10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

Winter is a season of holidays, hot chocolate, and comfort. But it is also a season of brown and white lanes, and bare trees. This winter, add a pop of color and nature to your house, we mention winter houseplants to grow at home this season. The blooming flowers and the green plants will surely keep you in a better mood all year long. It will also lighten up your apartment and make it brighter. Indoor plants don’t require special gardening skills and are relatively easy to grow. To make it easier for you, we have listed down some indoor winter houseplants to grow at home.

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10 Winter Houseplants That You Can Grow At Home



Cyclamen are known for their peculiar forms and patterned foliage. These pretty and colorful flowers will surely add a pop of color and brighten up any place instantly. The cyclamen blooms during the winter and the spring season and remains dormant during the summer months.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - 10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

This succulent can be grown all year long and is the easiest winter houseplant to grow. If you have taken care of the plant all year long, gave it enough light, then it will flower during the winter. Aloe vera not only adds to your decor but also helps with skin related problems.

Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

These pretty little white flowers will instantly jazz up your room and put you in a better mood. Moth orchids are the most known orchids and are available in the market throughout the year. With little maintenance, this plant will bloom for months.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus - 10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

This winter houseplant is perfect for the holidays. It requires a little extra effort to grow Christmas cactus. But look at how happy the plant looks. It is totally worth it. It requires 13 or more hours of darkness and temperature between 55-56 degrees celsius to flower.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant - 10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

The snake plant is an ideal houseplant for beginners. It doesn’t require much work and looks aesthetic! Several studies show that these plants act as a natural air purifier. It is one of the most tolerant and sorted houseplants. You can choose which kind of plant you require according to your interiors as there are different varieties of snake plants.


Rosemary - 10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

It is a perfect plant to keep near the kitchen window. It will not only beautify your kitchen but also double up as a culinary herb. Rosemary might not bloom, but the aroma alone is sufficient to cheer you up. It is one of the best winter houseplants to grow.

African Violets

African Violets

This cute plant makes up for a perfect decor piece; it looks like a mini box of happiness. If you take proper care of the plant, you can enjoy months of bloom in the shades of red, white, and purple. Do not overwater the plant as it may cause damage to the leaves.


Clivia - 10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

Clivia prefers a cold atmosphere and doesn’t require much light. That makes it one of the easiest houseplants to grow in winter. It is a low-maintenance plant which is perfect if you don’t have much time. The plants bloom with a fantastic shade of orange or golden yellow.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The indoor environment with indirect light is perfect for a peace lily. It does require a little warmth, but with an internal environment, this shouldn’t be a problem. The peace lily is an elegant plant and will transform your space within a matter of seconds.


Poinsettia - 10 Winter Houseplants To Grow At Home This Season

Poinsettia is also known as the ‘Christmas flower‘ and is a perfect houseplant for this time of the year. The bright red leaves will instantly add a festive vibe to your room. It is a low maintenance plant and is sure to make a statement.

Winter houseplants add a different vibe to your space. To start with, opt for plants that do not require much work. A space dedicated to nature will soothe the environment and create a positive aura. To embellish your place a little more, shop for aesthetic pots and other gardening tools. Winter is the happiest time of the year. The plants will only add to happiness with their amazing aroma, fascinating colors, and interesting patterns.
Grow these houseplants this winter to beautify your interiors and calm your soul!

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