7 Caravans Companies In India To Rent For An Adventurous Vacation

7 Caravans Companies In India To Rent From For An Adventurous Vacation

Caravans Companies In India: Traveling is a passion for many. The prospect of meeting new people is both scary and exciting! It is not just about going from one place to another, but the journey you experience while doing so. Over the years, the advent of technology has made it easier to travel anywhere you want. You can go to places that were previously impossible to get to. India, in itself, is filled with towering mountains, beautiful landscapes, and colorful cities. So what is stopping you from going?

Booking a cab, plane, or train tickets to go to your destination is the traditional way. But it is only the first step in planning your trip. You need to take care of a hundred other things in your itinerary and otherwise before even putting down your leaves. Even then, you cannot be sure that the holiday you take is going to be successful. 

How can you make sure that you will enjoy your trip to the fullest? The answer is caravans!


The concept is pretty common in foreign countries, but it is still relatively new in India. For any holiday or trip, you have planned, you can book a caravan which can take care of your transportation and stay as well if need be. You get a wide selection of amenities and the kind of accommodation you need in them. You can also plan the itinerary and drive to any location you want to using a campervan.

Several caravan companies in India have started offering their services throughout the country and abroad. To make things even better, most of these caravan companies are started by travel enthusiasts like you and me! So they know and understand what you are looking for, and ready to anticipate any of your needs. Let us take a look at some of these trending caravan companies.

Trippy Wheels, Bangalore

Trippy Wheels, Bangalore - 7 Caravans Companies In India To Rent From For An Adventurous Vacation

Co-founded by two brilliant women, Sanjna and Vathsala, these two put aside their 9-to-5 jobs for their passion, traveling. The co-founders are explorers who realized the necessity of caravans and the huge market while experiencing it themselves in Europe! As the name suggests, the caravans offered by them give out a funny, carefree vibe. And you can travel to all your favorite spots via road and live the gypsy life, even if it is just for a few days. 

Contact details

Email address: contact@trippywheels.com

Contact number: +91 8197006211 / +91 7619372223

LuxeCamper, Bangalore

Campervan Camps and Holidays India are Bengaluru-based start-ups that pioneered commercially-approved luxury motorhomes in India. You can select any of the pre-planned itineraries they have curated for an engaging and memorable trip around Karnataka. This start-up, backed by former cricketer Anil Kumble, provides several amenities to boast of. It also happens to be the first company that has received the approval of the Central government for the use of the motorhome in public.

Contact details

Email address: Info@LuxeCamper.com / Booking@LuxeCamper.com

Contact number: +91 76665 77777 / 91 88673 54347 (WhatsApp)

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Green Dot Expeditions, Chennai

Green Dot Expeditions, Chennai

What if you get the chance to carry your hotel room anywhere you want? That is exactly what you get if you book Taurus, a campervan from Green Dot Expeditions. You get a crew of up to three people who take care of all your needs like cooking, cleaning and driving. The company is also responsible for planning out itineraries, so you do not need to worry about permissions during the travel. Just get your family ready for an innovative travelling experience that can make each one of you fall in love with the nomad life!

Contact details

Email address: info@greendotexpeditions.com / booking@greendotexpeditions.com

Contact number: +91-9888 380 386 / +91-9888 905 020 / +91-6280 595 008

Motorhome Adventures, Delhi

Motorhome Adventures, Delhi - 7 Caravans Companies In India To Rent From For An Adventurous Vacation

Providing specially customized itineraries for their customers, power couple Sanjay and Bina Saini established this company in 1998. They offer trips and travels to picturesque destinations like Ladakh, Himanchal, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand. You can get on a trip and explore the wilderness of each of these places without worries. And since the plan caters to your needs, you can include all the fun activities you want and still travel around the whole city. This is one of the Caravan companies in India to consider.

Contact details

Email address: contact@motorhome.co.in

Contact number: +91-9871063984

Camping Co, Guwahati

Camping Co is the first camping and overland community in India! They provide campervans for trips anywhere in Bhutan and Northeast India. They have several partner properties that can be used as campsites or rest stops since their caravans do not offer kitchen or toilet facilities. The build and structure of these vans, however, are very suitable for any off-road trips you had in mind. You can explore the places you go to with some help from the locals and dive deep into their culture and heritage.

Contact details

Email address: info@camping-co.com

Contact number: +91-6913332761 

Camper Trails, Bangalore

Travel through the endless forests and scenic beauty of South India with your favorite four people with Camper Trails. You get a driver and an assistant to help you throughout the journey. The caravan companies in India comes with all the amenities you need for an adventure trip to famous tourist destinations like Coorg, Gokarna or, even Goa!

Contact details

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camper_trails/

Wacation Wheels, Nagpur

Wacation Wheels, Nagpur- 7 Caravans Companies In India To Rent From For An Adventurous Vacation

Neha and Rahul Soman fell into a dilemma when they were planning a caravan trip to Rajasthan with their family. This experience ultimately began the journey of Wacation Wheels. At the time, caravans companies in India were not common. But they knew how people, especially youngsters, would like the idea of traveling in a motorhome. And sometime later, they are busy taking care of all the requests and calls for trips from people coming in from all over.

Contact details

Email address: wacationonwheels@gmail.com

Contact number: (+91)8380866111

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