The Inseparable Comic Series of All Times – Taking A Walk Down The Old Road

The Inseparable Comic Series of All Times - Taking A Walk Down The Old Road

A dive through nostalgia, into the wistfulness of memories. Comic series hold a narration to each individual’s growth. The comics hold values and teachings, it is a feeling that is an inseparable part of an individual’s life, that he/she reminisces for a lifetime. Taking a walk down memory lane, here are 8 comics that mostly everyone has come across through their childhood.


Tinkle- The Inseparable Comic Series of All Times - Taking A Walk Down The Old Road
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The founder and editor, Anant Pai started it as a fortnightly children’s comic series around the 1980s. It is one of the most loved comics of the time, an all-time favorite for all the children. Tinkle brings together the funniest and thrilling stories for children promoting a learning environment, soaking up facts, and value education at a very young age through the visual knowledge that is attained. Tinkle also features new work by some of India’s most exciting writers and artists for children. 

Tenali Rama

Tenali rama
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Vijayanagara, ruled by the benevolent King Krishnadevaraya, is home to the wittiest court jester alive, Tenali Raman. The comic series revolves around Tenali Raman’s wisdom, cleverness, witty behavior, and an amazing sense of humor that had an impact on the viewer audience, the children. The comic series imbibes a learning outcome cherished for a lifetime. Some of the significant characters from the comic – Rajguru, Tingary and Tenali’s pet cat Sundari help narrate the story and were equally important characters of the comic series. Tenali Raman Tales are sure to take you on a journey that is unforgettable with immense knowledge. 

Akbar Birbal

Akbar Birbal - The Inseparable Comic Series of All Times - Taking A Walk Down The Old Road
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The tales of ‘Akbar and Birbal are some of the most famous folktales of India. The tales depict the understanding association between King Akbar and his favorite courtier Birbal, the wittiest of all, known for his wisdom. The stories are very popular among all age groups and enjoyed by everyone. The interesting stories are based on testing times, regarding the court matters that are resolved over and over again with clever insights of Birbal. Birbal has never disappointed his King.

Chacha Chaudhary

chacha Chaudhary
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Chacha Chaudhary is a creative strip, created by cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma. Pran derived inspiration for the characters from the ancient philosopher, Chanakya. He narrated a storyline along with the experienced elderly people of the village, who would help everyone in times of distress. Some of the popular comic characters are Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Raman, and Shrimatiji. These characters have made a mark since the 1960s. While discussing the comic series, Pran said, “Each family has its own wise old man. He solved problems with common sense, but with a touch of humor. Humour is the basis of my cartoon.”


Credit: Goodreads

The Panchatantra stories based on the ancient fables are believed to be penned by an Indian Scholar Vishnu Sharma.  The Panchatantra is a collection of Indian fables illustrating Indian folklore. The animals are portrayed using humanistic characteristics who talk and have emotions of their own. Each story has a moral, it promotes feelings of togetherness, friendship, teamwork, and leadership. The stories talk about doing a good deed. It also specifies how negative behavior will always receive its punishment.


Champak - The Inseparable Comic Series of All Times - Taking A Walk Down The Old Road
Credit: Champak

Champak is a popular fortnightly magazine for children published by the Delhi Press Group since 1969. The comic series is different from the mainstream comics that were only based on storytelling. It had puzzles, jokes, brainteasers, and other activities in addition to the usual stories which is an essential part of the formative years of a child’s learning phase. The fascinating tales that are narrated through Champak not only leave an impression on the mind of its young readers but also impart them with inseparable knowledge that is treasured for years to come.

A quick commoner’s guide to creating a comic step by step:

Put your brain to its fullest working abilities

Firstly pen down all your thoughts, brainstorm each element of your comic, narrate your very own story around all your characters. Accordingly, put all this together and form a basic outline for each character. In addition, work on a detailed script and some more specifications of the characters for your reference. The initial step is just the draft, changes should be accepted all along the way of your comic building process. So make sure you are explorative and open to making changes. 

Build on your layouts

Once the script is in place, it is time to create the layout thumbnails, begin with the layout of the characters, the surroundings. Mention everything you want to include into your comic in the thumbnails, this is an easy way to collate all your thoughts onto paper. Besides invest a good amount of time on this step, as this is where the comic comes to life. It is equally important to work on aspects of how to engage the reader, how to add an element of suspense, or something that keeps the reader wanting to know more about your story. 

The characters come to life

Moreover, with the successful completion of these steps, you will have a clearer picture of the character. To sum up, it is time to build upon the characters, taking references from the initial draft, work on the characters. Additionally, add peculiar details to the characters, the characters of the comic will attract readers. The characters should be such that the character has a certain impact on the reader.

Putting it together!

The final step is to put the entire comic together, specifically adding graphic elements, colors to the characters, the typography through varied lettering style, and other details, to make the comic visually pleasing and attractive. The comic series can be hand-drawn or made using digital alternatives, completely dependent on the artist. Make sure you re-check for any mistakes and rectify them at the earliest. 

Finding the right audience. 

Amazing! You’ve completed your very own comic! What next?

Publicize the comic among friends and family. Have them review your comic. Understand the feedback and work on it to better yourself for the next comic attempt you make. Post your work on social media, it is a good platform to receive constructive feedback from like-minded people. 

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