The Beautiful Colors of Teej

Beautiful colors of Teej

The entry of storm brings a wide array of celebrations, particularly significant for women. One such festival with a solid association with Indian mythology is Haryali Teej. Celebrated only in few states, it is very popular in North India. Each state celebrates Teej in its unique way.

While peacocks dance amid lavish green landscapes as a sign of monsoon; women in India celebrate the festival by singing music, dressing up, and getting drenched in the colors of Teej. In like manner many aspects flawlessly emphasize the celebration of this cheerful festival: 

fast in Teej

Teej fast: 

Typically one of the foremost troublesome fasts is also the same as Karwa Chauth. It could be a day-long activity where women gather along with other female family members to have something to eat. Even drinking water is not allowed after this meal.

To keep themselves active and involved they enjoy themselves in several diversions, chats, swings, tunes, shopping, and other forms of curious activities. Teej has continuously been down to earth as the celebration of the union of Ruler Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The devouring and the fasting checked amid this residency of their marriage but to look for divine favors of divine beings for a happy marriage. It is, in this manner, the foremost extraordinary event for ladies and young girls.

A convention to appreciate: 

Revolt of colors, cheerful environment and in addition ladies dressed up in conventional dress is a real treat to eyes. They by and large favor wearing shades of ruddy, yellow, orange, and green. Since these colors are accepted to be favorable among all.

Traditional Adornments: 

Gems are one of the foremost imperative perspectives for a lady whereas dressing up is seen in totally different assortments, styles, and designs. On the web, you’ll discover the collection of the most elite and one-of-a-kind conventional adornments ever. From sanctuary adornments to chokers, ethnic pieces of jewelry to chandelier designer earrings, you’ll have plenty of alternatives to select from which can imply the importance of the celebration and the excellence of a woman. This variation is yet another example of the various colors of Teej.

Mehndi designs on Teej

Mehndi and Alta: 

This is one of the most important ceremonies. All the ladies apply Mehendi and tattoos as it’s said to be a good omen for married women with a happy life. You’ll discover complex plans in Heena, which looks as lovely as a resplendent woman. 

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Teej Puja

Teej Pooja: 

Whereas all the delight and celebrations are proceeding, ladies collect at one point with their pooja samagri and perform a few customs to total the convention. They perused stories, sang people melodies, and at last had supper after a long day of fasting.


On this day, people offer 16 adornments to Maa Pravati and married women. They wear the 16 ornaments and then worship the goddess as per rituals.

History of Teej Celebration in Rajasthan 

Moreover, people celebrate this two-day festival in August and September. Ladies utilize to sing melodies in bunches and revere Goddess Paravati. The entire state, Jaipur overflows with seven-colored turbans and conventional sarees. 

Religious Noteworthiness of Teej Celebration Jaipur 

Women celebrate this two-day event of conjugal euphoria. They worship Goddess Parvati on this day and look for her blessings for their husbands. Single ladies moreover celebrate the occasion and supplicate for a great future husband on this day. Colorful dresses, family reunions, desserts, and happy times are the symbol of this celebration.

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Women enjoying the Teej festival

Teej – 

On this day, women and young girls wear colorful lehariya sarees, adornments, and traditional makeup. They worship Teej Mata (Goddess Parvati) and inquire about her gifts. Within the parade, specialists perform moves and play melodic music. The members wear traditional dresses; the whole city floods with waves of colors in Teej.

In addition camels and horses are also a part of the grand parade. Various people perform Kacchi Ghodi, Kalbeliya, and Chakri acts. Brightened hand carts, bullock carts, and nearby groups to grasp the procession.

The celebration of Teej is not complete without Ghevar. The occasion is an opportunity for photographers to capture such joy, laughter, and colors. As a result, it is exceptionally popular among tourists. Teej celebration isn’t close to taking after the long-followed custom but around getting closer to your convention in a fun way. Conventional moves, attires, music, and other social programs are what bring out the colors of Teej.

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