Jaipur Literature Festival – Unfolding the Ultimate literature Saga


Most visionaries who visioned and demanded change often held the strongest weapon; a pen. We as a global audience have always been celebrative of the idea. That is “Pen is mightier than the sword” and has accepted, practised it as a major statement of truth. And undoubtedly words, writings have managed to shake some real legs, transforming every era. 

So, knowing how to impact the world by your words and spreading the magic of your vision is a real learning element. And personalities who have managed to master it are effectively ruling the world. 

Who are these personalities? How are they being able to impact society in such a huge way? How do they follow a particular path? Well, all your questions can be best answered when you yourself see them work the magic they have and acquired over the years. 

Jaipur Literature Festival 2022

The Jaipur Literature Festival 2022 is here in its best avatar. And it has access to it is what’s going to allow you to have the best transformational experience. Needless to say, Jaipur Literature Festival is one of the most celebrated literature festivals that features highly profound professionals. Therefore, they are varied walks of life who’ve successfully contributed towards the betterment of their society/community. 

Learning & evolving with these fine personalities for a specific course of time can surely work in your favour a big time. The festival has a number of events organised that in every way contributes towards your learning and development. Below mentioned are a few programs that will have a sound presence during the festival:- 

  • Music: Rhythms of India 
  • Inaugural Address: Continuity and Change
  • Abdulrazak Gurnah: A Life in Stories
  • Jaipur Writers Shorts: Neil Daswani
  • First Edition: What the Heck Do I Do With My Life?
  • Jaipur Writers Shorts: Anoushka Bradley-Gammanpila; Mario do Sameiro Barroso

The Jaipur Literature Festival 2022 is quite different from the many festivals it has held down the years. Therefore, the emergence and rise of COVID definitely shaped a major part of it. 

The event is for the very first time going to be a ticketed event in order to limit the number of people walking in. For the early birds, the ticket is priced to be INR 200/- for 1 day. Another point to make a note of is the venue change. The Jaipur Literature Festival 2022 is going to be conducted at hotel Clarks Amer in Jaipur. 

Furthermore, the festival has also managed to host a digital session for the on-ground activities being performed at their respective slots. So there are a lot of advancements and modifications that are surely working in favour of literature lovers. 

New Addition

When talking about new additions made to the Jaipur Literature Festival 2022. The unmatchable experience of introducing, unfolding & enhancing various traditional and modern art forms through live workshops by Rajasthan Studio is definitely a sight to catch. Hence, the initiative of indulging the audience into live practices of celebrated art forms by profound artists. It is the very first initiative ever worked upon. 

This latest introduction to closely being able to witness workshops like Puppetry, Lac jewellery, Miniature painting, Rice writing and Paper mache are surely an element of interest and productivity. And one of few major reasons to have your eyes detailed in the festival. Rajasthan Studio through these workshops has undoubtedly stepped a step higher towards a louder existence of art and craft that’s sure to appeal to all the art lovers out there. 

Check out the workshops in Rajasthan Studio


Furthermore, the talented artists like Aasha Mehreen, AJ Thomas, Alka Pande, Anindita Ghosh, Anita Agnihotri and many many more will be present in the festival.

As a literature lover, the festival is one worthy investment of time and effort that has long run effectiveness to offer. Literature has been one of the vital means of social communication and is still striving to be one. So come, witness the ultimate spread of impactful conversation and adapt to these finesses and begin marking an impact, just as you desire. 

Keep Exploring! Keep Innovating! 

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