Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan – Making Rajputana Proud

Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan – Making Rajputana Proud

Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan: The north Indian state of Rajasthan has a welcoming tagline of ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’. This tagline is a warm invitation to visit the state. One should definitely make a trip to this beautiful region. Apart from the forts, palaces, royalty, food, camels, and colours, the state is home to many firsts and has thus contributed to the Guinness Book of World Records.

On the one hand, talented individuals have shown their creative side and gotten lodged in the prestigious book, and on the other, massive events with huge numbers have earned the coveted title. 

Below is a list of some of the well-known Guinness records from Rajasthan –

Smallest Working Drill Machine

Smallest Working Drill Machine- Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan
World records holders

Gaya Prasad Agarwal from Jaipur, Rajasthan is the creator of an unbelievably small drill machine with a torchlight. He consequently became a Guinness record holder due to this clever creation. The drill is 6.93 mm tall, 8.4 mm long, and 6.4 mm wide. A DC battery or an AC adapter runs this small drill machine.

Largest Silver Trophy

Largest Silver Trophy - Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan
world record holders

From the small to the large, ‘Trilok Rachna’ is the name given, to the world’s largest silver award. It stands at 3.429 m in height and 91.44 cm in width. Jeweler Amit Pabuwal from Jaipur designed and constructed this wonder. He created it for the religious organization – ‘All India Digamber Jain Samaj’. Moreover, Mr. Pabuwal has a penchant for this, as he also holds The Limca Book of Records for creating the world’s largest gold trophy.

The Longest Moustache

The Longest Moustache
Rajasthan tourism beat

Ram Singh Chauhan of Jaipur, prides himself about the extensive feat he has achieved. His claim to fame is an impossible yet an actual 14 ft. long moustache. Mr. Chauhan states that it took him 32 years to grow it and that he spends 2 hours daily on grooming it. That sure is some real dedication right there.

Most Number of Comments on Social Media

Most Number of Comments on Social Media
Daily hunt

Gajanand Bohra, Shiraz Khan, and Shahwaz Khan are the three students of Amity University, Rajasthan who entered the Guinness Book of World Records twice! In 2012 they received 3.7 lakh comments in 24 hours on their post regarding ‘Mother’s Love’. In 2013, they again created a benchmark by getting 34 lakh comments in total on the same post.

World’s Largest Display of Lamps

World’s Largest Display of Lamps - Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan
Daily hunt

On 30th January 2016, the ‘Govind Dev Ji’ temple was the site of a large display of ‘diyas’ or earthen lamps. Dainik Bhaskar, one of the foremost newspaper publication of the state, organized it. This luminous event commemorated Mahatma Gandhi’s anniversary. A mind-boggling 21,075 ‘diyas’ were lit in the temple’s ‘Satsang Bhavan’. Thus, it earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Biggest ‘Bhoomi Poojan’

Biggest ‘Bhoomi Poojan’- Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan
Daily hunt

Speaking of massive events, another momentous occasion of a ‘pooja’ or worship, earned a Guinness Book of World Records title. This ceremony, held for a residential project saw 4,532 people and 3,510 ‘pundits’ or priests in attendance. The large number of priests was the reason for the special Guinness distinction. This number was chosen because it matched the number of condominiums proposed in the project. The pooja took place in 2007 at Mahapura village, 16 kms from Jaipur. 

World’s Largest Silver Urns

World’s Largest Silver Urns

The City Palace of Jaipur is one of the primary tourist spots in the city, but it is also the home to two massive sterling silver ‘kalash’ or urns. They both weigh 340 kg and stand 5.2 ft. tall and have a capacity of 4000 liters. ‘Gangajali Kalash’ is the name given to it and its history is also quite unique. The story says that Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh, the then King, wanted a huge ‘kalash’ built. Thus in 1894, the melting of around 14,000 silver coins created this one-of-a-kind urn.

Largest Yoga Gathering

Largest Yoga Gathering - Guinness Book Of World Records From Rajasthan
The tribune

In 2018, The Government of Rajasthan, Patanjali Yogpeeth, and the District Administration of Kota led a combined effort for health. This made Rajasthan the only state from India to hold the world’s largest yoga gathering.  To mark the International Day of Yoga, nearly 2 lakh people gathered to take part in this initiative and 1 lakh people performed yoga ‘asanas’. This broke the previous record of around 50,000 which was held in Mysore. Hence, this record-breaking gathering earned its place in the record book.

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