5 Modern Day Instagram Poets To Look Out For

Poetry has evolved a lot with time in parallel with the utmost relevancy. It is a beautiful congregation of words, tending to make a life out of words. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, when in a poem all the words are assembled together it produces a picture, an emotion, and a joy in many hearts. Modern-day Instagram poets inspire, heal, empower, and also present poetry in a way that sends shivers down one’s spine. Social media has been an incredible source of inspiration. Instagram is a great platform for the exposure and success of many modern-day poets to express their thoughts.

On contrary, poetry has still not lost the Millennials and Gen Z poets. It has adapted itself to the current times and techniques exhibiting its versatility. As the feeling of poetry is dying with time, few poets are showcasing that words are immortal. With the belief that the internet is filling up space, today’s modern-day Instagram poets are bringing light on issues like violence, bully, mental health, etc. with their sacred poetry.

Rajasthan Studio spoke to five modern-day Instagram poets around the country, who are moderating social media with their powerful words. These poets talk about a myriad of subjects in their own unique way and make social media a kinder and better place. The power of language and words are making a great way to the digital world with its wittiness.

Pulkit Sharma

Pulkit Sharma is totally melting everyone with his mesmerizing Shayari. He was blessed with artistic background from his family. His family never missed a chance to support and motivate him with his writings. An engineer by profession, Sharma’s writing journey began during his college days. But, later got a proper shape to it when he was in Pune.

Our birth or freedom is not our life. Rather the experience that we take from our living is our true life. And those experiences inspire me to write Shayari.

According to Sharma, to cry, to laugh, to feel or every other emotion is life and these things eventually help him in writing Shayari.

Pulkit drowned in poetry after reading to Mirza Ghalib and felt connected at that very moment. When asked about his take on the like, share, and comment option on Instagram, he said,

Every artist should give some time to their art. It is not possible to get success just by posting a few pieces of work. You have to remain consistent and should not rush onto things as it always comes with drawbacks. So, have patience and trust the timings.

He concluded by giving a piece of advice to all the digital poets or writers that you should always read and write.

Nishant Fitoori

Nishant Fitoori was highly inspired by Hazrat Jaun Eliya, an Indo-Pak Urdu poet in his writing career. He came up with his first Shayari at his father’s funeral. When asked about his family support for his work, he said,

My father always encouraged me and told me that skill never perishes even after you retire. It is the only thing that no one can take away from you.

Today everyone has been following the rat race of Instagram to achieve more followers. But Fitoori believes that every modern-day Instagram poet should avoid thinking about the results or criticism that comes along after posting your content. He has expertise in writing Ghazals, Shayari, Sher, Nazm, and many other forms. Nishant Fitoori along with other group members of the Jauniyat community have done shows in different cities like Surat, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, and many more.

Divy Kamaldhwaj

At the age of 3, Divy recited poetry for the first time which was written by his father. Along with performing at numerous shows, Divy never left his studies. This modern-day poet believes that skill is not sufficient because a poet always encounters the question regarding what else they do other than poetry. Divy Kambaldhwaj expressed that,

The best thing about poetry is the freedom of writing what people want to hear. And also the liberty to bring change in society.

Social media has changed the perspective of many people, especially that of poets. Speaking of social media, like, comment and share have become more important than the content for many users. He expressed,

You don’t write what you wanted to when you write in the lure to get likes and comments. Rather write for yourself or for the betterment of society.

He was often surrounded by veteran poets right from his childhood.

My father gave me that consistent inspiration and I wish to carry the same discipline as he did. Nothing can change history but it surely can influence hundreds through movies.

Tanoj Dadhich

In sixth grade, Tanoj used to visit poetry shows with his father and grandfather. Those popular poetry shows and eventually love made him write Shayari. For him, every written work is an inspiration whether it is of a great veteran poet or of Instagram poets.

Your life struggles are very helpful to pen down your thoughts, which turns eventually into poems or Shayari.

According to this modern-day Instagram poet, it is very important to first read, then write, and lastly to listen.  

Dr. Gopal Chopra

Dr. Gopal Chopra is a professor in the agriculture department and also an excellent poet and theater artist. Having an academic background, Dr. Gopal blends it well with his career and passion. He was highly inspired by his college senior regarding poetry and writing.

When asked about his first show, Gopal said.

Even today before every poetry or theatre show I feel butterflies in my stomach. And if I don’t get that feeling then it indicates that something is missing in it.

According to Dr. Gopal, you should always work hard. Working hard and sticking to it was my biggest challenge. With changing times, everything has evolved, for example, the transformation of music. In the same way, every art form is going through this transformation. But the need for learning is more important. Other than that the reasons and intentions behind writing should be clear enough expressed by Dr. Gopal. He also shared some remarkable words about plagiarism on Instagram poems and writings,

Art can be theft, but no one can take away art from any person. Poetry can be theft but not the art from that person.

Watch his Instagram live with Rajasthan Studio here.

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