Sustainable Practices Adopted by Rajasthan Studio

We always try to optimise the balance between art, tourism, technology and environment. Rajasthan Studio believes in minimum wastage and sustainable development. We owe our very existence to Mother Nature. Experiencing climate change and depletion of resources is one of the major reasons for the slump in the economy as less resources lead to higher prices. Sustainable development isn’t possible without adopting sustainable practices.

The three pillars of sustainable development are economy, society and environment. Sustainability means using the resources today wisely so that the future generations do not face unavailability or lack of resources. Without a doubt, society means the human resource. Hence, it is inevitable to further implement the concept of sustainability by us.

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Need for Sustainable Practices:

Nothing makes sense without taking actions. Undoubtedly, only words lead to no progress. We truly understand that experiential tourism paving the way for creative tourism, sustainability cannot be ignored. The ecological balance is a significantly important factor for success for any organization. To put it in another way, eco-tourism is the pillar for growing experiential tourism. Tourism eventually connects you to the depth of naturally gifted resources. Above all, the pomp and show stands futile without ecotourism and sustainability. As a result, the link between creative tourism and ecological practices is unavoidable. The sustainable practices adopted are enlisted below:

1. Minimum Environmental Impact

We conduct more virtual workshops or artist’s work studios to ensure minimum waste. We encourage the use of public transport as it is budget-friendly and causes less pollution. 

2. Earn While You Teach

Traditional artisans and modern artists have equal opportunities on our platform. The collaboration with the artists not only aims to learn, teach or revive the artform but also create awareness, motivate the artists in monetary and non monetary terms.

3. Uplifting Rural Economy

We bring out the best artists from every corner of India. India is a land with rich and varied culture. As a result, even the smallest objects are artistically designed. Also, even the smallest corner of the lane has hidden artist living. We love to help people who have immense talent but don’t know how to promote or exhibit their art.

4. Simple technology and Negligible Paper

Rajasthan Studio uses simple technology like phone and internet. The use of paper is almost negligible as typing over writing is involved.

Paperless Work Image Source Aretove Technologies

5. Creative Tourism

The curated art experience does not only mean one way teaching. Rather, the concept is about co-creating and gaining hands on experience. Your artistic itinerary gets a touch of culture and heritage. Your participation also unknowingly contributes to the revival of dying artforms. Not only enjoy artistic travel experiences but also indirectly contribute to keep our planet blooming.

6. Promotion of Ecological and Traditional Art Workshops

Rajasthan Studio always believes in highlighting the beauty of traditional and ecological Indian artforms. Gond, Madhubani, Aipan are some of the many traditional art workshops hosted by Rajasthan Studio. In the same vein, focusing on urbane lifestyle and modern artistic composition we hosted certain workshops like Kokedama, Miniature home gardening, Eco-friendly Rakhi making etc.

One of the many workshops organized by Rajasthan Studio

Sustainable practices that you can follow as an individual:

Of course! Little drops of water make the ocean. Therefore, small practices on an individual level can make a huge difference.


  1. Switch off your plugs when not in use.
  2. Reduce, reuse and recycle
  3. Reduce meat consumption. Also, one can choose to adopt vegetarianism or veganism.
  4. Use public transportation or cycles.
  5. Paperless work
  6. Use organic cleaning products.
  7. Practice Minimalism
  8. Have your small home garden 
  9. Grow your own fruits and vegetables in your home gardens.
  10. Avoid plastic. Use more of eco friendly products made from clay, jute or cotton.

Ecological Art Workshops by Rajasthan Studio

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