First Corporate Experience – Tie & Dye With Google Inc.

Rajasthan Studio hosted its first International Corporate Experience with Google Inc on 3 December 2020. The team of the biggest tech conglomerate chose Tie & Dye as their preferred workshop choice. Vidhi Sanghrajka was their host for the morning because the experience was scheduled for 7 am GMT.

Google has also been organizing various workshops and sessions for its teams under ‘Art at Google’s Create at Home Program’. The attendees for Tie & Experience joined from many parts of the world. Some of the countries include Israel and the United States.

The 1-hour session then involved learning the traditional method of Tie & Dye, Rajasthani style. The host suggested organic colors made from beetroot, coffee, saffron, turmeric, spinach, kumkum extracts, and so on. The bases were t-shirts and scarves.

And, Rajasthan Studio was happy to launch its first corporate experience with Google. 1 down, more to go!

You can also join our Tie & Dye workshop:

First Corporate Experience - Tie & Dye With Google Inc.

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