms are, as the name suggests, any art which has been created using computers. This kind of art form comes under the broader term called ‘Digital Art‘. Digital art is itself a part of the umbrella term of ‘New Media Art’. 

Digital technology brings with it a sea change in the way art activities develop under production. VR or virtual reality is one such example of a popular digital art form. In contemporary times, terms like digital artist denote someone who uses digital media entirely to create art.

Computer-generated art forms are many. We list a few of them below –

Data Moshing –

Data Moshing

It is the manipulation of media files to produce unique and creative visual effects. Its use is mainly in videos. Pre-existing media files are ‘moshed’ to create one unique file. In today’s YouTube age, many of the videos we come across are a result of data moshing. This technique makes them visually catchy.

Computer Generated Painting –

Computer Generated Painting - Computer-Generated Art - The Modern Era Of Digital Imagery

In this novel method, the computer doesn’t create the painting but the artist instructs the computer on how to paint it. It is a good example of how computers are converting the physical labor of art production to a mental one. The artist’s involvement is there in the theme, color use, etc. She/he then write commands to the computer which finishes the piece for the artist. The artist needs to have a good knowledge of the computing language.

Pixel Art –

Pixel Art - Computer-Generated Art - The Modern Era Of Digital Imagery

Pixel Art’s uses are mainly for aesthetic purposes. Its production is also there in games and movies. This art is born with the help of special computer software. When used for animated videos, it adds another layer of complexity and visual appeal. Another process used closely with pixel art is called ‘Spriting’. This is helpful in the editing of an already produced pixel art.

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Fractal Art –

Fractal Art - Computer-Generated Art - The Modern Era Of Digital Imagery

This method uses maths extensively. Formulas are used to create structures. The result is unique art pieces. Fractals are basically these formulas that form infinite patterns. Fractal objects are nothing but calculations by algorithms which then result in images or animations. ‘Fractal generating’ is also a creative process that helps in the creating of this digital art process. Some other graphic programs also aid in the making.

Raster Painting –

Raster Painting

In purely technical terms, the raster is an image storing format. But nowadays it also denotes digital painting. In a raster painting strokes are applied individually. Its other names are ‘grid’ or ‘bitmap’ paintings. The end result is strikingly similar to a hand-drawn painting. Here also, uses of scripting help edit in easier ways.

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Digital Collage –

Digital Collage - Computer-Generated Art - The Modern Era Of Digital Imagery

In a digital collage, the process involves the use of multiple textures. Taken from several sources, they create a beautiful digital collage. The main program used is ‘Photoshop‘. The creator of this art form thus has to have knowledge of specific tools. Creators have used this method very creatively. The produced results have shown how computer-generated art forms can break the barriers of traditional art.

Therefore the flexibility of computer-generated artforms has made it the preferred mode of art production in movies, videos, or games. Even though the physical labour is minimal, digital art gives us the opportunity to wrack our brains and achieve fantastic art results.

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