What is Minimalism? Why is it trending currently?

Minimalism )Lifestyle), Minimalist Masterclass Workshop with Prakash Ghai

Minimalism is mostly about keeping just what gives worth, clearing out the mess and focusing your time and attention only on what’s significant to your life. The actual core of a minimalist lifestyle is recognizing what gives us the best advantage in life. It also means getting rid of anything that is merely excess.

The intend is use the basic necessity to have a minimalist architecture. It starts with the idea that simple is best and follows. As said by the architect Mies Van der Rohe , “Less is more”. You make time and freedom in your life for the things you enjoy. Also, get rid of everything else that gets in the way of them. This might let us have some space for new things, better notions and ideas to come. To make the most of it, we must be deliberate about how we live each day.

Adapting to Minimalism

With new trends appearing on the internet every day in today’s digital era, there is a lot of social conditioning to stay up with the current patterns. A minimal lifestyle seems more of a discipline than a successful move. Many individuals find it quite difficult to give up their material goods in exchange for a more basic lifestyle. If you wake up one day and resolve to live a truly minimal life, you will almost certainly break down and return to your old patterns.

We live in a world that places a skewed value on having many things and not looking for a way to use them. Minimalist living requires you to get go of a wide variety of things, which frees up more room in your life for other interests. If you reduce the quantity of time obligations, you will have more time to accomplish something you enjoy. Because you will be spending less, it will be easier to save more money. The never-ending chase of greater and better is a never-ending circle.

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Minimalism in India:

Today, India is on the verge of embracing acquisitiveness. Due to changing times, we see that many people are more concerned with convincing other people and pretending to be happy than with attempting to be actually happy anyways. Thus, the pros of Minimalism lie in the emphasis on spending money on experiences rather than possessions.

In a developing and culturally rich nation like us, Minimalism is necessary for economic reasons. Additionally, it also allows you to prioritize substance over style since you buy fewer items. Technology has taken the game to the next level, where things are getting less and less expensive and yet stay far from being sustainable. Most of all, it is leading to high numbers in environmental damage whereas what we actually need are climate friendly products, experiences and trends.

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 Bare Necessities – Minimalist Photography With Prakash Ghai

Today’s one of the most implemented lifestyle and architectural concept. Is photography something that connects you with your soul? Less is more! Ready to dive into the depth of objects and concept? Markedly, there is an perfect opportunity. Hop on to Rajasthan Studio’s Masterclass page and pick a workshop session that’s convenient to you and get ready to become a Minimalist Photographer. Exciting news! Get trained personally from the photographer who is adept at it. Hakuna Matata! Get all of it at one click.

What is a Masterclass Workshop?

Rajasthan Studio has specially curated personalized Masterclass Workshops. This ensures the privilege of one to one learning from the expert artists. We only take limited seats in each workshop. Not only you can understand the art technique vividly but also practically do it along. Take back best of the learnt skills and art pieces.

A glimpse of the workshop

Rajasthani Minimal Lifestyle

Rajasthani minimal themes are some of the newest preferences on the minds of people, architects, and designers. Rajasthan’s royal palaces are already made of beautiful interiors and filled with a series of vibrant art and craft, all of which are essential to the Rajasthani heritage and a hot pick for all!

Low seating furniture, various fabrics from traditional styles of textile, mirrors, puppets, different styles of paintings such as phad, miniature, gond art and many such traditional art forms can be incorporated in the minimal aesthetic that one might love to see in their home décor. Such artefacts become entirely an important function in all spaces and it’s charm won’t go wasted!

Minimalism is certainly the most preferred and highest trending themes of current times. One just needs to understand the simplest method to improve is to reduce interruptions from other things, ideas and people. Underneath the notion of ‘minimal’ as an optimum way of life is a road to something different and more profound.

Minimalist Photography in Rajasthan , Image Source: Prakash Ghai.com

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