Your Go-To List Of Instagram Thrift Stores Available In Jaipur

we have curated a list of 10 Instagram thrift stores available in Jaipur that will fulfill all shopping cravings inside you

Due to major shifts in economies because of the pandemic and realizing the mere importance of using energy and resources wisely, the ideology of thrifting becomes more important. The notion of thrift stores is still very fresh for Jaipur.

Recycling or upcycling products make them look fresh and adds so much positivity to any piece. This idea now provides consumers and small business owners with a whole new world of possibilities. It is the perfect choice for alternate shopping. This created a great impact in the world of social media and online thrift shops that are now working full-fledged as an integral feature of shopping.

Here at Rajasthan Studio, we love all things sustainable, going well with our belief of finding new ways to save our traditional ideas. Thus, for curious shoppers like you, we have curated a list of 10 Instagram thrift stores available in Jaipur that will fulfill all shopping cravings inside you.

1. Ahorro.x

Based in Gurugram and Jaipur, they have locally hand-picked pieces that largely fit in everyone’s budget. Not just clothing, they have unique accessories, crockery and fine décor. They ship anywhere in India and accept prepaid orders with no exchange/return policy. Check it out here.

2. Itaku Store

This north-east based consignment store has a variety of preloved and upcycled fashion accessories that can perfectly suit your style. They ship all over India, with easy payment options and no exchange/return/refund policy but have pretty good reviews.

 3. Bodements

This one really needs no explanation! This Paris and Mumbai based thrift store ships world-wide and has separate Men and Women sections. Luckily, they accept returns/exchanges within a 14 day period. Can you believe all their shipments are free and delivered just within 2 or 3 business days? It’s true.

 4. Men Thrifts India

For all you boys out there, here’s a special store dedicated for Men Thrift clothes that ships all over India and has good reviews. They sell funky yet classy clothing pieces and just like other stores they too have no return/exchange policy. Check it out.

5. Aimavintage

They believe in quality being greater than quantity. They ship all over India with good payment options and are just a DM away, whether to place an order or for any query drop. Here’s a look.

6. Aura Thrift Store

This store is not just sustainable, they are building a community for a cause. They believe in giving back to the society and thus 30% of their profits go into charity purposes. With easy payment options and great reviews, they ship all over India. Check them out.

7. Thrift and Thriving

Just as their name suggests, they thrive to provide great garments to customers and that is clear from the reviews. They ship all over India and are uniquely categorized in all sizes. Have a look!  

 8. Bygone Echoes

They have a range of unisex shirts and one of a kind apparel that makes it a perfect go-to instagram store. Many kinds of blazers and jackets have always been their specialty in which they never disappoint. Also, their shipping is India wide. Must check.

9. Bottom Drawer Vintage

Well, they don’t have a public account on Instagram but they surely are too good to resist. This Mother-Daughter duo brings some interesting thrift items in store. For Crochets and Knit works, they have a dedicated page for easy shopping. Here’s the link.

 10. Irnona

Another great vintage store that will fit your style in a quite modern way. They didn’t just limit to garments but they also sell other fashion accessories. Easy payments and shipping all over India.

At the heart of this pandemic, lessons such as relaxing, paying attention to, challenging our habits of usage and their effects have played a major role. The pieces sold by these thrift stores available In Jaipur on Instagram are gathering popularity and not only do they follow all traditional and sustainable standards, but also bring unique features to the wardrobe and spaces of any customer.

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