Photogenic Spots In Rajasthan – 7 Beautiful Cities To Shoot Instagram Reels

Photogenic Spots In Rajasthan - 7 Beautiful Cities To Shoot Instagram Reels

Photogenic Spots in Rajasthan: Ever since Instagram has launched the ‘reels’ feature, our feeds have been exploding with such creative and exciting reel ideas. Now that the traveling season aka the winter season is here, how could we miss out on the most essential part of traveling? Yes, y’all guessed it right! Traveling is incomplete without clicking pictures and shooting videos to flood our Instagram feeds!

If you’re worried about the right background and aesthetics for our IG feeds, what could be a better place than Rajasthan, right? So here’s a list of all the beautiful spots in Rajasthan that would make you swoon, and your followers too! We’ve got you all covered, fellas!

1. Jodhpur

Let’s begin with our gorgeous blue city and one of the most photogenic spots in Rajasthan, Jodhpur. Colors are an extremely essential element when it comes to Rajasthani culture and tradition. So, if you’re planning to get a shoot in any corner of Rajasthan, it’s a must to play with colors. The best time for a good photoshoot in Jodhpur is cozy winter evenings.

Bonfire Evenings at Dhani

Grab your cameras and go for a walk around this beautiful little village called Dhanis. It’s a traditional village where you can find many Rajasthani cultural events such as folk dances, musical evenings with bonfires, etc. All my aspiring influencers, isn’t this just a little something that you want to increase that traction on your feeds?

Best time for a shoot – Winter Evenings

2. Jaisalmer

Another one of the most aesthetic and photogenic spots in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer. Are looking forward to experimenting with your look and you need an aesthetic yet basic and classy background?

Silhouettes of Jaisalmer’s Deserts

Well, what could be better than the silhouettes of Jaisalmer’s deserts, right? So, blow everyone’s minds with chic, classy Arabian style photography in this desert region of Rajasthan. Aside from that, you can also pull off some romantic dim-light shoots with your bae in the deserts. And now is just the best time for a shoot, as we don’t want to be burning in the scorching heat of the desert sun, do we?

Local Markets of Jaisalmer

If you’re a fashion blogger or wish to be one, aside from the regal palaces and stunning forts of Jaisalmer, you can even do a shoot while walking through the rustic local market of Jaisalmer.

Best time for a shoot – Winter

3. Udaipur

Coming on to one of the most royal looking and photogenic spots in Rajasthan, Udaipur. Udaipur is a hub of stunning palaces, pretty temples and gorgeous forts. It also has some marvelous backgrounds ranging from splendid Aravalli hills to beautiful lakes. 

Recreate Himachal With Rajasthani Hills

So, all the travel bloggers, hold a cup of chai and recreate the Himachal feels with Rajasthani hills. You can even shoot some beautiful ‘Playdate’ edits (as shown in the reel) capturing the phenomenal sunset along with the glittering lights of the city. 

Kumbhalgarh Fort

For all the fashion bloggers out there, get to the top of a fort and accomplish your dream of being clicked like a diva. Go a little extra by adding a saree, because why not?

Best time for a shoot – Throughout the year

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4. Bikaner

If you’re one of those who likes to keep it artistic and unique, then Bikaner is just the right place for y’all! It’s not only less crowded than other cities like Jaipur, Udaipur and Pushkar but is also studded with beautiful temples and grand Havelis. And with grand Havelis and temples, come some stunning backgrounds for pictures and reels making it another most photogenic spots in Rajasthan. 

Bikaner Camel Festival

Aside from that, the attraction of this city is the Bikaner Camel Festival which is lined up for the first half of January 2021. So, if you’re looking for good content for your feeds, then pack your bags, and set off for an absolutely marvelous experience. Make ’em drool over your absolutely stunning content and photographs.

Art Workshops

Bikaner is also famous for Usta Art and miniature paintings. So, if you’re an art lover, don’t miss out on some really interesting art workshops. Don’t forget to post all about it on your feed!

Best time for a shoot – Winter

5. Pushkar

It wouldn’t be just if do not include this another one of the most photogenic spots in Rajasthan in our list.

Pushkar Lake

For all the water babies out there, Pushkar’s wonderful lake is just the right spot to spend the evenings in peace while clicking tons of pictures and videos. Even though Pushkar’s gorgeous lake is at its prime beauty throughout the year, the most aesthetically-pleasing time to visit Pushkar is during winters. So, book your tickets now!

Pushkar Camel Fair

Aside from the incredible Pushkar lake, Pushkar Camel Fair is something you just can’t miss out on while in the city. That would not only be a satisfying experience, but it would also be a perfect spot for your extensive photoshoot! 

Best time for a shoot – Winter (especially October/November during the Pushkar Camel Fair)

6. Jaipur

We can’t talk about Rajasthan, without admiring the beauty of its capital, one of the most photogenic spots in Rajasthan, the pink city, Jaipur.

Amer Fort

If there’s one fort in Jaipur that not only looks regal and artistic but is also stuffed with plenty photogenic spots, it’s got to be Amer Fort. Capture the setting sun behind the lofty fort walls, or have a royal shoot with the sunlight peeping through the fine architecture of the fort walls. everything about the fort is jaw-dropping.

Local Market

Aside from the regal palaces and forts in Jaipur, taking a stroll through the local markets would be perfect for your feeds. Towards the end of the winter season, the local markets in Jaipur begin to flood with colorful souvenirs, drool-worthy food, and more. So, all the food bloggers out there, this would be just the right time to make some discoveries in the lanes of the city. Besides, you can also visit the local flower or spice markets to spice up your IG posts and reels! 

Best time for a shoot – Late Winter (January – March)

7. Mount Abu

This one’s especially for all the mountain lovers, out there! Mount Abu comes with tons of marvelous and photogenic spots stuffed in its bag, or shall we say hills? Whether we’re travel bloggers or not, hills always make us into a cliched one, don’t they? So, hold your chai high because ‘the mountains are calling’!

Lush Green Hill-Tops and Misty Sunrises

Go on tops of those hills and capture the serene beauty of this marvel. Or go wild with some wildlife photography. Don’t miss the magnificent sunrises and the lush greens of the hill-station. Make ’em jealous with your extravagant shoots!

Best time for a shoot – Monsoon and Winter

Aren’t y’all excited already? Well, so are we! So, pack your bags and head straight to these gorgeous cities of Rajasthan for a splendid shoot. Thank us later! *winks*

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