Unique Brands from Rajasthan – Home Curated Creativity

Unique Brands from Rajasthan - Home Curated Creativity

The past few years have seen a boom in the start-up business in India. A spirit of entrepreneurship grips the current generation. They no longer want traditional jobs. They instead want to mix their passion and profession. Thus, there has been a rise in Unique Brands from Rajasthan.

Below mentioned are some of the unique brands from Rajasthan. With their innovation, the business landscape has opened up for more adventurous stuff. Also, read about the inventions from the state.

Tinkerly (formerly Srjna)

Tinkerly (formerly Srjna) - Unique Brands from Rajasthan - Home Curated Creativity

This education start-up was founded in 2014. The four people behind it were Vivek Pathak, Sharad Bansal, OP Godara, and Kapil Arya. The company’s uniqueness is in being a one-stop online place for all the STEM related needs. Tinkerly uses a mixed model of online and offline modes to deliver education. They also help schools in making the move to smart classes. Innovation labs and DIY kits are produced to help schools in India provide a new type of learning. Tinkerly is the brainchild of former IIT and XLRI alumni. Their motto is “learning by doing”.

Pink Pedals

Pink Pedals - Unique Brands from Rajasthan - Home Curated Creativity

This Jaipur based start-up is an extremely unique venture. It was founded in 2017 by Pooja Vijay. The company believes in adopting the cycle back as a mode of transport. In earlier times, Indians used cycles to travel but with rapid development, polluting cars have given way. Our and the environment’s health have thus worsened because of this. Jaipur still ranks high on the air pollution index. Pink Pedals, therefore, want to step in and do their part. The company provides cycles to morning and evening walkers. They are present for all the major parks in the city. The charges are nominal and they have an extensive fleet. The company also has tandem and fat-tire varieties. They also hold ‘cyclothons’ to promote healthy lifestyles. In a short span, this creative brand has achieved a lot.

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Green Bharat

Green Bharat - Unique Brands from Rajasthan - Home Curated Creativity

This social initiative wants to make planting trees easy for people. Many times due to insufficient land and time, planting trees can’t happen. This unique initiative therefore wants to correct that. Plants can be ordered online from the app. People can then track the location and even the growth of their personal plant/tree. All this can be done from their homes. They even help farmers in growing trees and improving their plantations. The best part is that the ownership remains with the farmers.


Anokhi - Unique Brands from Rajasthan - Home Curated Creativity

It is probably one of the most well-known and established brands on this list. This Jaipur-based clothing company has made waves throughout India with its unique designs. Apart from garments, they have expanded into home décor and accessories. Their uniqueness lies in their work ethic. Anokhi strongly believes in maintaining a healthy and inclusive relationship with their crafts-persons. The company makes sure that production happens under proper working conditions. Secondly, they aim to provide a sustained livelihood to their workers.



This aesthetic home décor brand is based in Jaipur. Its founder is Ayush Baid. They started in 2018 but have already gained a loyal consumer-base. They mainly produce sustainable and chic kitchenware and tableware designs. Ellementry also provides accent furniture and lighting. They claim to be the first Indian brand which focuses on the niche category of kitchenware and tableware. Their belief lies in the importance of process over product. Thus sustainability lies at the centre of the brand’s production.

Solitude Kitchen

Solitude Kitchen

This exotic food company is a collaboration between Chef Anuroopa Gupta, Earthbowl farms, and independent farmers. Their Instagram description is – ‘providing gourmet farm-to-jar meals’. They are one company based out of Rajasthan which prepares cheese boards. Each week according to fresh produce, they change their menu. The creativity of Chef Anuroopa and the labor of independent farmers are visible in the brand’s style. From ‘Kombuchas’ to ‘Sugo’ sauce, this brand provides the most unique ingredients to their consumers. Their hampers surely bring the concept of exotic cooking to Rajasthan.

Whether a start-up or a fully established company, these brands have strived to be unique. Therefore every Rajasthani should feel lucky and give these unique brands from Rajasthan a try atleast once.

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