Heard Of Food Walks? Here Are 5 Art Walks In India That You May Not Know Of

Today the old methods of exploring a city have become passé. Therefore some creative organizations are offering unique ways to explore a city. Food walks have become a trend nowadays, but what about art walks in India? The best part is that these walks open up the world of art for the uninitiated. You do not have to be an art expert to go for these tours! Mentioned below are some interesting art walks you may not be aware of –

1. Art Walk at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai –

Heard Of Food Walks? Here Are 5 Art Walks In India That You May Not Know Of
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The Kala Ghoda district in Mumbai is famous as the cultural art district of the city. It houses numerous heritage structures in the Victorian Neo-Gothic and Indo Saracenic styles. The district also has a number of art galleries and museums. Thus the art walk will cover all these cultural spaces. It will also give a low-down about the history of Mumbai’s art heritage. One will also question and understand the influence of western art influence on India.

Finally, the walk aims to discuss the role of an artist in today’s day and age. The 2-hour art walk happens all days, except Mondays. It starts at 11 AM at the National  Gallery of Modern Art. You can check the cost and booking here.

2. Art Walk, Delhi – 

Art Walk, Delhi - Heard Of Food Walks? Here Are 5 Art Walks In India That You May Not Know Of
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‘The Lost Compass’ holds an art walk called ‘Artistic Delhi’. It is around the Lodhi Art district and Hauz Khas Complex area. One will cover the beautiful street art and graffiti in Delhi. The guide will also tell exciting stories about the places. The walk promises to take one to the less-visited art centers around Delhi. The art walk starts at the Jor Bagh metro station and ends at Deer Park. One will also get to try out famous Kathi rolls! The best part is that each and every precaution has been taken to follow the COVID-19 guidelines. For more information check the details here.

3. Cultural Walk at Jaipur –

Cultural Walk at Jaipur - Heard Of Food Walks? Here Are 5 Art Walks In India That You May Not Know Of

‘Jaipur Cultural Walk’ is doing an amazing job of offering a range of walking tours around Jaipur. One of them is the ‘Walking Food and Crafts Tour’. The walk is around the old city or the walled ‘Pink City’ area of Jaipur. There will also be a fun rickshaw ride! The tour starts with a hearty breakfast in the old market.

Then the narrow by-lanes where the world-famous Jaipur artisans and craftsmen sit, are visited. Here one watches and immerses oneself in the whole intricate process of artmaking. Thus, centuries of traditional art-making is practiced with precision in these old lanes. ‘Lakh’ bangles, brass vessels, or marble work – one is in for a sensory treat on this art walk! Further details are mentioned here.

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4. Art and Craft Tour, Bangalore –

Art and Craft Tour, Bangalore
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‘Culture Rings’ organizes this cultural experience. The best part of this art tour is that it is an extremely customizable experience. One can visit a pottery town, a cartoon gallery, or an art museum. You can also visit a women’s empowerment project! This will raise awareness about the hard work these humble women do to maintain their livelihood. Their art-making process is beautiful and an experience in itself. The start and endpoint are at Starbucks Coffee. You can check for more information here.

5. Art Walk at Tajganj, Agra –

Art Walk at Tajganj, Agra
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‘India Heritage Walks’ is a fantastic initiative that is working continuously to organize art tours and discussions. Therefore, they have organized art and culture walks around the Tajgang (formerly known as Mumtazabad) area in Agra. It is in collaboration with ‘Agra Heritage Walk’ and ‘Sahapedia’.

The Tajgang area was established by Shah Jahan and is very near to the Taj Mahal.  The area is less known but houses some of the best artisans. The walk will introduce one to a 400-year-old handicraft area in the heart of the city’s narrow lanes. One will get to visit zardozi and carpet making workshops. The best part is that one can buy directly from these humble artisans and support them. The starting point is the Diwanji Begum Mosque. More in-depth information is available here.

Therefore get your art curiosities fulfilled and your creative juices flowing by going for these amazing Art Walks in india!

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