Love Is Love – Celebrating 7 Indian LGBTQI Weddings

Love Is Love - Celebrating 7 Indian LGBTQI Weddings

Indian LGBTQI Weddings: It’s that time of the year when all the lovers out there get cozy and enjoy the beauty of the season. People travel to different places, attend parties, family unions, other celebrations, and generally have a whale of a time during winter. Likewise, it is also a romantic season popular for weddings with soon-to-be-wed couples. Love has surely found all the ways to win in India. Though it may have a long way to go in recognizing same-sex weddings in India.

The life of LGBT people hasn’t been any easy. Even today in India, inter-caste marriages continue to face social stigma though they are constitutionally legal. Likewise, we can’t even recognize the courage and strength it takes for LGBT people to come out of the shell and marry. They confront considerable social pressure, abuses, the threat of being disinherited and criminalized for their sexuality.

But, on 6 September 2018, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of decriminalizing homosexuality. Thereby liberating millions of queer Indians—most of whom were (and still are) in the closet. Eventually, a victory for love and a big triumph for the LGBTQ community. Moreover, India may still have more to do with marriage equality, but also there’s no denying the serious strides we made.

Marriage is an undeniably emotional and celebratory affair. But, to be able to tie a knot with the love of your life is something beyond celebration. This wedding season we’re honoring with some truly heartwarming and tear-jerking LGBTQI Weddings in India. These super stunning weddings will definitely burst you with love and positivity.

Below are some of the most magical love stories of Indian LGBTQI couples who went all the way to stand by society.

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Celebrating 7 LGBTQI Weddings Of India:

Keshav Suri & Cyril

It took ten years for the duo to become each other’s ever after. Keshav Suri, the executive director of the Lalit Hotels, and Cyril Feuillebois, the founder of Kronokare Cosmetics tied the knots in an intimate beach wedding in Goa. Their unbound and unconditional love is truly worth awing as they didn’t mind marrying for the second time. Their wedding in Paris was most magical and unexpected. The wedding took place on the beaches of The Lalit, Goa, surrounded by friends, families, well-wishers, and supporters. They donned the outfits designed by Shantanu & Nikhil and both looked dapper and handsome.

Ayesha Nageshwaran and Katja Hahnloser

Ayesha Nageshwaran and Katja Hahnloser

This lesbian couple broke all the stereotypes when they found a unique destination for their wedding celebration. On their first year relationship anniversary, on November 4, 2018, Ayesha proposed to Katja in Jaisalmer. The duo left no chance to celebrate their long journey at a five-star hotel, Suryagarh in Jaisalmer. This wedding celebration is different from other LGBTQI Weddings in India as it is one of the first known LGBT destination weddings. The couple wanted to celebrate their wedding in a grand and lavish way, so they invited all their close friends and families to Jaisalmer. Later, the couple had an intimate wedding in Europe.

Amit Patel & Martin Fulton

Amit Patel & Martin Fulton

Amit and Martin met just like any other couple through Facebook. Back then Amit lived in New York City and Martin in Michigan. The brave couple exchanged texts, then call,s and eventually, Skype dates for months made them closer. Martin flew all the way to New York City to meet Amit as they shared a long-distance relationship. Later the gay couple decided to tie the knot in a multicultural wedding, as Amit wanted a big-fat-India Wedding, whereas Martin wished for a Christian ceremony. The wedding was a culmination of years of love, hearing, planning, and dreams becoming true.

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Anuja Ankola & Adrienne Rochetti

Anuja Ankola & Adrienne Rochetti

Anuja and Adrienne met for the first time in college. It all started back then when they decided to stick with each other and say ‘I do’. Anuja always resided in America, whereas her parents are from India. Adrienne also lived nearby to Anuja. Just like other LGBT couples, they too fought all the odds and chose love over everything. Anuja slipped into a red lehenga with gold jewelry, Andrienne wore an amazing white gown. This couple will absolutely give you major wedding vibes and positivity.

Saima & Bianca

Saima & Bianca - Love Is Love - Celebrating 7 Indian LGBTQI Weddings

The perfect inspiration is this Indo-Pak couple’s coolest wedding. A US-based couple shook all the norms and crossed every boundary for love. They first met in 2014 at a Spoken Word Performance. They hit off instantly and became forever since then. Bianca is from India and Colombo and Saima hails from Pakistan. Just like their diverse backgrounds, they wedded with a vivacious celebration. The wedding was definitely a private affair. The wedding was held at Bianca’s father’s backyard. Both, Bianca and Saima got their dress designed by one of the couple’s friends, Bilal Kazimov. Their heartwarming wedding snapshots will give you all the feels.

Amit Shah & Aditya Madiraju

Amit Shah & Aditya Madiraju

This NRI couple from America totally made it clear that LGBTQI Weddings can be extravagant and stylish too. Amit and Aditya are from India and stays in New Jersey. Gay couple madly in love broke all the barriers and stood forward to tie the knot in a traditional way. The wedding ceremony took place at BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, Robbinsville in New Jersey America. Amit and Aditya got their wedding outfits from the famous Indian designer Anita Dongre. The duo slayed in their wedding kurtas from the same designer.

Shannon & Seema

v - Love Is Love - Celebrating 7 Indian LGBTQI Weddings

Love at first sight can be myth for some, but in case of Shannon and Seema it proved to be true. They met at a boot camp fitness class, where Shannon was the instructor. This Indian-American lesbian got married in Los Angeles. This was the first Indian lesbian wedding that took place in America. Seema and Shannon tied the knot in July 2013 and made it loud to the world. It included all sort of wedding rituals like, mehendi, saat fere, and many more. Seema looked elegant in red lehenga, whereas Shannon stole the hearts in white gown. Seema was brought into her extravagant wedding on a Doli by her friends and family. The beautiful duo is happy and welcomed their first baby in January.

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